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With our Premiere THIS WEEK at Woods Hole Film Festival on Cape Cod, be sure to catch the PREVIEW trailer to our movie CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE. Plus coverage for the film on WBUR 90.9FM (Boston’s NPR)…Stay tuned for film updates!

Sarah Kowalski and Tigh Rickman are recent graduates of Stonecoast MFA. Both longtime fans of reality televison, they are both relative newcomers to ABC’s The Bachelor. However, much like crack cocaine, it only took a small hit to hook them both, and now both watch religiously with their fiction writers’ eyes.

The Bachelorette ; The Men Tell All: BEHIND THE SCENES OF BACHELORLAND

Last week, we left fair Ali beside the rockfish-laden waters of Tahiti, where though Frank’s departure had elicited many tears and much self-pity, she still had two worthy suitors remaining: Chris and Roberto.  Whom would she choose?  The man from Nantucket, the fellow Masshole and flip-cup champion, the sensitive son who wears his dead mom’s signature tattooed on his manly chest?  Or the “man in uniform” (baseball uniform, that is), the sooooo-good-looking Latin hottie and fellow Lion King stage-dangler, Rico Suave himself?  We don’t know, because this week was all about revisiting our past before we could move on to glimpse Ali’s future.  And what a past it was… in “The Men Tell All.”

Tigh: So… apparently the ‘All’ in ‘The Men Tell All’ just has to do with what a heel Rated R is, how crazy Kasey is, and how everyone hated Craig M.

Sarah: This episode did get a little repetitive after a while, didn’t it?  Chris Harrison kept turning to the camera to reassure us, “Don’t worry, we’ll spend MORE time talking about Justin after this break…” and I kept replying, “WHY?”  I think my favorite part of the show was the blooper reels.  Ali screaming like a banshee and scrabbling away from that mouse… Craig R. with his hand in a champagne bucket of warm water… there were so many good times that we’d missed out on the first time around.

Tigh: I’m right there with you. The Craig bedwetting was by far one of the funniest things of the night, mainly because of how long it took him to come to. Was he hammered? How do you stay that semi-conscious for so long?

Sarah: He must’ve been.  Speaking of hammered, how classic was it that Ali had zero memory she’d ever put on that space helmet in the museum — did you catch her slurring like a cartoon drunkard in her interviews from that night?

Tigh: Well, she was definitely drunk. And she pretty much always is. I think that the weight loss that she experienced in preparation to be The Bachelorette probably lowered her tolerance more than she bargained for. It seems like back in the days of the group dates we’d always mention that Ali was looking a little sauced. But back to Rated R, I totally agree. Chris T.M. kept teasing us, but did he really expect us to believe there would be more? They really needed him there in studio to make any discussion of him pop. Otherwise you’re just going to get what we got–a bunch of butt-hurt guys kvetching about him and blaming him for their exit from the show. Really? You ALL would have ended up with Ali if not for Rated R not being there? Gimme a break. (more…)

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BIG THANKS to Blog Readers for supporting our short film as it approaches its August 6th Premiere. After you’ve watched the PREVIEW for CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE, premiering at Woods Hole Film Festival on Cape Cod, also check out our cool converage from WBUR 90.9 FM, Boston’s NPR.

New STILLS from our film on our StarlitGallery page!

The piece on our film– For One Little Film, The Internet’s The Big Screen— was played on the WBUR morning show then selected for re-broadcast on the popular afternoon show RADIO BOSTON.

In it, Arts Reporter Andrea Shea focusses on our film and how Bravo Sierra plans to “use the Internet to turn their little film big — and want their effort to serve as a model for distributing and monetizing short films online.”

Do you think that short films can ‘make it big’ online?  Check out the provocative WBUR piece.  Many thanks to WBUR and ANDREA SHEA!  And consider our Preview while you contemplate the Big Picture on Short Films…

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Blog-readers, be sure to catch the PREVIEW (scroll down) to our movie CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE.  Plus new coverage for the film on WBUR 90.9FM (Boston’s NPR)… Welcome back, Tigh & Sarah!

Sarah Kowalski and Tigh Rickman are recent graduates of Stonecoast MFA. Both longtime fans of reality televison, they are both relative newcomers to ABC’s The Bachelor. However, much like crack cocaine, it only took a small hit to hook them both, and now both watch religiously with their fiction writers’ eyes.

The Bachelorette – Weeks 8 & 9: A Mole Rat in Paradise
After a nearly two week hiatus, Tigh and Sarah have arrived back in Bachelor Land. In this time Ali went on hometown dates with her four remaining fellows. She played catch in Tampa and sambaed the night away with Roberto Perfecto’s family; she walked along the beaches of Cape Cod with Chris and his black lab (natch) and then made out with him in the private tower at his palatial family home in Dennis; she walked the streets of Chicago and shared laughs with Mole Rat Frank’s family; she went to Wisconsin and was horrified by the temple of taxidermy Captain Kirk’s mustachioed father keeps in his basement. Unfortunately the stuffed skins, and freezer full of the innards, of squirrels and other road-kill fauna proved too much for Ali to bear, and so one time front-runner Captain Kirk was sucked into the cold, inky black nothingness of a limo to the airport. Next stop Tahiti, where the remaining three will each go on a dream date and the possibility of cohabitating the infamous Fantasy Suite with Ali.

On the Hometown Dates

Tigh: So how about those hometown dates. Remember when Roberto did that thing with the thing…and then Frank said something, I think. Maybe we should just talk about Tahiti.

Sarah: That sounds like a plan. I don’t think we necessarily need to cover both weeks in full detail… partly because I only half remember the hometowns at this point.

Tigh: I do remember Roberto Perfecto being really good looking, but that’s about it.

On Tahiti and the State of the Bachelorette

Sarah: The thing about the show is, once we get past the early phases of eliminating the total douchbags/headcases/weirdos/liars, the drama kind of dies back a bit. Okay, so there’s Frank’s exit this week, but honestly, at this point, I’m like, who cares if she ends up with Roberto or Chris? Either way, they’re nice guys, she’s a nice enough girl, and…I’m kinda bored. Can’t wait for The Men Tell All though.
Tigh: Yeah, the show is definitely suffering from a lack of douche-baggery. (more…)

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Presenting the online PREVIEW to our forthcoming film CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE, directed by Matthew Quinn Martin, produced by Mark McNutt and Bravo Sierra, with a script by Elizabeth Searle and Paul Ramsay, based on Elizabeth’s novella.  Many thanks to our dynamic stars, Patrice Bunch and Julian Brand, to our student stars from ESU and to the whole Bravo Sierra creative team.

The film is an official selection at WOODS HOLE FILM FESTIVAL where it will premiere on August 6th on Cape Cod; tickets online.  LISTEN IN AT WBUR 90.9 FM, Boston’s NPR news source, for a story featuring our film by Arts Reporter Andrea Shea, broadcasting MONDAY, JULY 26 at 5:50AM & 7:50AM. Meanwhile, enjoy the Preview–

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There’s something about ZOOEY DESCHANEL: edgy sexy Girl Next Door for our Twilit times.  Actress/singer Zooey is the official It Girl of our blog.  She possesses my favorite artistic combo, one that was a mantra of mine when I was writing my  Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera: ‘Dark Yet Perky.’

In her recent hit performances as a singer, paired with M. Ward as ‘She & Him’, Zooey Deschanel demonstrates her blend of dark and perky, sweet and spooky.  Check out the YouTubes below for your Summer 2010 Zooey fix.

Singing Dream a Little Dream of You, Zooey manages to look both vampiric and innocently girlish, with Theda Bara eyes and Marlo Thomas hair.  As one YouTube comment from Zee1198 noted: “Zooey Deschanel doesn’t look like Katy Perry. Katy Perry looks like Zooey Deschanel.”

In her She & Him video, Zooey dances fetchingly in vintage clothes and keeps her head while cartoon blood and axes fly round her.

She dons a white baby-doll dress to tear into I Put a Spell On You with womanly passion.

Generation Twilight (to use our star writer Libby Cudmore‘s phrase) is way too cynical for girly girls.  But with her cutting edge performances and fifties-with-a-twist style, Zooey manages to have her Devil’s Food cupcakes and eat them too.  So let’s dream a little dream of Zooey…

3 weeks ago 84 pixel-vfl73.gif

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Breaking news on LINDSAY LOHAN, who turned herself in (Good Luck, LL)& lost another lawyerMEL GIBSON (together, right); both contending for Disgraced Celebrity of the Summer, 2010.  And check out hot reviews for blog fave ZOOEY DESCHANEL as singer, paired with M. Ward as ‘She & Him’ this week in LA…

But who are the hot couples of this summer, onscreen? We hope to heat up your computer screen soon with our online PREVIEW to Celebrities in Disgrace, which premieres at the Woods Hole Film Festival at 5PM FRIDAY AUGUST 6th and which features steamy chemistry between our stars Patrice Bunch and Julian Brand (seen chilling out on our set, above, left).  Meanwhile, no one beats ToyStory3‘s scene-stealing Barbie & Ken.

Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward

What other movie couples are speeding pulsebeats this summer?  Fellow bloggers and kindred spirits at Hollywood Life concocted a delicious list including Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. sparring in Iron Man 2 plus Will Ferrell not believing his luck as onscreen hubby of stunning Eva Mendes (on right) in The Other Guys.  Real-life lovers Drew Barrymore and Justin Long (seen going at it in a limo below) are Going the Distance.

Will Julia Roberts re-ignite her Ooomph with Javier Barden? Does Cameron Diaz bring some Risky Business into Tom Cruise‘s cruise-control career?  Can any of them compete with Barbie & Ken?

Who do you see as the breakout couples of this summer? (And keep in mind our own up and coming Duo in Disgrace, the potent double punch of Brand plus Bunch…)

(photos: Jenny Martin, dailymail.co.uk, screenrant.com, cinemablend.com, disney.com, dailystab.com, gawker.com, blogs.sfweekly.com)

**For more photos of Julian Brand & Patrice Bunch see the StarLit Gallery and our film Facebook Page…

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Lisa Romeo writes all kinds of nonfiction, works as a freelance manuscript editor, and teaches memoir and personal essay at Rutgers University and privately online. She has been published in venues ranging from the New York Times and O-The Oprah Magazine, to obscure literary journals, and popular themed essay collections. She lives in New Jersey. Email her at LisaRomeoWrites@gmail.com.

Dear Michael,
First, a confession: I’m one of those. You know, the ones who discovered you after you died.

Once, you walked right past me on a hotel patio in Bermuda. I could have touched you. I noticed you of course. “Oh my God, it’s Michael Jackson!” I said to my husband, but it was early in our marriage, we were besotted still and went back to our rum swizzles.

You and I, we were the same age, but at the time—and even before that, really all the time, since I first heard you back in fifth grade—you were always distant, not part of any world I lived in. You were singing, performing, writing, declaiming the music, the energy, the questions, and demands of my generation—I understand that now as I did not then—but I hardly heard a word, barely noticed a note.

Oh, I knew the music, your music, was there, that you were there, but it all seemed to have nothing to do with me. I sang along, deciphered words, but I was white, a virtual only child, sheltered, and had a rich father; you were black, edgy, rich with siblings, and cool. You, talented and smooth; me, klutzy and nearly tone deaf.

Even later, I was too busy all along to consider what you, or any artist for that matter, really meant. I was involved with my own life, my problems, joys, trials—horses, college, career, loneliness, love, babies, dark days, creativity expressed, and mostly stifled.

Then, last June, I realized that you and the music had everything to do with me. (more…)

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