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IMG_0030‘First Time Celeb-crush’ postings are still coming in; check out screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy on Duran Duran. And some other screen-related ‘firsts’ for the Blog: this week, we expect first postings from the Bravo Sierra Motion Picture team that is holding final auditions for a short film they are making of my novella CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE. Watch for Tweet updates and other news on that film-to-be, which involves, among other scandalous storylines, a young man determined to have his ‘first time’ on film. Yes, he manages to lose his virginity onscreen, capturing it via cellphone and ‘sex-text’ing it to the world. Just our variation on the new new-media scandals.

Which ‘candid camera’ scandals do you follow? Has everyone seen Tom & Katie Cruise ‘lose it’ on camera last week in a different sense? And what ever happened to the woman who was selling her virginity to the highest bidder online? Has anyone bothered to read Gov. Mark Sanford’s lovelorn emails? Gov. Sandford inspired this steamy YouTube parody, submitted by a fan of its creator, ‘Wickham.’ If you have made or admired celeb-inspired mini-flicks, send in a YouTube link & keep us alerted to the latest Disgrace Oncreen. Stay tuned!

PS:The wickedly insightful David Shields (REMOTE) delves into Losing It brilliantly…PPS: a link just sent from ‘Litotes’ shows John McCain ‘losing it’— thanks Litotes!  & thanks for linking Duran Duran, ‘lipstick cherry all over the lens’– still hot after all these years, Girls On Film.

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IMG_0195Breaking news on the StarLit. page– Thanks to celebritiesindisgrace blog star Linda Sienkiewicz, we receieved permission from the great poet Thomas Lux to post his ‘star-inspired’ poem FRANKLY, I DON’T CARE. It’s on our StarLit. page. Thomas Lux is the author of over 10 books of poetry, a Guggenheim and NEA fellow and a brilliant writer. His poem (READ IT ALL on our StarLit. page) ends with these haunting lines, quoted by Linda in her own StarLit. piece:

“We the people, the day-laboring citizens, need to love
those of you larger than us, those whose teeth
are like floodlights against loneliness,
whose great gifts of song, or for joke telling,
or thespianly sublime transformations,
take us, for whole moments at a time, away
from ourselves…”

Lux brings up burning questions, if you’re hooked on celeb. gossip. To quote Nancy Kerrigan: Why, why, why? Share your thoughts/poems/writings/rants. Are you an unwilling celeb. addict? Is it ‘just fun’ or have you ever reached ‘stalker’ or ‘gawker.com‘ level? Do you hide any celeb. obsessions? I’m interested in the shame/fame connection. Is there ‘shame’ on both sides of obsessions with ‘disgraced celebs’? Do celeb.s help you ‘forget yourself’? Or the opposite?

A friend believes you can have a ‘celebrity self’– hers is Madonna. You follow your Celebrity Self through the years and relate to them as a warped reflection of you. Do any of you have celebrity selves? (Feel free to post under any name, folks). WDYT?

PS: I love what we’ve gotten about First Celeb. crushes. Keep ’em coming– & read all about Harrison Ford fantasies, Ann Margaret epiphanies, Cinnamon on Mission Impossible & more– in comments on the FIRST TIME ‘Post’ below & on StarLit…

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IMG_0201Surf’s up.  In the late-summer daze, due to the death of John Hughes (RIP!) and to a recent late-night bar conversation I had about Donny Osmond, I decided to delve into Teen Celeb-Crushes and Scandals. Huffington Post has a new poll rating Chris Brown and Britney Spears as the ‘top’ Teen Celeb. Scandals — WDYT?

And what about your own teen celebrity crushes, from those summers of yesteryear?  Recently I chatted with singer Lynda D’Amour; Lynda’s teen celeb-crush was Donny Osmond.  Michelle Soucy posted on my Facebook page a blast-from-the-past YouTube video of her teen crush– Monkee Davy Jones.  Did anyone but me clip Bobby Sherman ‘records’ off the backs of cereal boxes?

Share your thoughts/memories about your ‘first’ celeb-crushes and/or about today’s teen faves.  Are you following any of their scandals?  (I brake for Britney news…)

Meanwhile, pause to remember teen-angst king John Hughes; my favorite Hughes commentaries are from Molly Ringwald and the ‘real’ Ferris Bueller.

Also check out the Simon & Schuster anthology edited by Jaime Clarke: DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME: CONTEMPORARY WRITERS ON THE FILMS OF JOHN HUGHES.  I’m included with my essay on Molly Ringwald, THE SCREAM, WITH LIPGLOSS.

And watch for the forthcoming film on Hughes & why his teen flicks beat out today’s: DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME.  I’m in the film holding forth about how Hughes’ teens actually look like real teens (ie, with acne & w/o implants).

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IMG_0201What do we talk about when we talk about Michael Jackson? The MJ death/death-in-life/rebirth-in-death phenom is too big for one blog, but finer minds than mine have mined the depths. I have four favorite pieces (so far) about MJ (RIP). They are:

*David Gates’ majestic essay from Newsweek (which I read aloud to my husband in a hotel room in London, where the whole city was as Jacko-crazed if not more so than the USA & where mind-bender headlines such as JACKO BEGGED FOR FATAL JAB abounded).

*Steve Almond’s sick & riveting short story; (not sure I can print the title on this site, which I hope makes you want to read it; the first thing I did after hearing of MJ’s death– after helping the internet crash by You-Tubing the Jackson Five, ABC– was find Steve’s THE EVIL BB CHOW on my shelves and read aloud to my ever-patient husband the last page; then and only then did I shed a few tears…)

Plus: a found-poem posting on my site from ‘Litotes’ (printed below).

Plus: a new StarLit. posting, a (very) personal personal-essay triggered by MJ, written by Eugenio Volpe and titled: Only In America Can a Poor Black Boy Die a Rich White Woman. (read on our StarLit. Page)

PS: & some songs: MICHAEL JACKSON by FATBOY SLIM and a song by Mu which screams, ‘Leave Michael Jackson alone.’ If only we could, Mu. But as they say in Pottery Barn, you break it, you own it. We killed him; we own him. Or owe him. Or something. Further thoughts/feelings/songs/ ‘inappropriate conspiracy theories– all are welcome here! WDYT?

Some inappropriate Michael Jackson conspiracy theories:
(1) The Castrato Theory: So he could retain his childlike voice into adulthood, his father had him “altered”.

(2) The Clone Theory: After Thriller, he made unreasonable contractual demands. So he was secretly assassinated and replaced by a white guy, whose plastic surgery gradually WORE OFF.


PS: also from Litotes, on an upbeat MJ note, check out this:
Jacko impersonators hit paydirt

PPS: And I’d add to my favorite MJ writings this one.

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IMG_0200Breaking news & a ‘publishing opportunity’ from the Blog. Inspired by Linda S’s knockout poem about Jim Morrison (see Post below), we’ve gotten some more wild celeb-inspired poems & essays: one poem triggered by the headline OPRAH WEPT, plus a love poem for Tonya Harding by Tigh Rickman– written when he was in high school, in Spanish– plus Libby Cudmore’s steamy personal essay of celeb. dreams starring Ewan McGregor & Jeff Goldblum!

I am posting ‘all this and more’ on our new StarLit. page– a Blog Broadside reserved for your own writings inspired by ‘the stars.’

Check in out. I am always open to more WRITINGS INSPIRED BY CELEBRITIES. Submit your own POEMS, SHORT (1-4 PAGE) STORIES OR PERSONAL ESSAYS OR EXCERPTS– simply include these in COMMENTS and add your voice to the Creatively Obsessing mix. Cheers to our guest writers, Robin Crawford & Tigh Rickman and Libby Cudmore. More StarLit. COMING SOON– Elizabeth

PS: My StarLit. contribution, if it wasn’t too long to fit, would be The Candidate’s Daughter, my short story inspired by Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah; you can read it on the fab. online mag FANZINE.

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Greetings, artists-with-celebrity-obsessions.
This post is for you. I love this poem posted in a comment by poet/novelist Linda Sienkiewicz– Linda explains in her comment that the ‘he’ at the end of this Jim Morrison poem is another of her celeb. crushes, Russell Crowe.

Linda took her Jim Morrison obsession and made a whole haunting chapbook about it (see Linda’s word-press website)–
I can relate. I took my obsession with scandal skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan and (so far) have written a novella, chamber opera and rock opera (new productions forthcoming) and now film script (film forthcoming) all about T&N.

Has anyone out there done anything similarly crazy? Read Linda’s vivid visceral poem and see if you might want to try obsessing creatively, on the page or stage… Thanxx to Linda for this, our first Art on the Blog:
from Linda:


Thirty years is a long time, Morrison—
my mantra, my shaman, my sweet
erotic nihilist. It’s too weird to think
you’d show up panting
at my back door, and I’m no longer
the lone, braless freak in a high
school full of fresh-faced cornhuskers,
no more the sweet sixteen leather-whip
whose kohl-lined, bloodshot eyes saw your face
in every Rorschach blot, who believed
she alone could light your fire.

Admit it, Jimbo, the closest I’d get
to you now is a zipless fuck with some
look-alike on your grave in Père Lachaise.
I’ve found a new bad boy—
dingo-barking-mad with your apocalyptic
intensity— ten thousand watts of it burning
night and day in my brain.

You think he likes older women? Okay,
so maybe he doesn’t, but look, Mojo, I’m sick
of microwaving Lean Cuisine, washing
my pantyhose in the bathroom sink
every night, waking up in the same bed.
He’ll be the gladiator to defend my dreams,
someone to squeeze when my day stumbles
down the stairs into the basement.

Yes, you’re beautiful, you’ll always
be beautiful — isn’t that the tragedy
of The End? And maybe asking the Antichrist
to be an angel is a lot, but, I could use your help.
What I’m saying is: please look after him.
Don’t let him die in a bathtub in Paris or
anything. I got a big load of laundry to do.

Linda K. Sienkiewicz
Published in Main Street Rag

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IMG_0201HELP ME CHOOSE THE ‘DISGRACED CELEBRITY OF THE SUMMER–  Is it Michael Jackson (RIP)? Sarah Palin?  Governor Mark– Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina– Sanford?  Jon & Kate (but someone explain who they are)? Or nominee(s) of your own?  Let me know your burning August thoughts on this…thanxx! Elizabeth

(photo by Will H. showing Mommy doing research…)

PS Update on Aug. 13: the race is heating up and there is still time to vote; for those having trouble making up their minds, check out this YouTube Instant-classic inspired by the Mark Sanford saga, with thanks to creator, Wickham.

PPS: also see Greg Kesich on Sarah Palin & more in the Portland Press Herald.

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Greetings & welcome– Do you have strong, strange, pleasant, unpleasant or generally inappropriate feelings about any celebrated person?  I want to hear all about it!  Let me know your feelings/thoughts on celebrities, especially disgraced ones…and watch for our upcoming film, CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE

thanxx– Elizabeth Searle

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Testing WordPress.com

Since “Hello, World” is already out of the way, I just wanted to do a test of creating a post on our new blog at WordPress.com.

But just because it’s a test post doesn’t mean it doesn’t carry any value. Not at all.

So I’ll just mention the connection between the Celebrities in Disgrace blog and the upcoming film by Bravo Sierra Motion Pictures bearing the same title. I could mention that the film is based upon the novel, also titled, Celebrities in Disgrace, by author Elizabeth Searle, but I should probably let her do that, since she will posting regularly to this blog.

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