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hUnknown-1 bUnknownRichard Nixon once observed that you can be ‘anything’ in politics as long as you are ‘not boring.’

Love her or hate her (and I am unabashedly in the love camp) Hillary Clinton was riveting in her Congressional testimony on Libya.  GOPers have worked mightily to create a full-fledged ‘scandal’ from the tragic deaths of four Americans in Libya.

But Clinton fought back this week by a one-two punch of straightforwardly and also emotionally taking ‘responsibility’ for the deaths, while at the same time fiercely batting back the notion that somehow there was a sinister ‘cover-up’ involved in the initial conflicting accounts and statements regarding what exactly triggered the Libya attack.cUnknown-2

GOP Senator Ron Johnson berated Clinton for not having read cables that investigation suggests may never have reached her desk.  But John Kerry later pointed out in his own hearings that Johnson himself never bothered to attend the most thorough hours-long debriefing on the attacks.

No doubt there are serious security questions still to be answered about the Libya attacks, hopefully in an ongoing investigation unclouded by charges of ‘scandal.’  Meanwhile, downhearted GOPers in search of Obama’s ‘Watergate’ may now make a wildcard reach.  Some right-wing voices online called this week  for Obama to resign over  National Anthem lip-syncing in Beyonce-Gate…

‘Oh say can we see’– any real scandals on the horizon?

A PS to this Post– Our commentator Ol’ Bill has this to add: “Hillary & Beyonce” should be THE metaphor for four years of faked policy hysteria and lip synced scandal propaganda marking the demise of what used to be a Grand Old Party. Political Celebrities In Disgrace on steroids.” Ol’Bill

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IMG_2722Erin Lynn Violette is a recent graduate from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA program in Creative Writing. She currently lives in Hollywood with her husband Ryan, and their spirited dog Abbey.   As HOLLYWOOD CORRESPONDENT for this blog, Erin will be covering the Red Carpet scene this year at THE OSCARS.  

Kip & Miss Pamela

Kip & Miss Pamela

Rock Tour with Miss Pamela – The Salacious LA Experience By Erin Lynn Violette

Searching for the perfect Los Angeles tour can be quite the project. Just a walk down a few blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and you’re guaranteed to be approached by more than a handful of folks hoping to fill the seats of their tour buses. Sometimes I think they should recognize me by now and just stop asking, but they’re relentless as salesmen often are. AmoebaMusicMy husband Ryan and I had been promising we would go on a Los Angeles tour, but were skeptical of the tourist-trap, cookie-cutter tours with a minimum wage tour guide droning out the name of each location we descended upon before taking off for the next location as quickly as we had arrived. We’re both huge music fans, and fans of the classic rock era. I, a professed fan of Pamela Des Barres thought it best to go on one of her Rock Tours.

Jim's Home

Jim’s Home

And if you’re looking for an intimate, more detailed tour of Los Angeles – a tour that comes with some first hand accounts of what it was like to really be there in the thick of the 1960s and 70s, and what it was like to be with the musicians who haunted these streets, played in these clubs, and lived in these homes, then you must be looking for Pamela Des Barres’ Rock Tour too.

First we met in front of Amoeba Records on Sunset Boulevard. Ryan and I arrived right on time as Miss Pamela approached with open arms and hugged each of us with either arm. The warm-hearted flower child was wearing a bright red Bob Dylan T-shirt, a crocheted cardigan, a long swaying bohemian skirt, and a pair of cowboy boots.SunsetProtest1 It had only been a week since her writing seminar and the night checking out Dan Janisch at the Cinema Bar so she was a little familiar with us.

There were five of us going on the tour, and then of course there was Miss Pamela, and her friend and driver Kip Brown, who as an added bonus was a wealth of information, kind beyond belief, and a diligent photographer. We began by introducing ourselves to the group as we rode to the first stop on the tour – a venue where Miss Pamela had a memorable encounter with The Doors’ front man Jim Morrison. (more…)

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LATEST UPDATE: Check out DES activist, screenwriter  & blog fave Caitlin McCarthy’s latest interview

Celebrities such as ROSANNE CASH, ALYSIA REINER and True Blood’s CARRIE PRESTON have signed the DES petition (linked below at end of post).  Read on and you may sign on too…

DES UPDATE: Eli Lilly’s Continued DES Shame

The following is an update for those who have been following the first historic DES breast cancer trial that settled after one testimony on January 9, 2013: http://tinyurl.com/b5hkqbp

Eli Lilly promised to mediate the pending DES breast cancer cases and continues to fail to do so. The mediation has been going on since the Judge so ordered it in January 2012: http://tinyurl.com/a4j4pykarUnknown

Since the settlement of the first historic DES breast cancer trial on January 9, 2103, lawyers Aaron Levine and Julie Oliver-Zhang have heard nothing from Eli Lilly regarding the remaining cases in Boston and in DC.

If Eli Lilly doesn’t make an offer for all cases, Aaron Levine and Julie Oliver-Zhang will go back to court. It’s up to Eli Lilly: Pay money to their expensive lawyers or pay money to the sick women.

cpimages-1Note that Eli Lilly spokesman J. Scott MacGregor stated before the first historic DES breast cancer trial, “We believe these claims are without merit and are prepared to defend against them vigorously.”

Also note that upon settling the trial, Eli Lilly issued this statement: “While we continue to believe that Lilly’s medication did not cause the conditions alleged in the lawsuit, we believe the settlement is in the best interest of the company. Settling this trial helps us get back to what we want to focus on as a company; developing important new medications through research and partnerships with doctors and patients.” (more…)

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Continuing our coverage of the Boston trial addressing the DES drug disaster.  Our blog’s own frequent guest post-er, screenwriter and DES activist Caitlin McCarthy has been featured in many media interviews (see links below).  Congratulations to Caitlin and to the legal team who are  taking these important steps in forcing accountability over this true ‘disgrace’…

DES Breast Cancer Trial Update274_Logo_BreastCancerAware

On January 9, 2013, Dr. Hans-Olov Adami, the Harvard Department of Publish Health, testified that the evidence is so compelling that even the Harvard Women’s Health Watch and the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies stated that mothers and daughters “who were exposed to pharmacological levels of DES in utero experienced important and devastating effects many years later, including an elevated risk of breast cancer.”

Dr. Adami testified that epidemiological evidence was not only applicable to the DES daughters, but to ANY DES daughter who developed breast cancer above the age of 40 or 50 so long as they did not have any other unusually high breast cancer risk factors.

He testified that the experiment on women in the case of DES was truly a human tragedy, as he published in the European Journal of Epidemiology.

Eli Lilly did not even complete their cross examination of Dr. Adami, when they, during a break, approached the Plaintiffs and the Judge to settle the case with an undisclosed sum.

Note Dr. Adami was the first and only person to testify in this trial. Eli Lilly couldn’t stand the heat!

Watch DES Daughter Caitlin McCarthy discuss the “Mike Tyson knockout punch” that Dr. Adami’s testimony delivered to Eli Lilly on CBS/WBZ-TV: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2013/01/09/drug-maker-settles-with-sisters-who-blame-cancer-on-pregnancy-drug/  for more media, read on… (more…)

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Caitlin McCarthyCaitlin McCarthy’s posts on the DES drug disgrace for this blog have been linked by the Huffington Post and read worldwide.  She will be reporting on the upcoming DES trial in Boston for our blog.

Caitlin received her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Emerson College.  An award-winning screenwriter at international film festivals and labs, Caitlin has two feature films in development: WONDER DRUG with producer/star Alysia Reiner; and RESISTANCE with director Si Wall. Caitlin is also partnering on writing/creating the TV series PASS/FAIL with Jim Forbes, a multiple Emmy, ALMA, AP and Golden Mic award-winning writer, producer, correspondent and narrator; and developing the TV series FREE SKATE with choreographer Michael Masionis. In addition to screenwriting, Caitlin serves as an English teacher at an inner-city public high school.

DES: More to the Story274_Logo_BreastCancerAware

By Caitlin McCarthy

DES: More to the Story
By Caitlin McCarthy
As you all know from this blogsite, the first historic DES breast cancer trial will take place at the John Joseph Moakley U.S. Courthouse in Boston, MA this January. Aaron Levine and Julie Oliver-Zhang of Aaron M. Levine & Associates will advocate on behalf of DES Daughters. About 20 lawyers will represent the drug companies, including Eli Lilly.
If you can be there in person to show your support for the plaintiffs, please do so. Currently, the trial is anticipated to last 3-4 weeks, starting on Tuesday, January 8, 2013. The hearings will likely begin at 9:00 a.m. and go until 4:30 p.m. each day, with lunch in between.
If you want any more information or feel you could help the case in any way, please call Aaron Levine’s office Toll Free at: 1-888-868-5380.
Below is the official press release:
jknknown j:images
DES Daughters Seek to Hold Eli Lilly Accountable for Breast Cancer in Historical Trial
On Tuesday, January 8, 2013, at 9:00 a.m., the attorneys of Aaron Levine & Associates will advocate on behalf of DES daughters in the first historical diethylstilbestrol (DES) breast cancer trial in Boston federal court. The case, Fecho v. Eli Lilly, seeks to hold pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly & Company responsible for negligently marketing DES, a mega-dose synthetic estrogen, as safe for use in pregnant women. Eli Lilly ignored studies published as early as the 1930s that reported the carcinogenic and teratogenic risks of DES, and rushed to market the drug as a miscarriage preventative without controlled testing. Because of their prenatal exposure to the drug, DES daughters are at a 105% increased risk of developing breast cancer beginning at age 40. By age 50, the risk of DES breast cancer increases to 285%.

The Melnick sisters, a family of four DES daughters from Pennsylvania, will be the first DES breast cancer case to be tried in court. The four Melnick sisters were all exposed to DES in utero and all suffered infertility as well as a host of signature DES reproductive tract abnormalities. All four sisters contracted breast cancer on or before the age of 50. (more…)

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Just look at their (reddened white) faces and you know why the GOP went down in flames.

This was the year when Angry White Men led Republicans into an epic fall and election year fail.

Witness The Donald, Rush & Rove.  Rush Limbaugh’s fire-breathing attacks on Sandra Fluke helped ignite a Republican ‘War on Women’ that drove away female voters in, well, droves.  Which rhymes (-ish) with ‘Rove’. kKarl Rove’s petulant election-night meltdown symbolized the GOP’s sullen unwillingness to face reality.  For their contributions to the GOP’s disgrace, Rush and Rove share ‘Dishonorable Mention’ this year.

rUnknown-1But for sheer ‘Celebrity Disgrace’ entertainment value. The Donald ‘trumps’ them all.

Or anyway, he wins blog-comment votes ‘by a hair,’ as Anti-Star puts it, adding: ‘And what hair!’

Indeed.  Upon reflection, The Donald seems to me to be the celebrity who has fallen the furthest and provided the most entertainment while doing so.

Incredible as it may seem now, around one year ago, The Donald was considered a serious Presidential prospect.  1024-donald-trump-october-surprise_full_600

Since then , his own thin skin and his increasingly shrill claims and demands aimed at President Obama have made him a symbol of a party, and a super-rich social class, run amok and run aground.

‘Congratulations’ to all– and onward into 2013.

(photos: motherjones.com, Googleimages)

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