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brownnknown-2The Oscarboknown-3 for Worst Performance by an Audience Member:

A TIE between surly sleepy-eyed John Boehner, stubbornly keeping his seat through President Obama’s spirited State of the Union, and sullen Chris Brown, slumped in his seat at the Grammys while the rest of the audience rose to their feet for rival R&Ber Frank Ocean.

baknown-1Speaker Boehner and President20130212_state-of-the-union2_33 Obama have not come to blows as Brown and Ocean reportedly did over a West Hollywood parking spot.  But Boehner radiated sour-grapes as he sat through Obama’s assured SOTU star-turn.

Republicans were left with little to cheer about.  Their own best hope for 2016, boyish Senator Marco Rubio, came across looking Not Ready for Prime Time as he side-lunged for his water bottle only moments into his over-hyped SOTU response.

adeleAs for rapper Brown, he had a fired-up Adele to contend with.  Alas, reports that the formidable British songstress was giving bully Brown a tongue lashing have been denied by Adele herself via Tweet.  Still, Brown facing firebrand Adele looks as sheepish and speechless as the GOP in general seem these days in the face of our re-elected ‘stand-up’ President, Barack Obama.

(photos: usmagazine.com, nydailynews, iamsupergorge.com, minnesotapublicradio.org)

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#Bqhatevwr : An incoherent word w/ ‘HATE’ in the middle; sums up many right-wing ‘thoughts’!  Good riddance & hate-whatever 2 u ScottBrown!

(my own late-nite Tweet re: Scott Brown)ScottBrown124-thumb-315x275-66046 sb5417693910_large_xlarge


In wine there is truth.  And possibly in late-nite ‘drunk Tweets’ as well.

Those of us in Massachusetts who endured Scott Brown’s mean-spirited and ultimately failed Senate race are not surprised to see the word ‘HATE’ pop up in Brown’s much-mocked Dark Night of the Soul tweet.

Yes, we all tap wrong keys at times– but for me, there was no mistaking the vicious level of real ‘hate’ in an anti-Warren website put up by the official Brown campaign last year that looked more like the work of a Cyber-Bully than a sitting Senator.

Complete with juvenile name-calling and distorted photos of Warren, the site attacked Warren’s character in strikingly personal terms.  Yes, Warren’s own campaign fought back hard, but it focussed on the issues and especially on Brown’s own voting record.

Note to the GOP: It’s the ‘HATE’ in the middle of many a muddled right-wing ‘thought’ that is turning off mainstream voters.

Along with many MA voters, I breathed a sigh of relief when Brown declared he would not run for the newly vacated Senate seat– an abrupt move that has angered many in his own party.  I hope the GOP candidates who do run will learn from Brown’s defeat that playing the ‘hate’ card of personal attacks tends to backfire.

Good riddance to hateful campaiging– and ‘bqhatevwr’ to Scott Brown.

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Asjkimages John Kerry stepped onto the world stage, seeming ‘happy at last,’ he joked that he had ‘big heels’ to fill.’  Kerry’s foreign policy expertise is widely known, but we on the blog know another side to him, revealed in the reprinted blog post below by DES activist and writer Caitlin McCarthy.  She describes working with both Kerry and former Senator Brown on a womens’ health issue of both national and international concern…
Caitlin McCarthyCaitlin McCarthy’s posts on the DES drug disgrace for this blog have been linked by the Huffington Post and read worldwide.  2013-02-02T002320Z_01_TOR406_RTRMDNP_3_OBAMA-NOMINATIONS-KERRY-RICE[1]She has appeared widely this year in MA and national media speaking out about DES.

Caitlin received her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Emerson College.  An award-winning screenwriter at international film festivals and labs, Caitlin has two feature films in development: WONDER DRUG with producer/star Alysia Reiner; and RESISTANCE with director Si Wall. Caitlin is also partnering on writing/creating the TV series PASS/FAIL with Jim Forbes, a multiple Emmy, ALMA, AP and Golden Mic award-winning writer, producer, correspondent and narrator; and developing the TV series FREE SKATE with choreographer Michael Masionis. In addition to screenwriting, Caitlin serves as an English teacher at an inner-city public high school.

FDA Letter Is National News (& It All Started Here)

February 24, 2011 by easearle

Coverage on the FDA letter in the Boston Globe
Our blog is proud that Caitlin McCarthy’s series of impassioned guest posts on the DES drug scandal has resulted in an important news-making letter of acknowledgement from the FDA about the DES tragedy.
The offices of Sen. John Kerry and Sen. Scott Brown have put out a joint national press release on the FDA letter, which was prompted in part by Caitlin’s posts on this blog and her request that readers contact Senators Brown and Kerry.

One of Caitlin’s DES posts for our blog was linked by theHuffington Post‘s own Diana Bianchini, who wrote about Caitlin and the DES apology effort, reaching a worldwide readership.  This week’s letter from the FDA breaks new ground and will have political and legal ramifications that are likely to help DES victims around the world.

Our thanks to all the readers who contacted the senators and to Caitlin for showing that one voice can make a difference.
(photos: Forbes.com, boston.com, GoogleImages)


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