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UPDATE: Royal Baby Pics !  And thanks to Roberta for this link to ‘rudest letters to fans from celebs…

KATE DELIVERS An Error-Free Reign & a King-Sized Future King

Somewhere on high, Di is smiling.

Jackie Kennedy famously observed that if you screw up your kids, nothing else matters.  For all her famous faults, Di’s warm and down-to-earth mothering seems to be paying off, at least with her beloved ‘Wills.’photos-royal-baby-princess-diana-nursery.sl.11.kate-middleton-royal-nursery-ss01

Prince William has chosen well in his future Queen.  Continuing her error-free reign in England and in the larger kingdom of celebrity, Kate remains as gracefully surefooted as when she sailed through her pregnancy in sexy high heels and a sensible yet stunning wardrobe.

“It will be a boy,” I predicted confidently to my husband midway through Princess Kate’s labor.  “Because Kate always does her job perfectly.”  A sexist sentiment, admittedly, but who can doubt that in jolly Olde England, pints are being hoisted a bit higher today with the future of the monarchy in the no-doubt chubby hands of the new 8-lb-plus Prince?

With racy sister Pippa on hand to ‘take the heat’ from Fleet Street, Kate is on a Phil Mickelson-level roll.  BTW, my own prediction of a name for the strapping baby boy born today is– given William and Katherine’s respect for tradition and the failing health of William’s grandfather– ‘PHILLIP.’

Can it be that the long-running Royal soap opera has produced not only a hardy heir to their historic  throne but a rare celeb-era  ‘happy ending’?

(photos: vanityfair.com; Googleimages)

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weiner11n-3“Celebrity trumps all,” I said to my husband when he reported Anthony Weiner to be leading in recent NYC Mayor race primary polls.  “Plus,” I added, “he does have a beautiful wife.”120719_huma_abedin_lede_ap_328

But is that all that’s up with the ‘disgraced’ Weiner’s potentially Big Comeback in the Big Apple?  What other factors are at work here?  This is NY, of course, where popular mayor Rudy Guillianni was married multiple times, enjoyed dressing in drag at parties and divorced one wife via Press Conference.

Yet beyond NY’s bad-as-we-wanna-be factor, there are several ‘hidden’ groups of voters Weiner may be tapping…

*The Internet Porn Consumer Constiuency: Internet sex play and porn is a booming business.  No doubt many secret porn-consumers and/or creators may be eager to vote for one of their own, seeing a possible Weiner win as a tactic endorsement by the general public of dirty doings online.

*The I-Screwed-Up Big-Time-Too Constituency: Who could not feel a pang of secret sympathy for hang-dog Weiner the day of his infamous resignation press conference?  And for his beautiful brainy wife, pregnant, returning from an overseas trip to find her home surrounded by tabloid photographers and her hubby’s career seemingly in shreds?  Who among us has not screwed up royally and wished– as Huma Weiner must have learned firsthand from the Masters, Bill and Hillary Clinton– to turn things around with a splashy Comeback?

wUnknown*The We-Are-The-Weiners– ie, all voters saddled with ‘laughable’ last names.  Late-nite comics admitted at the time that the Weiner scandal wouldn’t have blown up so big if Anthony had been a ‘Smith.’  How many voters were teased over their own last names and long to see a woe-begone Weiner win?

Maybe Weiner’s travails have made this super-ambitious and aggressive politician more relatable.  But can Weiner win back voters, in the end?  WDYT?

(photos: nydailynews.com, esquire.com, politico.com)

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