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jbknown-1Matt Lauer of TODAY fame has made a career of seeming genial.  Justin Bieber was the nice Boy Next Door made good via his mom’s posts on YouTube.  Now Bieber may face prosecution for an alleged ‘spitting incident’ and Lauer finds himself fending off rumors he may be fired.images-2

Both find their careers in crisis at rising reports that these professional Nice Guys have a nasty side.

At least Bieber has his age as an excuse.  The young pop star’s latest not-so-nice behavior allegedly involved Bieber spitting at a couple who showed up at his mansion to complain about Bieber’s speeding in his gated community.

Matt Lauer didn’t spit at TODAY’s ousted Ann Curry, or not that we know of.  But this week reports have emerged that he just ‘didn’t like’ the blindsided Curry and may have pulled strings to have her removed, contrary to his denials.  Lauer’s all important likability ratings are sliding.lauer-curry

What does all this have to do with not-so-nice Bankers?  Once respected and trusted, Wall Street bankers and investors find themselves under fire for bad behavior from firebrand truth-tellers like Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Our resident wit Litotes summed up their collective chagrin when petulant reports of ‘tensions’ between JP Morgan and regulators emerged.  In his quote, Litotes adds a prescription that should apply to outa-control stars as well:

Well duh, there should be “tensions” between a regulator and the vampire squid it’s trying to regulate. “Tensions” as in “If you break the law, buddy, you’re going to jail”.

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IMG_2722Erin Lynn Violette is a recent graduate from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast MFA program in Creative Writing. She currently lives in Hollywood with her husband Ryan, and their spirited dog Abbey.   As HOLLYWOOD CORRESPONDENT for this blog, Erin gives us an up-close and personal view of THE OSCARS.

‘THE OSCARS’: Close Up by Erin Lynn Violette 

OscarsBillboardSo the Oscars have come and gone, but I have to sayBenAffleck this year they’ve left a big impression on me. It could have been because this was New England’s year with Connecticut born Seth MacFarlane hosting, and Boston native Ben Affleck taking Best Picture for Argo. But I think it had more to do with living locally and witnessing all that goes into the preparations for such an extravagant event.


Security Check Point

Security Check Point

~Of course it’s too easy to get caught up in all the glitz and glamour, but a lot has to be said of the weeks of meticulous preparation, and the high security detail that took over several blocks of Hollywood Boulevard, and all this for the sake of honoring movies. And then what took nearly a month for the Academy and Dolby Theatre to set up had literally disappeared overnight. Right down to the Oscar billboards, which had been replaced with the old standard – Sofía Vergara smooching up to a can of Diet Pepsi (she’s 40 and clearly fabulous by the way).

Selma Hayek wins Erin's favorite hair-do!

Selma Hayek wins Erin’s favorite hair-do!

~At first I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how they pull this off.

Erin loves Jane Fonda's 'Dynasty' look!

Erin loves Jane Fonda’s ‘Dynasty’ look!

I tried to imagine how they got all these celebrities inside. I thought perhaps limos simply pulled up to the curb depositing celebrities at the front of the Dolby Theatre where a slender red carpet, much like the yellow brick road, led them to their destination inside. Let me tell you, it made much more sense that they blocked of the section of Hollywood Boulevard in front of the theater, set up security check points for everyone entering the ceremony, laid out a red carpet that covered the blocked off street and entrances, and placed bleachers along the street on the way into the theater.

The Bleachers

The Bleachers

~The bleachers are where 700 hundred lucky people get to sit and watch the celebrities as they arrive. And! Tickets to sit in the bleachers are available when you enter a lottery to win them. This year the lottery opened on September 24, 2012, and closed on November 16th with winners being announced later that month. So mark your calendars and look into this next year. The process is simple. Just sign up to be an Oscars insider at www.oscars.org/insider and bookmark the site. (more…)

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