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FAME-GAME POST-SHEEN by Elizabeth Searle

“He brings hitting bottom to new heights.”

Thus spoke Litotes, our blog’s resident wit.  And blog fave Caitlin began her own Charlie Comment/Vote with one word: “WINNING.”

Of course it’s no surprise that Charlie Sheen ‘wins’ Disgraced Celebrity of Winter, 2011.  However one commenter pointed out that true ‘disgrace’ means ‘falling from favor’ and that actually Sheen is capitalizing on his own ‘fall.’

Yes, Sheen has made a second career as a Disgraced Celebrity, commanding headlines with his out-of-control private behavior as he never did for his onscreen performances.  Many are calling the late Elizabeth Taylor ‘the last star.’  Certainly the grand old-style Hollywood stars are a vanishing breed and the new stars are making their own rules.

James Franco dares to diss (at least via Twitter graffiti) the mighty Oscars.  Lady Gaga and her ilk openly push all bounderies.  And yes, former actor and present-day Reality Star Charlie Sheen is leading the way– to what?

Sheen not only has broken most of the Biblical 10 Commandments in his private life but has, in his recent all-too-public life, shattered some Celebrity Commandments formerly writ on Tabloid Tablet:

Thou Shalt at Least Pretend to be Sorry

Thou Shalt at Least Pretend to Respect Thy Fans and Producers

Thou Shalt Take Thyself Unto Rehab

Thou Shalt Mate at Will, but Couple Publically With One Partner At a Time

Thou Shalt At Least Pretend to Agree with Basic Societal Notions of Right & Wrong…

(ie: anti-violence, anti-drug abuse, pro-sobriety, pro-sanity)…

With so many former Celeb. Commandments Sheen-shattered, what will the next wave of Disgraced Celebs have to do to out-Sheen Charlie?  The mind reels.  Or at least this celebrity-fried  mind does.  WDYT?

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FILM UPDATE: our Celebrities in Disgrace film is one of 18 shorts accepted into the Hollywood FirstGlance online competition. View & vote via http://fgff.openfilm.com/join
ELIZABETH by Elizabeth Searle

I’ve always liked having the name ‘Elizabeth;’ I always like fellow Elizabeths, especially those who prefer, as Elizabeth Taylor did, to go by their full name.  She disdained ‘Liz.’  No, Elizabeth Taylor was/is an Uber Elizabeth– exemplifying the name’s regal flowing syllables centered by a zippy ‘z.’

While Elizabeth Taylor looked every inch the movie queen, she earned her Elizabethan ‘z’ with her unladylike zest for life and her sly sometimes zany sense of humor.  Celebrated friends of hers remember her rowdy cackling laugh as well as her generous nature and good works.  A detail that sticks in my mind from an interview years ago: while Elizabeth Taylor chatted away with the interviewer,  one of Taylor’s infant grandchildren gnawed on one of Taylor’s oversized diamond rings.

Elizabeth Taylor acknowledged in the later years of her oversized life that she was ‘tacky’ then added slyly, ‘You wouldn’t want me any other way, would you?’

Of course not.  Yet this gawdiest of stars had– onscreen, in her early star-making roles– a luminous ethereal quality.  Did two earthlings ever look more lovely than young Elizabeth Taylor and young Montgomery Clift in A Place in the Sun?  Elizabeth Taylor will always have a place in the stars.  RIP, Elizabeth.

(photos: cullentarikbeck.blogspot.com; movieeye.com, community.livejournal.com, calstatela.edu)

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THANKS to Lupins for this cartoon that says it all…
Plus: check out ArtSake:  Elizabeth Searle & Lise Haines

Can anyone out-Sheen Charlie?  

As we turn from a harsh winter at home and face terrible news overseas, this blog takes on a refreshingly frivolous task.  Who Will Be Disgraced Celebrity of Winter, 2011?  Vote via any COMMENT section on the blog.
Yes, the odds-on ‘favorite’ has to be Charlie Sheen who, whatever else might be said about him, has brought Disgraced Celebrity-ism to new heights/depths.
Can anyone even give Sheen a run for his money?  The great Gail Collins nailed Newt Gingrich for near-Sheen-level defensiveness as Gingrich recently blamed his multiple marital infidelities on an excess of, er, ‘patriotism.’  Meanwhile Rush Limbaugh blamed his mocking of Japanese refugees on Diane Sawyer.
Perrenial contender Lindsay Lohan is contemplating a plea bargain while our Disgraced Celebrity of 2010, Mel Gibson, faced sentencing.  Here, you are Judge and Jury.  Post a COMMENT to cast your vote for Disgraced Celebrity of Winter 2011.
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Thanks to Erica for giving us this lighthearted glimpse into an imagined HRC at a tough time in the real world.
Check out ArtSake:  Elizabeth Searle & Lise Haines

Novelist, screenwriter, and essayist Erica Ferencik is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Cracks in the Foundation. Her work has also appeared in the Boston Globe, on Salon.com, More.com, and National Public Radio. Her new humor column has been appearing monthly in the Metrowest Daily News.

HILLARY HITS THE MINI BAR (originally published in Milford Daily News)

The real HRC kicking back...

NO DATA — With a heavy sigh, Hillary pushed her hotel room door shut and tossed her laptop on the bed. The lights of Tripoli twinkled fifteen stories below as she sank with a polyester – poof! – into an overstuffed chair by the window.

It had been a long day. Too much smiling, the shawarma she ate for dinner wasn’t settling well, and…what was this? A buzzing from her bag….she pulled out her phone. A text from Hosni: “Was I really that bad?” She texts back: “You were that bad.” Sighs. Adds: “Go reinvent yrslf, evrybdy else is.”

Another beep. She glanced at the phone. “Oh come on, Hosni, PLEASE don’t friend me.” These dictators are such saps, she thought, turning off her phone.

She flipped on the fake fireplace, slipped into her oversized T-shirt that said “I Heart New York,” and cozied back in her chair with her laptop. She opened the document, “Memoir – Notes” and sat staring out the window waiting for the muse. The cursor blinked at her, also waiting. She set her reading glasses down on a – wait a minute – was this a MINI-BAR?!

Haven’t seen one of these since Seoul, she thought. And this one was packed to the gills with drinks and tasty snacks. Before you could say Al Jazeera a wee bottle of chardonnay was unscrewed and knocked back followed by a cabernet chaser. (more…)

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UPDATE: Our blog star Caitlin McCarthy made the International Womens’ Day list of DES Activists! And check out the MCC interview w/ Elizabeth Searle & Lise Haines…

At a recent author event at my local library, many guests veered toward my table and my Celebrities in Disgrace book in order to discuss with me the ‘Charlie Sheen Situation.’  The New York Times weighed in on the latest Disgraced Celebrity ‘champ’ by pondering what it means ‘when your life becomes a verb

To ‘pull a Charlie Sheen’ or to ‘sheen’ may merely mean, the Times speculated, to party in excess (then why not call it ‘lohan-ing’?) or it may mean (my own two cents) to implode in public in a particularly defiant, defensive and over-the-top manner.  As the Arlington Public Library supporters I spoke with agreed, Sheen is currently setting a new high or low in Disgraced Celebrity antics, pushing previous limits, such as they were.

Lindsay Lohan and last year’s Disgraced Celebrity of the Year on our blog, Mel Gibson, at least still go through the motions of apologizing and seeking help for their out of control behavior.  Sheen with his recent wild statements of ‘Tiger blood’ and ‘goddesses’ and his 1.5 million-plus Tweeter followers, is maintaining a blatantly (maybe insanely) unrepentant stance.

The Times wonders when the Sheen trainwreck — which includes accusations of violent abuse and threats– will officially tip from blog- and  joke-fodder into tragedy.

Maybe Sheen’s longtime friend Sean Penn had the best idea: shipping Charlie off to Haiti where he can witness real human misery and where the giant spotlight following him might actually do some good.

Meanwhile as the careening Sheen celeb-crash continues, we can’t seem to look away.  WDYT?  Is our unseemly obsession with Charlie’s ‘sheening’ our own new national disgrace?

(photos: HollywoodReporter.com. Babbler.com)

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Caitlin with Matthew & Gunnar Nelson

UPDATE: Check out the MCC interview w/ Elizabeth Searle & Lise Haines…

An award-winning screenwriter at international film festivals and labs, Caitlin McCarthy has two feature films in development: “Wonder Drug” with director Tom Gilroy (“Spring Forward”); and “Resistance” with director Si Wall (“The Dinner Party,” premiering November 2010). She also has a TV series treatment, “Free Skate,” which is currently being considered by top production companies.

NELSON’s Perfect Storm: The Final Installment of a Three Part Feature on NELSON by Caitlin McCarthy

The time has come to wrap up this Three Part Feature on NELSON – and we’re going out with a bang!

In this last installment, Matthew Nelson shares very touching comments about his father, the legendary Rick Nelson, along with a special message to all NELSON fans.

Caitlin McCarthy (CM): What is the one thing that you wished the general public knew about NELSON? Your fans know what NELSON stands for…that you’re very positive, very driven. But what do you wish would come to the general public’s mind when they think of NELSON?

Matthew Nelson (MN): The first thing that I wish would come to mind…you know, it makes me happiest when people say, “Boy, can those guys sing.” I’ve heard that from some of my heroes. When I heard Tommy Shaw from STYX say that…you know, compliment our singing together because that really is our sound, NELSON is a brother band, it’s the way we harmonize…to be known as a singer and as a songwriter is really, to me, the greatest thing.

I think our dad [Rick Nelson] would have been happiest…you know, here we are following in the footsteps of a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who sold 240 million records and who is on the All Time Seller’s List, in the Top Ten…he’s huge, but he never wrote a number one song, and Gunnar and I have. I think he would have been proud of that, and that’s what I’m proudest of, because he pushed us into being writers. (more…)

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