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Tiger takes home our coveted prize, Disgraced Celebrity of 2009

Who knew?  At the beginning of 2009, Tiger Woods would have been a total non-contender for Disgraced Celebrity of the Year. But one 2AM quarrel-gone-wrong (or was it?) and the mighty Tiger has crashed into Infamy.  Our Blog voters have awarded him Disgraced Celebrity of 2009.

On the lighter side, based on # of Blog hits, ZOOEY DESCHANEL who debuted on our Blog as ‘It Girl,’ is the Blog’s 2009 champion ‘Hit Girl.’
‘Congrat.s’ in quote marks to Tiger Woods.

Zooey Deschanel: Our Hit Girl/It Girl

All-cap. CONGRATS to Zooey Deschanel. Thanks to Zooey & her followers! Watch for more Zooey here in 2010.

Emily Deschanel, like Zooey, is a Rising Star of 2010

And what about that new year?  Who is ‘teeing up’ behind Tiger, as falling stars?  Blog fave, CAITLIN, suggests we watch for a Disgrace comeback from Paris Hilton, since she’s been ‘laying low and that can’t be good.’

Lea Michele: Rising star on Glee

I’m keeping my eye on Mr. Brad Pitt– the grey goatee, the glazed dazed stare.  And what of rising Stars?  How about Emily Deschanel?  Or Lea Michele of GLEE?

Who are your Rising and/or Falling Star predictions for 2010?

photos- Emily D: mopo.ca; Glee cast: sitemap.photobucket.com, Zooey D: jongabonga; Tiger: theonion.com; Lea M: thetvaddict.com

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Will Zooey Deschanel be our Blog's 'Hit Girl' of 2009?

What a year it has been in the anals of Disgrace.  And now the time has come to pick Disgraced Celebrity of 2009.  On a lighter note, we’ve also been counting blog-hits and it looks as if our Hit Girl of the Year may well be Zooey Deschanel, star of our ‘It Girl’ post.  More on Zooey soon.

First let’s visit the Dark Side and our Race for Disgrace.  Not only did 2009 mark the birth of this Disgraced-Celebrity-Enabling blog, but the birth of a whole new mutant breed of Balloon Boy celebrities, who arrise out of thin air, talentless, bourne aloft by nothing more than high-octane cases of Attention Desiring Disorder.

Levi Johnston bares his armpit in PLAYGIRL

The Heenes, the Salahis, the (now ‘ex’) Gosselins.  From thin air they came and soon will vanish.  Then at the other end of the celebrity spectrum, we have the SuperStars who SuperStumble.  Take Tiger.

Will he join the likes of Disgraced Celebrity of the Summer, Sarah Palin, or Disgraced Dudes of the Fall, Levi Johnston & Jon Gosselin?

Chris Brown took an early lead in the year's Race for Disgrace

(All of these worthies, BTW, still eligible to take the year-end prize).  Don’t count out Chris Brown(right), Roman Polanski, Mark Sanford, Kayne West– & Charlie Sheen.

Cast a vote in COMMENTS, before they all fade into thinnest air. As wise woman Judith Podell wrote to us: “Tiger Woods in terms of magnitude of Fall From Grace, but Levi Johnston is so much more entertaining. On the other hand, there’s the Schadenfreud factor with Tiger…it’s been a good year.”

PS: To jog our memories, look at the year’s Celebrity Arrests…as well as Celebrity Shockers.  
PPS: Check out new FICTION by ANGELA STILL on our StarLit. page!
… (photos: Levi: blogzap2; Chris B.: justjared.buzznet.com; Zooey D: Blogtown & cbc.ca)

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For SLaM

Libby Cudmore’s recent publications include Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers, Nefarious Muse and Big Pulp (with Matthew Quinn Martin) with future stories in upcoming issues of The MacGuffin and the Yalobusha Review.  She promises that her next Celebrities in Disgrace entry will not be so morbid.


~~Thanks to Libby for reflecting on Brittany M. & to blog-reader Livvy for sending a link to: Untimely Celebrity Deaths RIP, MJ, Farrah Fawcett, Natasha Richardson, John Hughes, Bernie Mac…& Brittany Murphy

Death in Hollywood Anonymity- The Tragedy of Brittany Murphy By Libby Cudmore

“I’ve done a lot of dumb things in my life,” Shellie, Sin City

My friend Braff likes to pretend that nothing is shocking, that the world is such a brutal place that he, tough guy that he is, has become jaded to its cruelty.  And yet he’s the one calling me at 10pm on Sunday night to tell me, in quiet, mournful tones, that Brittany Murphy had died that morning.

I am not what you’d call a Brittney Murphy fan.  She wasn’t particularly prolific, an actress rather than a movie star, formally of romantic comedies like Little Black Book, now sidelined to ensemble pieces like Sin City (my personal favorite; she will be much missed from the sequel, if ever it gets made) and “indie” (i.e. no one sees them) fare like Ramen Girl.  This is perhaps the most tragic part of her death.  She died in Hollywood anonymity, not at the height of her career or the bottom of her downfall.


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A.K. Small is a French-American writer with an MFA in Fiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has published poetry in The Broken Bridge Review, has attended the Bread Loaf conference, and is currently working on her first novel titled THE RULES OF ADULTERY.  She lives in New England with her husband and daughters.

(Tiger photo: insidesocial.com; Tiger & Elin: engagements.ca & blog.suntimes)

PS: Thanks AK for this super Post & also thanks JAMES P. McAULIFFE for his wild star-inspired collages in our StarLit Gallery!

~~~~~~~My Tiger Look-Alike ~~~~~by A.K. Small

Until last week, I secretly adored when acquaintances approached me at, let’s say, a Christmas party like the stuffy one I attended tonight. I especially delighted when a woman—preferably someone from my children’s elementary school—whispered, with a margarita in hand and bright lipstick smeared across her glass, “Your husband totally reminds me of Tiger.” Usually, the speaker wore Christmas trees, dangling from her ears and white caps on her teeth. I would nod then reply in my most charming voice, “I think it’s his complexion.” When in actuality, I knew that it was not only my husband’s café au lait colored skin, but also his height, his athletic built, and, of course, his smile. That big, genuine, winsome smile.

Well, until tonight when the woman, this time, slightly overweight and named Iris, leaned in conspiringly then hissed, “Your husband looks just like Tiger fucking Woods. Notice?”

At parties, my man customarily ambled around rooms with his signature Sprite. With open arms, he discussed running gear, under armour winter tights, and medical insurance. Once in a while, he turned toward me with his reassuring nod. But now, as in tonight, in this overly decorated house where hand-made, wooden elves lined shelves, he seemed deep in conversation with a slender woman. A stranger who sported the cropped, buttery, leather jacket from that chic boutique, the one gift I had almost bought myself for Christmas. (more…)

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Tis the Season: a rocking good KICK-OFF PARTY celebrated the forthcoming short film CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE at Iggy’s Rock N Roll Lounge in NYC.  Shooting begins in the New Year; check out our film’s leads Patrice Bunch and Julian Brand partying with me (left) and with blog fave. Libby Cudmore ( below right).

Rising star Kristen Sergeant, who was the original ‘Tonya’ in my TONYA & NANCY: THE OPERA (below, left) along with Celeb.s director Matthew Quinn Martin & Bravo Sierra’s Mark McNutt (below, right) rocked the night away.

We’ll post more pic.s from the ongoing film project on the new Blog Page: the STARLIT GALLERY— where we welcome submissions of your own ‘celebrity-inspired art.’  Drawings, paintings, collages, photos involving or inspired by celeb.s.  The works will be displayed online and some ‘onscreen’ as we search for ‘celeb. art’ to deck our film.  Thanks to Bravo Sierra Motion Pictures for a fab. Kick-off!

Speaking of Kicks, check out CELEBRITY KUNG-FU DUELING.  Pick your own celebrity ‘kick’ and Party On!

PS: Thanks to MARY for sending in Frank Rich on Tiger Woods— Rich argues that Tiger is Person of the Year; here on the Blog we are considering who will be Disgraced Celebrity of the Year. Feel free to submit, via Comments, your own vote!

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As shooting begins on the short film version of CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE, we are opening up a StarLit Gallery page– featuring photos from the film as well as your own ‘celebrity-inspired’ art works.  Drawings, paintings, cartoons, collages.  Anything goes!  Channel your inner Andy Warhol.  Your ‘StarLit Art’ may wind up not only online, but ‘onscreen.’

The Bravo Sierra team will chose some original works to ‘decorate’ the apartment of our film’s main character: a celeb-obsessed Aspiring Actress/High School teacher, ‘Kathryn Byrne,’ played by the dynamic Patrice Bunch” (pictured below). Star-crossed Kathryn aspires to be Nancy Kerrigan onstage.  Instead, she becomes a ‘celebrity in disgrace,’ caught up in a seeming teacher/student ‘Sext Scandal’ and more.

Help us give Kathryn a fittingly star-studded backdrop as she rides the all-American loopty-loop of fame/disgrace. Attach a jpg of your celebrity-inspired artwork on an email to: e.searle@comcast.net. We will post your work on the StarLit gallery and consider it a contender in our Decorate for Disgrace competition.

PS: Speaking of ‘celebrity-inspired art,’ check out the bold cover essay for NEWSWEEK, in which Neal Gabler takes a defiantly positive slant on our nation’s obsession with Celeb. narratives, which he deems modern-day art…WDYT?

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Terry Godbey is a freelance writer and editor in Maitland, Fla. Her poetry collection is titled Behind Every Door, and some of her poems appear at terrygodbey.com.

THANKS to Terry for this eerie link to Walter Cronkite interrupting ATWT to announce JFK’s shooting.


The cancellation of As the World Turns, which first aired in 1956, saddens me and churns up a soapy sink full of memories. Although I haven’t watched the show in decades, it was a fixture when I visited my grandparents in Belfast, Maine, back in the ’60s.

Those summer days burst with card games, jigsaw puzzles, and ham-and-butter sandwiches and fish chowder in my Nana’s large kitchen. I served afternoon tea, trying to be as graceful as the soap opera stars, to my dolls and stuffed animals on the child-sized Blue Willow china set I treasured.

But all activity stopped when it was time for “the stories.” Nana, my mother and I would climb the narrow stairway to the living quarters of my grandparents’ lifelong friends, Emma and Whiff, who occupied the top floor, which had its own kitchen.

My father and grandfather thought it unmanly of Whiff to watch a soap, but watch he did, with a kind of bravado. I didn’t understand all the convoluted plots and interwoven family histories, but I was enchanted. As the World Turns introduced me to the exotic world of adults, a faraway land that swirled with romance and secrets and made the mundane seem mysterious. I learned years later that Emma and Whiff had their own secret, the death of their only child before I was born. No one talked about it. The boy’s photos were put away before our visits. (more…)

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