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Our Celebs in Disgrace FILM starts the New Year w/ a Jan. 13 screening at Stonecoast Movie Night in ME… Thanks to MARY on FACEBOOK for this link listing 15-minute celeb.s of the year & Where Are They Now…

RACE FOR DISGRACE, 2010 by Elizabeth Searle

Disgraced Celebrity of Fall, 2010 is (our readers have spoken) Glenn Beck.  Maybe Beck’s most recent remarks about women put him over the edge.  But now we turn our eyes to the bigger prize: Disgraced Celebrity of 2010.

Last year Tiger Woods came out of nowhere in November to take the ‘honor.’  This year our readers selected BP’s hapless CEO Tony Hayward as Disgraced Celebrity of Spring, 2010 (but some felt bad-boy adulterer Jesse James was robbed).  In summer, Mad Mel Gibson took the prize (and will he/should he claim the overall 2010 ‘honor’ as well?)

Last winter, the dubious duo of John Mayor and Rielle Hunter won for their season.  This fall, names tossed into the muddy ring include Tony Parker (for totally not deserving lovely Eva Longeria taking on his name!) plus perpetual nut Glenn Beck.  But there’s still time to consider new names and disgraces as well.

Cast your vote for ANY Disgraced Celebrity of 2010 ANYtime between now and year’s end, on ANY COMMENT on the blog.  We’re easy and we need your help to determine who ‘owned’ celebrified disgrace this year…

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Celebs in Disgrace screens at Stonecoast Movie Night (Jan. 13 in Freeport, ME)…
UPDATE: Senate votes to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
~~~Penny2 is a regular blog reader, commenter & political commentator
With the deepest respect for your service to this country, I ask you to stop listening to the ghosts of your fellow servicemen of decades ago in the discussions of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell at the Senate.
Your fellow servicemen gave so much to their country, but were products of their time, brought up to fear gay men.  People fear what they don’t understand.  They don’t have the benefit of having had gay friends all their life, like I have.
I read that your daughter Meghan McCain favors repeal.  I am twenty years older than Meghan.  We are members of a generation of Americans who are now 26-46 years old.  Yet in yesterday’s hearing, you let the ghosts of men thirty years older than me guide your questioning.
You seem so sure that the minority of soldiers who still harbor the prejudices won’t be able to get past them.  They will–and they will be looked at by future generations as greater because of it.
Stop listening to the prejudices of your generation as you set laws that will govern mine.  Please support our country’s military leadership in repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.
**This letter was originally published in the Belmont Citizen Herald in Belmont, MA

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Our Celebs in Disgrace film goes from MA & NV to ME…


As winter closes in, we face the chilling task of determining Disgraced Celebrity of Fall, 2010.  With no overwhelming disgrace favorite, the race is wide open.  THANKS for the suggestions so far.  Your votes are welcome in any COMMENT on this blog through Dec. 21rst.

One name thrown into the ring: Glenn Beck, whom star blog commenter ‘W’ described as, ‘insane and obnoxious.’ Reader ‘Barb’ points out that Ann Coulter has been off the wall lately too.

The best comprehensive list came from DEB via Facebook: “Mel Gibson (where to begin?) Roger Clemens (liar, liar, pants on fire) Dave Meggett (former darling of giants, pats, jets now sentenced to 30 yrs) Too many criminal politicians to name… (Can you say Chuck Turner? He is insane.)”

Well put, Deb.  Blog fave LIVVY got to the point: “My vote, Tony Parker.”  Yes, Tony P. at the very least wins this year’s Tiger Woods award for allegedly cheating on a gorgeous loyal wife (my favorite Desperate Housewife, Eva Longeria, who deserves better).

Our blog star CAITLIN spoke passionately for ‘recognizing’ misguided MARIE CLAIRE writer Maura Kelly and her mean-spirited attacks on TV’s Mike & Molly.  Caitlin wrote, “Maura Kelly wins the prize for me…Her comments were hateful and disgusting.”

Which disgraced celebrities have you riled up?

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