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Caitlin McCarthy received her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Emerson College.  An award-winning screenwriter at international film festivals and labs, Caitlin has two feature films in development: WONDER DRUG with producer/star Alysia Reiner and Oscar-nominated director Joan Stein Schimke; and RESISTANCE with director Si Wall. Caitlin is also partnering on writing/creating the TV series PASS/FAIL with Jim Forbes, a multiple Emmy, ALMA, AP and Golden Mic award-winning writer, producer, correspondent and narrator; and developing the TV series FREE SKATE with creative producer and choreographer Michael Masionis. In addition to screenwriting, Caitlin serves as an English teacher at an inner-city public high school.

~~~~~~~~~~RIP, JR: Larry Hagman set Nighttime Drama afire with his swaggering sexy JR Ewing.  Enjoy Hagman’s charismatic clips as well as our re-post of Caitlin McCarthy’s piece on today’s PM soaps…

Nighttime Drama Fever!  by Caitlin McCarthyDominic West

I’m a true child of the Seventies – someone who was weaned on TV, PEOPLE Magazine, and pop culture. Soap operas, which I’ve written about before for this site, played a huge role in my upbringing. My great aunts and I used to watch the CBS lineup every day. We discussed the characters as if they were real people. No wonder I became a storyteller later in life.

What I’ve never mentioned here, until now, is my love for nighttime dramas. Blame this on my mother. She turned me onto “Dallas” when it first premiered. I’d stay up late on Fridays, oohing and aahing over that bad ass JR Ewing.

In the 1980s, I started watching the “Dallas” spin-off “Knots Landing.” True confession: Part of me has always wanted to meet a guy like Mack MacKenzie. Move over, Karen. He’s mine!

I even watched “Dynasty” – the mother of massive shoulder pads and cat fights – until Pamela Sue Martin left the show. (Emma Samms, I loved you on “General Hospital,” but there’s only one Fallon for me.)

Now that TNT is airing the rebooted “Dallas,” I find myself DVR-ing it. I wait until my schedule is clear, and then binge on episodes. Mark my words: Josh Henderson, the actor playing JR’s baddie son John Ross, is a star.

In addition to “Dallas,” I’m currently watching “Zen” with Rufus Sewell on PBS’s Masterpiece Mystery (above). I love this show, but I just found out that the BBC has cancelled it. Why? WHY?! (more…)

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“You Go, Girl!” a voice from our rowdy happy Victory Party crowd called out as Elizabeth Warren took the stage on Election Night.

Of all the loud cheers her hard-won victory speech invoked, the loudest and longest was when Warren spoke to the women of her state.

Like too many female candidates, Warren endured more than her share of personal attacks as she campaigned.  Would her opponent have had such a problem with Warren earning a top legal and academic salary if she had been a man, like one of his ultra-wealthy contributors?

I was proud to have co-organized Writers for Warren and I am proud to also be part of the much larger group that helped put Warren over the top.  The Boston Herald– forced to acknowledge Warren’s strengths after months of vilifying her– printed in one column that an army of ‘Grannies’ lifted Warren to Victory.

All of the Warren events I’ve attended are filled with women in their forties, fifties, sixties and beyond.  And we were all happy on Election Night at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, cheering on the first-ever woman Senator from our state.  Having met Warren face to face several times, I can testify to her personal warmth, graciousness and charisma.

She does ‘GO’– and she takes us with her as she heads to the Senate.  Then who knows where after that?

(photos: zimbio.com, massalive.com)

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