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  • RIP, dynamic and defiant Amy Winehouse– and please let’s ‘give a rest’ to the ’27 club’ obsession that sprang up as soon as Winehouse’s death was announced.  Both here and in the UK, the media instantly announced, in almost a congratulatory style, that Winehouse had joined a ’27 club’ with other gifted rock stars who died at the same age.
  • “There’s a demon in the sky,” said blog favorite Litotes, quoting the Right Stuff pilot’s phrase for the sound barrier.  He added that he has found himself wondering if some sort of demon was killing off music’s young geniuses.
  • I turned to two other trusted voices for views on the 24/7 27 Club coverage…From author/artist Linda K. Sienkiewicz:
  • “For me, the “27 Club” trivializes the deaths of a handful of musicians who coincidentally died at the same age. I don’t know much about Brian Jones or Hendrix, but what strikes me is how unhappy Morrison and Joplin seemed to be. All four of them had substance abuse problems, as did Amy…and their deaths only underscore how strong addiction can be.”

From author Melanie Drane, on Facebook:

“I am saddened by the insistence that Amy Winehouse’s death was inevitable, that age 27 is some magic number for a brilliance too great to survive. Addiction does not have to end in death. Creativity and soul peace are not inimical. The daily work of reconciliation with the world is a hard and often tenuous slog. May we support those who dare to embrace it; may we practice fierce tenderness with others and ourselves.”

Amen, and we will miss your fierce yet tender voice, Amy Winehouse.

THANKS to LUPINS for this tribute by Russell Brand

(photos: ageblog.com, surf.com)

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We wind up a Tonya & Nancy summer break here on the blog as TONYA & NANCY : THE ROCK OPERA finishes an exciting Return Engagement at the ART’s Oberon July 18-21.  Coverage on WGBH TV Boston and in Stuff Magazine and a super piece in the Boston Globe, as well as on ArtSake.  Check out reviews in the Boston Herald (“Black Swan on Ice”) and EDGE — which invented the word ‘TRASH-TASTIC….

Meanwhile, Taking Care of Business on the blog: a belated announcment that Disgraced Celebrity of Spring, 2011 goes to: Arnold Schwarzenegger, muscling out lesser louts to seize the prize.  ‘Congratulations’ to CA’s Conan and company.

If you can’t make our Rock Opera, the next best thing is to visit our Facebook Page and watch our 60 second highlight clip, featuring a disco moment in the music and pics from throughout the show; Rock On!

(photos: Barry Weiss and askmen.com)  On YOUTUBE:

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