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rwUnknownAnne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow and the recently arrested Reese  Witherspoon — what do these A-List leading ladies have in common besides beauty, talent and Oscars?  All three  lately are being– to different degrees– ‘hated on.’RWnknown-1

Hating Anne Hathaway started as a strange Tweet trend that surged just at Hatheway’s moment of triumph, winning an Oscar for her critically acclaimed performance in Les Miz.  Hathaway’s ‘crimes’?  Her haircut?  Her teary-eyed actressy demeanor?  Just being herself, apparently, is crime enough to her detractors.  ahUnknown-1“The only thing worse than Anne Hathaway is Anne Hathaway crying,” one Hathaway-hating Tweet-er ‘explained.’

It used to be that movie star fame, while high pressure, insulated stars from the slings and arrows of outraged fans.  Not to mention from officers of the law.

Reese Witherspoon must have been going by ‘old school’ movie star rules when she foolishly mouthed off to a policeman.  Consequences are still unfolding despite Witherspoon’s quick and contrite public apology.  Given Witherspoon’s carefully cultivated ‘good girl’ image, she had best brace for a firestorm as she topples from her pedestal into the virtual Roman Collesium of Hate Games.

UnknownAnd Gwyneth Paltrow?  Perhaps her case is the most puzzling of all.  PEOPLE Magazine just named her the ‘most beautiful’ celebrity woman.  But what did this golden girl star do to deserve almost simultaneously winning ‘Most Hated Celebrity’ in an online poll?  Was it naming her baby ‘Apple’?  Publishing a book of health-foody kiddie recipes?  Or was it just being too beautiful and too successful at too young an age, married to a rock star and mom to boot.

Is Gwyneth also targeted for hating because she, like Reese W., is not now quite as young and shiny new?  Are we tossing these dolls aside like slightly battered Barbies?   Do our own Twitter-ized youths really have nothing better to do than to ‘hate on’ Hathaway, Paltrow, no-doubt soon on Reese W. and who knows who next?

(photos: cnn.com, crushable.com, eonline.com, Google images)

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