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THANKS to RACHEL RESNICK for making LIBBY CUDMORE’s NO VALENTINES FOR GENERATION TWILIGHT Post #1 on TweetMeme: scroll down further for Libby’s ‘valentine’ to GenT and read Libby’s sweet-tart quote  here on Gen. T. It Boyz…

‘IT BOYS’ of 2010… by Elizabeth Searle

Who are the It Boys of Spring?  I polled a few of my favorite members of what blog fave. Libby Cudmore dubbed ‘Generation Twilight.’  For pre-teens, no one tops the boy/man of the hour, Justin Bieber.   A true New Media star who rose to cult status via videos his mom posted on YouTube, Bieber owns the 2010 Tweens.

Younger fans– & older ones like me– found our hearts beating faster when watching (twice, for me) STAR TREK, the movie.  Each time I saw it with my son & his friends, we all loved it; Mom especially loved Young Kirk and extra-especially Young Spock, aka It Boys Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

Fellow blogger Libby Cudmore had mixed feelings about today’s Boy stars:

I think most of the It Boys Shia Labeof and Zac Efron in particular) are too femmy, too coiffed and they dress like Deuce Bigalow. I never, ever trust a man who wears a fedora with jeans.  I don’t want their “edginess” or their masculinity to be a calculated thing . .  it has to just be, and I don’t think men like that really exist much anymore. Basically, I don’t want a guy who is going to borrow my skinny jeans.  Next
thing you know, he’s borrowing your eyeliner.

Thanks to Libby for your trademark sweet-tart view!  Libby nails Generation Twilight, as always– though there do appear to be plenty of girls out there who wouldn’t mind lending Shia or Zac their eyeliner.  Meanwhile, OK Magazine included several young stars in their Hottest Hunks, notably the dapper Taylor Lautner.  And of course OK ‘OK’s Gen. Twilight’s fave: creepy but sexy-in-tormented-way Robert Pattinson.

Which hot hunks of GenT. talent– with or without eyeliner, whatever floats your boat– do you see as possessing star quality, aka ‘It’?  & thanks again to LIBBY for her own brand of IT…

PS: Thanks to Jeremy for bringing up Joseph Gordon-Levitt & to Libby & Linda for pointing out that Jeff Goldblum is still hot…& to Jeff for nominating as IT MAN of 2010 RICKY MARTIN

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Who knew that the latest crop of celeb. homewreckers would make Donna Rice look classy?As Jesse James’ alleged ‘fourth mistress’ issues a statement claiming he pursued her and had deep feelings for her, I’m missing No Excuses bluejeans.

Donna Rice, star of the Gary Hart sex scandal and later a model for the blatantly named ‘No Excuses’ jeans, at least didn’t ‘spin’ her seamy situation.

But every Mistress wants her 15 Minutes.  Blog fave and screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy sounded off on the strikingly unrepentent public remarks of such notable ‘other women’ as Rielle Hunter and busy Jesse James’ ‘first mistress,’ Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee:

“What is with all of these women who sleep with these married guys and then tell the press “I didn’t know he was married.” They all claim they thought there was trouble in the marriage, or the guy was separated from his wife. This slutty Greek chorus has been heard from tattoo girl Michelle “Bombshell” McGee (who supposedly got it on with Jesse James), all of Tiger Woods’ ladies, Rielle Hunter, ad nauseam. We know these women are stupid. But do these women think we the general public are stupid?

Michelle McGee’s ex husband claims the aptly nicknamed ‘Bombshell’ (whose porn porfolio includes Nazi-fetish shots) craves fame at any cost.

Meanwhile, as the irrepressible Bill Maher tells us more than we want to know about the Rielle/’Johnny’ sex tape, Rielle herself claims to GQ that she knew she could ‘help’ John Edwards and that (in her mind, having decimated his family, his noble cancer-ridden wife, his reputation and his future) she did.  Thanks, Rielle.

Monica Lewinsky was criticized for launching a line of handbags, a move that seems downright quaint compared to the three-ring-circus of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses competing for Reality TV gigs.  Joclyn James posts Tiger’s low-down graphic text messages but also aspires to the High Road by issuing an official ‘apology’.  You can’t have it both ways, girls.  No excuses, please.

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The Sarah Palin Show rolls on– and not just the one heading for Reality TV.  Reportedly, the Discovery Channel will air Sarah Palin’s Alaska, in which Palin will guide viewers through her rogue home state.

Meanwhile, the same week that Ann Coulter (far right, aiming gun) was barred from a University for her record of ‘hate speech,’ Palin’s PAC posted a chilling US map ‘Hit List’ in which vulnerable Democratic candidate districts were marked with a gun sight circle.

What is it that the omnipresent Palin has her sights on? Would she settle for being the ‘next Ann Coulter’ (with the real Ann wearing thin?)  Why is this failed Vice Presidential candidate still in constant media view?

In a recent routine appearance Palin managed to generate controversy when denounced as a ‘Wild Alaskan Dingbat.’  What is it about Palin that gets under peoples’ skin?  How much of her media success can be traced to her ex-beauty-queen looks, her family’s Soap Opera sagas and her considerable performing skills?

Doing vital research for my blog

What makes this particular Alaskan wildlife such a hardy survivor, dominating headlines by simply cracking jokes on Leno or seeming to wear a wig? Though opposed to her hard-right political views, I confess to finding Sarah P. such a compelling figure I wrote fiction (published in FANZINE) based on an imagined Bristol Palin.

Here on our little Disgraced Celebrity blog, the Palin family rules; Sarah Palin won Disgraced Celebrity of Summer, 2009 while Bristol’s ex, the shameless Levi Johnston, tied with the estimable Jon Gosselin as Disgraced Dudes of Fall, 2009.

Is the Palin train unstoppable? And where, exactly, is it headed?

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From the Pope to Jesse James to Tiger’s umpteenth mistress, everyone under the celebrity sun is issuing ‘public apologies’ these days.

Blog favorite and screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy suggested asking: What are the best and the lamest celebrity apologies?  Caitlin’s own picks and pans:

My votes for best apologies include: Hugh Grant on “The Tonight Show”; Bill Clinton after the Monica episode; David Letterman when he came clean about his affair with a staff member; and Charlie Sheen for [insert seedy act here]. Sheen gets away with everything!!!

My votes for lamest ones include: Mel Gibson issuing a statement through his publicist after the sugar tits and “Jews are responsible for all the wars of the world” rant; Jimmy Swaggart crying uncontrollably;  and Ashlee Simpson after she got caught lip-syncing on SNL.

I agree with Caitlin that Letterman got through by staying straightforward and mixing in a modicum of honesty.  I’ll even give Jesse James cred. for the same in one line: “I deserve every bad thing that is coming my way.” For that line alone, Jesse J’s ‘public apology’ deserves a scarlet ‘A.’

Less convincing is Tiger Woods’ mistress Joslyn James posting multiple graphic text messages from Tiger on her website and at the same time issuing a ‘public apology’ expressing her  very deep concern for Elin Woods.

But Tiger Woods himelf seems to me to be improving his ‘apology game.’ While his press-conference apology felt a bit stilted and defensive, Tiger seemed more honestly chagrinned in his recent Golf Channel interview, in which he labeled his own behavior as ‘disgusting’ and allowed that what his deceased father would say about it all was probably not repeatable on TV.

Who are your picks and pans in this dark art?  And what’s your best advice to Aspiring Apologists?

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Readers may disagree on who is more annoying: Maudlin John Mayer weeping and Tweeting his regrets for his racist and sexist Playboy remarks or Unrepentent Rielle Hunter, bragging in the new GQ about telling the very married John Edwards the night she met him, “You are so hot.”

co-winners Mayer & Hunter made their own beds

Screenwriter and blog friend Caitlin McCarthy first suggested combining the disgrace duo she dubbed ‘Mayrielle.’  The two garnered more votes than close competitors Eric Massa and John Edwards himself– as well as new contender Jesse James.

Our blog readers seemed to agree with Rielle Hunter’s own assessment that her bottomless cheesecake photos posed amidst her child’s stuffed animals in GQ were ‘replusive.’  Celeb.s Blog fave. LITOTES recalls seeing earlier photos of Rielle and wondering why John Edwards was ‘dating Rod Stewart.’ However, LITOTES finds a springtime silver lining:

But on the bright side, I can thank Rielle for two things: (1) Exposing John Edwards (in two senses)  (2) Bringing to mind the old joke about using lawyers as lab animals. There are some things rats won’t do.

Meanwhile, getting a headstart for Disgraced Celebrity of Spring, 2010, Jesse James and Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee face new ‘skinhead‘ rumors and are denounced by fans who feel that the lovely, funny and talented Sandra Bullock deserves better than Jesse.  James had said publically that Bullock ‘takes his breath away.’  Some of us hope she takes a lot more away from him now.

To give Jesse James his due on this disgraced-celeb.-enabling blog, his own public apology said it best: “I deserve everything bad that is coming my way.”

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WIN AN OSCAR, LOSE A HUSBAND? by Elizabeth Searle

A week ago, a tearful Sandra Bullock gazed at her hubby– the ominously named Jesse James– from the Oscar podium.  Then rumors alleged that James cheated on Bullock with Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, a ‘tatoo model.’  Jesse has now issued a public apology. Bullock first fueled the fire by abruptly cancelling her appearance at the London Premiere of BLIND SIDE for ‘unforeseen personal reasons.’

But if this whole sordid story turns out true, is it really so ‘unforseen?’  After all, this same week last year’s Oscar winner Kate Winslet announced her separation from longtime husband/director Sam Mendes.  Other Best Actresses from recent years lost husbands shortly after winning Oscars.

Take Hillary Swank.  She famously forgot to thank devoted hubby Chad Lowe in her first Oscar acceptance speech.  Within a year after winning her second Oscar and effusively thanking Lowe, at last, the two were history.

Then there was the history-making win of gorgeous Halle Berry.  Berry spoke of her husband ‘holding her up’ during her euphoric speech.  But he ‘let her down’ big-time after her win, publically admitting to being a ‘sex addict’ before he and Berry split for good.

The actresses who’ve avoided this curse tend to be the least Hollywoodized: majestic Brit. Helen Mirran and determinedly down-to-earth Frances McDormand.  No wonder Meryl Streep has kept losing in recent times– can that be the secret to her longstanding marriage?

Given Hollywood’s high divorce-rate in general, it could be sheer coincidence.  But given the oversized egos in all realms of show biz, including the spouse beat, I’m guessing it’s hard for those beaming super-supportive spouses to share the spotlight with a certain nude gold guy.  WDYT?  PS: Thanks to LIVVY for alerting us to the PEOPLE report that Sandra Bullock ‘left her home’…And to LITOTES for an LOL Tiger cartoon…Plus, thanks ANTISTAR for sending in Jesse’s apology statement

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Winter officially ends on the 20th and with spring sunlight comes the heavy task of choosing DISGRACED CELEBRITY OF WINTER, 2010.  Who has ‘owned’ celebrity disgrace since the start of the new year?

Is it new contender NY Congressman Eric Massa, skewered by Jerry Seinfeld and Seth Meyer on SNL’s ‘Really’ segment for allegedly claiming mere ‘tickle fights’ with his male staffers and for managing to be ‘the crazy one on Glenn Beck’?

Or fellow New Yorker, embattled Gov. David Paterson?  Or worldclass disgrace John Edwards, finally owning up to the obvious in January and claiming Baby Quinn as his own?  Or John Mayer, whose malt-liquor-driven PLAYBOY remarks had him Tweeting for mercy?

And what of Tiger Woods, winner of our ‘coveted’ Disgraced Celebrity of 2009 trophy and star of the newest South Park, whose sponsor-sponsored apology felt too scripted to many?  Or does the prize more belong to Tiger’s many mistresses, cashing in en masse with a Miss Tiger Woods beauty pageant?

The Olympics was mostly marked by Gold Medals for good behavior, but Russian skater Evgeni Plushenko pouted publically about his Silver Medal.

Who gets the ‘Tarnished Gold’ on our blog?  Who am I forgetting in the 2010 Rogue’s Gallery?  Register your votes in COMMENTS and let the 2010 Disgrace Games begin…

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