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Nikki Sixx holds Caitlin's blog post about him

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ROCKER WRITERS: Elizabeth Searle contemplates the phenom & consults screenwriter  Caitlin McCarthy 

Writers are not rock stars.  Rock stars get the fame and big bucks.  But what happens when they also start nabbing the big book prizes?  As awards season kicks into gear with the Golden Globes, I wonder if the 2012 book prizes will honor more rocker writers.

When Nikki Sixx recently posted his Book Tour Photos on his website, one featured Caitlin McCarthy chatting with the genial Sixx.  Caitlin’s vivid Guest Post on Sixx drew thousands of hits here in one night after Sixx kindly Tweeted his thanks.

Caitlin & DH Peligro

Caitlin & Michael Des Barres

Will Sixx be the next Keith Richards, winning a National Book Award?

I asked Caitlin to comment on rocker writers.  Thanks to her for her ‘take’:

“The “rocker writer” phenom doesn’t surprise me. Consider Patti Smith. Her lyrics are poetry. It only makes sense that her first book of prose Just Kids would be beautifully written and much deserving of a National Book Award. Some of my fave “rocker writer” books over the years include I’m With The Band by Pamela Des Barres (aka Miss Pamela, the world’s most famous groupie); The Dirt by Motley Crue; and Nikki Sixx’sThis Is Gonna Hurt and The Heroin Diaries. It’s a blast hearing the stories behind the music. And who doesn’t want to live vicariously through these stars. Their adventures are poignant, comical, and (ultimately) life-affirming. (more…)

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An ‘Arizona Greeting,’ the AZ Republic dubbed it: Gov. Jan Brewer, poking a finger in President Obama’s face and hectoring/’lecturing’ him on an AZ airport tarmac (allegedly about her claim that HE once ‘lectured’ HER).

Visiting my family in The Valley of the Sun this week, I got a true and warm ‘Arizona Greeting’ when I read from my novel with wonderful Melissa Pritchard at Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe, AZ.  Arizonans are growing weary of Brewer’s antics.

A prize-worthy photo captures the meltdown moment as Brewer becomes the poster-girl for right-wing rage and disrespect against this President.  Brewer, AZ’s cool New Times newspaper laments, has ‘humiliated’ Arizona ‘yet again.’

Her tarmac temper tantrum may have upped her Amazon book sales in the short term– but it has prompted widesrpead disgust as many in the media shake their collective fingers at Brewer.

Ed Rendell on The Last Word put it best– what Brewer did was ‘dumb and disrespectful.’   Former Gov. Rendell points out that as a Governor, you do not serve your state well by dissing the sitting President.  The Mayor of Phoenix rightly states that when you greet a President in your state, you are ‘an ambassador of the community.’
Obama graciously claims on ABC that the testy exchange was ‘no big deal.’  But as a graduate of AZ’s Chaparral High and a former Arizonan with family ties to this beautiful state, I wish I had a chance to get in Gov. Brewer’s face.  WDYT?
photos: freerepublic.com, ap.com, latimes.com

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And thanks to ROBIN on Facebook for being reminded of Carol Burnett’s AS THE STOMACH TURNS


Hard to say what was more bizarre: Mrs. Newt Gingrich #2 taking to national TV to tell how Newt allegedly suggested an Open Marriage because his then-mistress Calista ‘doesn’t care what I do’; Newt himself bristling then bitch-slapping CNN‘s John King for daring to bring up the widely publicized story; or the GOP debate audience leaping to its feet to cheer as Newt implicitly denounced his long-suffering second wife as a liar.

I’m a Soap fan but who needs The Young and the Restless when we’ve got Newt Gingrich’s ex-wives on the warpath, ex-candidate Herman Cain’s allegedly multiple mistresses, plus wanna-be-VP Sarah Palin & her Reality-TV-worthy family waiting in the wings?

What next in a GOP nomination race that just keeps getting stranger?  Is Gingrich/Palin a real possibility?  Will two of American Politics’ most twisted family trees entwine?  And what of Rick Perry, finally dropping out of the race after recklessly declaring an ally leader to be a terrorist?

Has this madness left us forgetting sweater-vested Rick Santorum, who visited all those Pizza Rangers and won Iowa after all, only no one seems to care?  Stay tuned…

(photos: deseretnews.com, anunews.net)

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Big THANKS to rocker/suthor NIKKI SIXX for posting a photo of his chat with our own blog star CAITLIN McCARTHY on his website– Nikki rocks onstage & on the page!

IT’S MITT…by Elizabeth Searle

The GOP seem about as eager to kiss Mitt as his wife...

This is it, Mitt.  After eaking out an underwhelming 8-vote victory over sweater-vested shoestring-funded Rick Santorum, Mitt finally has his big-Mo. moment in New Hampshire.  Yet the GOP seems to be experiencing that Sinking Feeling which I as a longtime long-suffering Democrat know so well.

Mitt has the stiff aristocratic stand-offishness of John Kerry (without the soldier’s dignity and record of military service).  He displays the robotic Unhappy Warrior campaign style of Michael Dukakis (without the endearing wry humor).  And he radiates the plodding blandness of Gore or Mondale (without the impeccable Vice Presidential credentials).

Supposedly Al Gore claimed to have invented the internet.  Mitt boasts that he invented Staples.  Lately he’s gotten more attention for companies he helped to destroy.  And he looks, as the comedians say, like the guy who just fired you.  Will America look past all that and  hire him?

(photos: comcast.net, hollywoodgossip.com)

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Charlie Sheen made his big splash as a dynamic young star in WALL STREET.  This year both Charlie and the real Wall Street hit low points.  Thoughtful commenter ‘W’ felt Disgraced celebrity of the year should be ‘the Wall Street barons and their political puppets.’  Blog fave AntiStar argued that for Disgraced Celebrity of 2011, Charlie Sheen is a ‘no-brainer in every way.’

I like Blog regular Livvy’s suggestion of an unholy Tie between Sheen and the Wall Street barons.  ‘Congrats’ and here’s hoping 2012 is a better year for both W.S. and C.S.

Speaking of no-brainers, I’d give honorable mention to Kim Kardashian, who epitomizes the way baseless fame can go to brainless heads.

Our star Guest Poster Caitlin writes:

The wedding, divorce, reality show, and Sears collection made in a sweat shop sent me over the edge this year. Plus the fact she’s getting $600,000 to host a New Year’s Eve party has given her a head start on 2012!

(photos: ranker.com, stuckinthe80s.com)

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