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Thanks, Tigh & Sarah for covering the Bachelor beat; For Olympian Celebs, scroll down…

Sarah Kowalski and Tigh Rickman are respectively a graduate of, and a candidate at Stonecoast MFA. Both longtime fans of reality televison, they are both relative newcomers to ABC’s The Bachelor. However, much like crack cocaine, it only took a small hit to hook them both, and now both watch religiously with their fiction writers’ eyes.

In this, the penultimate episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, we were reunited with the all of the women rejected by Jake to this point and treated to brief interviews with the more colorful among their ranks, including Rozlyn, the bachelorette who was exiled from the show after an inappropriate tryst with an ABC production assistant. We also got to see the many positive ways The Bachelor gives back to the world community through the service of its alumni (otherwise known as the really attractive people from TV whom you’ve completely forgotten about), both at home and abroad. Finally, in true Dickensian fashion, Jake confronted these specters of bachelorettes past and faced the brokenhearted music.

Tigh: I loved the opening montage. We’ve come so far, haven’t we, Jake? Why it seems like only last month you were showering provocatively in preparation to greet the women at the door. Wait…that was last month.

Sarah: And yet… I feel I have been watching this show forever.

Tigh: That’s because of the oh-so many memories! The bad, aviation-themed puns on the date cards, Jake throwing a football like a girl (or Tim Tebow), Michelle’s manic, I’m-not-crazy-you’re-the-one-who’s-crazy craziness, and of course the constant, undeniable fact that Chris Harrison is the man. The Man!

Sarah: Don’t forget Elizabeth’s crazy ‘kiss me, no don’t kiss me, don’t you want to kiss me’ craziness.  Though I thought she did well for herself by admitting even she thought she was psycho on the show.  She definitely gained some points in my esteem; she seems like a normally pretty sane person who got a little carried away with a reality show ‘strategy.’ (more…)

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Olympic update: Kim Yu-na shows The Right Stuff under pressure and skates her way into the Gold. Evan Lysacek has drawn praise on our blog and in the wider world for his stellar skating and classy behavior (see Angela Still’s excellent post below).  Will Lysacek come out of these Olympics a ‘celebrity’?

And how about that newly minted gold-medalist Kim Yu-na, already a superstar in her own South Korea and now ‘the queen’ of women’s figure skating?  

Not all Gold medalists become ‘celebrities.’  Who will win the Celeb. Medals (sometimes a dubious prize) in the form of bankable star-power, super-sized endorsement deals and worldwide fame?  Personality and charisma and life stories and that celebrity X-factor all come into play.  Which of the super-athletes we’ve seen this Olympics will ‘break out’ and become household names we will be watching and talking about for years to come?

Let us know your vote for the 2010 Celeb. Medals.  Hunky Bode Miller or Shaun White?  Dynamic Lindsey Vonn or valiant Joann Rochette?  They’re all deserving but who will capture the fickle public fancy?  Let the celebrity games begin…

(photos: nbc.com, nydailynews.com, nytimes.com)

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Thanks Angela for this uplifting Olymics Post; for the low-down on Tiger & The Bachelor, see below…

Angela Still is an ex-Los Angeleno now living back in her birth state of Georgia. She’s working towards her MFA in Creative Writing and revising her first novel, a story about, love, revenge, and magic.

Evan Lysacek: Celebrity in … Esteem?

I write this on the same day Tiger Woods apparently gave a pretty lame and fake apology for cheating on his wife and making a mockery of the institution of marriage.  I didn’t watch because I stopped giving a crap about that situation the second Elin stopped beating his no good lying ass with the golf club, but I heard about it.  People talk.

I have, however, been watching the Olympics all week, as well as the winners’ interviews with Bob Costas.  Today, I saw something remarkable—a celebrity athlete acting with dignity and grace.  I give you Evan Lysacek.

I didn’t know Evan Lysacek existed before Tuesday night, when I first saw him skate his short program in the men’s figure skating competition.  I do not follow men’s figure skating, but I do manage to get addicted to the Olympics every year, and I enjoy the figure skating, men’s and women’s.  Tuesday night, Evan Lysacek was not the focus.  Evgeni Plushenko was.  There was a funny little segment where NBC followed him around Russia, even rode with him in his Mercedes.  He seemed as if he were a likable enough guy.  A little cocky, sure, a little swaggery, yes, but also playful and a little silly.  Likable.

After watching his program, there was no denying he was extremely talented, as well.  He had the goods to back up the pomp.  He skated around with the confidence of a champion, which he is.  He went first, and I have to say, most of the other skaters paled in comparison.  The only two who even came close were Lysacek and Daisuke Takahashi, the amazing skater from Japan who placed third.  The top three scores were less than a second apart. (more…)

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Welcome Back, Tigh & Sarah; For Tiger Woods, John Mayer & more, scroll down…
Sarah Kowalski and Tigh Rickman are respectively a graduate of, and a candidate at Stonecoast MFA. Both longtime fans of reality television, they are both relative newcomers to ABC’s The Bachelor. However, much like crack cocaine, it only took a small hit to hook them both, and now both watch religiously with their fiction writers’ eyes.

This week Jake and the three remaining Bachelorettes (Gia, Vienna and Tenley) traveled to St Lucia for the much-anticipated Fantasy Suite Dates. After a day long, individual date with each of the remaining lovely ladies, Jake had the option of offering them the key to the Fantasy Suite, where dreams can come true. But there was trouble in paradise as Ali, the former frontrunner who just last week chose her career over Jake and left the show, called our hero, begging to return.

Tigh: So another banner week for Jake is in the books. He got to parade around St. Lucia like he owned the place, got to rake a heartbroken Ali over the coals for her decision to choose her job over maybe, almost, possibly getting a chance to be with him and last but most certainly not least, he batted 1.000 in the Fantasy Suite department, gaining carnal knowledge of all three remaining bachelorettes. Not bad for a week’s work.

Sarah: To be fair, we didn’t see what went on behind closed doors.  I’m pretty sure Vienna put out, what with that negligee she busted, but Tenley and Gia seemed a bit more guarded… I’m not certain full-on carnal knowledge was gained.  Perhaps some base hits for our batter, not all homers?  But maybe I’m just telling myself that because picturing Jake in the sack gives me the squicks, so I’d rather pretend it didn’t happen.

Tigh: Agreed. That image is nothing if not searing.

Fantasy Date with Gia-

Tigh: We didn’t talk too much about Gia last week; she was kind of in the background. But I think this week her date was the most interesting as it gave us our first (and only) glance of Jake in a public setting, outside of the manicured world of The Bachelor. We got to see our hero doing the classic ‘White Guy from Texas Booty Dance’ in the street and interacting with many ‘common’ St. Lucians in a street market. It was uncomfortably awkward to watch Jake use his patented squinty, ‘I’m trying hard to look sincerely interested in what you’re saying’ look on someone other than a bachelorette. Talk about a guy not engaged with his surroundings. A total tourist. (more…)

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When John Mayer made his recent post-Playboy PGA, Mayer wept onstage, declaring: “I’m done.  I just want to play my guitar.” Substitute ‘my golf’ for my guitar and you probably have Tiger’s truest feelings. But will he be able to return to the game he rules?

How did Tiger’s own restrained yet emotional PGA ‘play’? He said ‘all the right things,’ over and over, but how does Tiger ‘rank’ in the All-American PGA (Post-Gotcha Apology) games?  After the giant ‘Gotcha’ hit Tiger in November, his seamy sex life revealed to one and all, Tiger wisely went into hiding.  Now, he has taken a first cautious step back onto the public stage.

How does he rank compared to the more tearful emotional tack taken by recent PGA’ers like Mayer– who first tried Tweeting his regrets– or Kanye West, who after three televised PGAs has recently taken a ‘time off’ from his career to ‘analyze’ how “I am a celebrity and that’s just something I have to deal with.”

Of course, whining and weeping did not serve Gov. Mark Sanford well when his public emoting over his Argentinian ‘soul mate’ inspired scorn (sometimes creative scorn, as in this YouTube classic, Stimulous Package) and gave new meaning to Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.  Now Sanford is considered political roadkill while his newly-ex wife Jenny Sanford, who kept her cool under fire, is author of a new bestseller, Staying True.

Can Tiger stay true to his game and ‘come back’?  Will the hot mess of his personal life interfere with his cool perfection on the putting green?  Can he return to the heights of renown after having won our little blog’s own ‘highest honor,’ Disgraced Celebrity of 2009?  WDYT?

(photos: everdreamradio.com, orbitcast.com, nydailynews.com)

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Thanks Caitlin for this upbeat Post; For the ‘low-down’ on JOHN MAYER & more, scroll down…And THANKS WILLIAM ZABKA for being the first FILM STAR to let us quote him (see COMMENTS)!

An award-winning screenwriter at international film festivals and labs, Caitlin McCarthy has two projects in development: “Wonder Drug” with director Tom Gilroy (“Spring Forward”); and “Resistance” with director Si Wall (“Marbella Nights”).

Who Deserves A Second Act in America? by Caitlin McCarthy
I am an English Language Arts teacher at an inner-city public high school by day, and a screenwriter by night. “The Great Gatsby” is part of my school system’s curriculum. While Fitzgerald’s writing is timeless, I believe that some of his views are outdated; for example, that there are no second acts in American lives.
The Hollywood I grew up with loves a good comeback. Just look at John Travolta. After the film PERFECT, his career cooled off. Big time. He was limited to roles in films with talking babies and pets. Then BAM! Out came PULP FICTION, and everyone in the industry was acting as if they always knew his star would shine again.
Below are several stars who have never dimmed in my eyes. C’mon, Hollywood. Hook them up with fierce projects!

** Emilio Estevez: Moved away from directing flops like MEN AT WORK and showed serious promise with BOBBY. Deserves to helm a big-budget flick that will garner awards.

** Rutger Hauer: Total hottie in BLADE RUNNER. Could be a silver fox on a TV drama like “24.”

** Aidan Quinn: Should be a MUCH bigger star than he is. I first fell in “movie love” with him as a pre-teen when I saw the movie “Reckless.” Why has Hollywood missed the boat with him? Make him the romantic lead, not the lovelorn brother a la LEGENDS OF THE FALL.

** Ione Skye: Showed so much promise in SAY ANYTHING. She’s still a knockout and a talent. Bring her back! (more…)

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Mayer started it– he blamed his now-notorious Playboy interview on too much malt whiskey.  Sounds like his Hollywood bro.s are snarfing from the same bottle.

Robert Pattinson proclaims in a new Details interview that he ‘is allergic to vaginas’ and truly loves only his dog. For this teenage America swoons?

Now Ewan McGregor in Out is getting into the studly striptease act, expounding about flashing his private parts and kissing men onscreen.  But Ewan adds a bit of wit and actorly advice to the mix:

“But I like kissing boys on screen. As a straight guy, it’s quite an interesting proposition. Anything on a film set that takes you by surprise like that, that gets your blood up, is good.”

I believe him that it’s good on a film set– but how about in an interview? What’s your reaction to this ‘anything goes’ brand of frankness? Too much TMI?  Does it ‘get your blood up’ in a good or bad way, or both? And do you keep reading?

PS: Thanks to Jeff S. for alerting us to another TMI experience coming at us; on Friday TIGER WOODS SPEAKS

(photos: bohemian.taco, adpulp.com, herecomestreble.com)

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