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UPDATE: More news on the ‘TomKat’ divorce

“There are no second acts in American lives,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald, that handsome self-destructive shooting-star of his own era.

With the news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes splitting and the continuing drama from legally beleagured John Travolta, I wonder if these two black-haired blue-eyed supernovas may have each peaked with their first big films.
Back in the day, in the eighties, Cruise and Travolta rocked the block.  Is there a sexier 80s-movie scene than young dynamic Tom Cruise’s subway sex in Risky Business?  Or a sexier march into film stardom than John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever sidewalk strut?
Fast forward thirty-plus years.  The two stars have each weathered a stream of not-so-hot movies and overheated mid-life moments.  Cruise jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch trumpeting his love for girlish Katie Holmes.  Travolta too has defensively declared his love for his longtime wife even as rumors of affairs with male masseuses make headlines.  Cruise, who has similarly drawn tabloid speculation about his sexual identity, now faces a second epic divorce, this time complete with custody battle.
Is it any wonder these aging idols, mired in outa-control midlife drama, have turned to the ultra-controlled world of Scientology?  Best to remember these two back when they were our new bad-boys igniting Saturday Night fever in filmgoers– right before each went soaring impossibly high into the Risky Business of stardom.
(photos: Googleimages, cracked.com, ebonyban.com, reuters.com)

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