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UPDATE: Our Celebs in Disgrace film is heading from Vegas CineFest to Maine; a new review of Celebs, the book, is on ‘the hungry reader‘…

JOURNALISTS’ IN DISGRACE…(& in contention for Disgraced Celebrity of Fall, 2010)

What would Walter Cronkite think? From hothead Tweet-happy  Glenn Beck to hot-fingered Cook’s Source, many so-called ‘journalists’ have found themselves in hot water this fall.

Thanks to blog reader Larzini for alerting us to the Cooks Source scandal involving the allegedly uncredited reprinting of author’s recipes.  Cooks may have stolen from the wrong cookie jar this time.

High Fashion hit the Low Road as MARIE CLAIRE’s online author Maura Kelly stirred backlash with over 28,000 emails denouncing her mean-spirited attack on TV’s cuddly couple ‘Mike and Molly.’  Kelly may now regret likening the likable TV stars to heroin addicts.

Speaking of Mean-Spirited: CBS has abruptly fired its Early Show anchors.  But Glenn Beck takes the Disgraced ‘Journalist’ prize with his remarks about billionaire World War II survivor George Soros.   Beck described Soros as a “Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps.”  On a lighter note, Beck repeatedly ‘joked’ in Tweets about his wife wanting to kill him and leave his ‘remains’ in Texas.

What breaches of journalistic ethics and taste have lately made your blood boil?  As we consider the sources, let’s also consider Disgraced Celebrity of Fall, 2010…Leave your votes for that ‘honor’ in any COMMENTS…

*THANKS to LESLEY for a link to Margaret Cho on Bristol Palin…

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Our Celebrities in Disgrace film was accepted @ Vegas CineFest; Happy Holidays!


Despite hysterical hype that Tea Party voters would swing the DWTS trophy Bristol Palin’s way, the dazzling and over-qualified Jennifer Grey took the prize.

Bristol finished a surprisingly strong third, receiving warm audience response and possibly benefitting from backlash against her backlash.  (Note to ‘haters’ of all stripes: you do your cause no good by whipping out a gun and shooting the image of a 20 year old girl on your TV).

Viewers who tuned into the top-rated DWTS on its final nights because they were curious about all the outrage triggered by admittedly amatuer dancer Bristol Palin may have been surprised by what they found.

While the Net was aflame with charges of dreadful dancing, Bristol on her final nights– performing in the face of death threats– aced her jive, held her own through an ill-chosen Bob Fosse number and rocked her final cha-cha.

Those who’d read overblown Net comments about her weight found a ‘normal-sized girl’ (in Bristol’s words) who was toned and glowing.  While not a Professional Dancer like legendary Dirty Dancer Jennifer Grey, Bristol– like chunky charmer Kyle Massey— actually fit the DWTS’s stated credo of pairing professional dancers with non-professionals.

With zero experience and incalcuable pressures, Bristol pulled through and showed that she’s inherited her Mom’s strongest qualities: terrific hair, an Alaskan can-do attitude and that scary Palin drive to go as far as sheer determination can take you.  For Bristol, that was ‘within reach’ of a mirrored Dance Trophy globe; for her mother, the real globe may be at stake.  WDYT?

THANKS for LUPINS for this Alaskan analysis & editorial re: Bristol-gate

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FILM UPDATE: Screenings coming in Las Vegas & Maine of Celebs in Disgrace; check out SNL on Kate M & TIME on Bristol Palin


Kate Middletown seems as sensible and smart as her name: pretty and confident rather than lovely and vulnerable like Princess Diana.  Kate lacks the fierce-eyed shyness and enticing contradictions that made young Lady Di an unforgettable beauty and star.

But Kate and William often seem to laugh together and to, as the Brits say, ‘get on.’  Kate works in the family party-planning biz; she now has the party of a lifetime to plan.  She always moves at a brisk stride and appears game for the challenge.  The stolid ‘Middleton’ name itself emphasizes Kate’s upper middleclass but hardly aristocratic family.  Durable dimpled Kate looks as if she might have, in a different life, followed in her Mum’s footsteps and become an airline stewardess.

Kate’s mother, in fact, was rumored to have offended the Queen by chewing gum and using words like ‘toilet’ in her Highness’s presence.  Needless to say, this common touch may be just what the embattled Royal Family needs.

While the snide British press dubbed her ‘Waity Katie,’ Kate kept her cool. Employing a strategy not unlike the No-Drama Obama game that won our ‘cool jazz’ President the White House, Kate Middleton held the quiet middle-ground through a nearly decade long romance and won her man.

Let’s hope he and his batty family prove good enough for her.

PS: Thanks to MARY for this George & Kanye cartoon…(photos: sponkit.com; dianajewels.com)

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BREAKING: Bristol apologizes for her & her sister’s angry Facebook rant & makes the DWTS FINALS;  check it out– & our Celeb.s film trailer

I’m a lifelong Liberal with no sympathy for Mama Grizzly Palin– but I’m rooting and voting for Bristol on Dancing With the Stars.  Why?  Like all good Liberals, I like an underdog.  Though Bristol may have an army of conservative viewers behind her, she is the sole DWTS contestant with zero show-biz training.  It shows– and not always in bad ways.

Bristol’s sometimes-awkward sometimes-fetching performances hold a charge of suspense that few of the jaded glossy ‘stars’ can match.  Unlike DWTS’s processed anorexic Hollywood hoofers, Bristol looks real.  Yes, she hasn’t lost weight– and good for her.  She is a healthy fresh-faced young Mom and she shows you don’t have to starve yourself to look ‘pretty in pink.’

DWTS would not be half so fun if it was merely a ‘battle’ between show-bizzed bot.-bodies who have been stage-trained for years.  Jennifer Grey, though older than in her Dirty Dancing days, was and is a world-class dancer with a lifetime of performance experience.

Bristol’s other competitors all hail from the worlds of professional music or sports– so there is little surprise or suspense in seeing them ace their moves.  I found myself holding my breath as Bristol happily managed her quick-step, survived her writhing rhumba, triumphed in her tango & her semi-finals Paso doble.

Full disclosure: I’ve written a published short story and just-finished novel MSS about a Bristol-esque character, a pregnant teen forced into the limelight by a diva of a mama.  So I’ve imagined myself into Bristol’s skin.

Who among us wouldn’t rather be Dancing With the Stars than slaving away as a single-mom receptionist?  If it was me, caught up in Bristol Palin’s surreal fate, I’d ‘go for it’ too.

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*THANKS to the 1000th viewer who watched our Celebs in Disgrace film trailer on YouTube…

BREAKING: George W. now says he ‘forgives’ Kanye W

KANYE W. & GEORGE W…. by Elizabeth Searle

The Odd Couple of Kanye West and George W. Bush recently traded ‘twisted fantasies’ (to cop a phrase from Kanye’s new CD) as each rated their lowest moments.

In George W. Bush’s twisted fantasy, the lowest moment of his Presidency had nothing to do with hundreds of thousands dying in his ‘war of choice,’ nothing to do with Abu Ghraib or worldwide financial collapse.  To the perpetually nonplussed W., the alltime low came when erstwhile rapper Kanye W. accused him, mid-Katrina, of not caring about ‘black people.’

In Kanye W’s own twisted fantasy, George W’s disastrous blundering on Katrina is merely on par with Kanye himself blundering onstage during last year’s VMS awards and interrupting Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech.  As West put it with twisted narcissistic logic: “The same thing happened to me…You know, with him not rushing, not taking the time to rush down to New Orleans. With me, it was the lack of compassion in cutting someone off in their moment.”

In my own Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye W. would have used his epic powers of rudeness to interrupt George W. Bush’s first inaugrural in 2001, wresting W’s utterly underserved Presidency away from him and cutting him off ‘in his moment’ before President W. could bring about any of the tragic catastrophes that weigh so little on his mind, even now.

To cop a word, this time, from George W.: “Disgusting.”

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Election Week Update: Nov. 4th at Boston Globe‘s Media Matters Conference, Elizabeth Searle discussed & showed clips of our Celebrities in Disgrace film.


What’s a President to do?  Can Obama regain his star-power?  Can he ever overcome the nation’s historically (and hysterically) inflated expectations for him?

We’ve asked some of our blog’s sharpest political minds to weigh in with advice…

From LITOTES, our blog’s resident wit and a former blogger for WONKETTE: “McConnell‘s goal is to make you a one-term president.  Your goal is to show these guys up for having two-digit IQs.  Govern negatively.  They vote, you veto.  You don’t even have to change the letters on the Scrabble board.  And sad as it is for a Philospher President, you will have to get hugged more than you like.”

From blog fave BARB: “IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID..From Carville‘s Playbook.  I think he should have spent more time on jobs and education and retraining instead of all that time on the Health Care plan which is going to make Insurance Companies the real winners. since everyone will have to buy it from them.  Without Single Payer or Medicare for all, it isn’t the great change we need.”

From OL’ BILL, our blog’s resident Wise Man: “Good Dems invariably lose the propaganda wars. The Bill Clinton campaigns effectively coped with that problem with an aggressive “war room” that stayed on top of each propaganda blast within the same 24 hour news cycle (Carville & Begala) with colorful, outspoken but always truthful replies, counter charges, a blend of brevity and sarcasm. The White House painfully lacks a war room and instead overexposes the Prez. It should be a 24 hr a day operation every day he is in office because there is no end to the propaganda wars.”

THANKS to our pundits; I agree that one way or another, Obama has got to connect with his inner Happy Warrior… WDYT?

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