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mednknownLOU REED: The Trouble with Classicistsbottomdrawer

by Litotes


I only like a few choice Lou Reed tracks.  But even if every single one sounded like a train wreck in hell, I would still be immeasurably indebted to him.


Basically, he saved me from 40 years of Beatles soundalikes, Beatles wannabes, revived dead zombie Beatles, holographic Beatles, reincarnated Beatles, etc etc, ad nauseam.  Lou-Reed_2578706b


I do love the Beatles.  But “the future is to change and to change you gotta destroy”.  (Lou didn’t say those exact words, but he played every one, and he played them f&&king loud.)

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A GOMES HOMER MOMENT by Elizabeth Searle

gnknown-1 onknown mmages-1 emages“Ya gotta love baseball,” Brad Pitt as Billy Beane says in MONEY BALL– and even a fair-weather Sox fan like me knows what he means when we get a Gomes Homer Moment.

In my book, Jonny Gomes’ spectacular three-run homer in a must-win game for the Sox rivals the famous winning run by an injured Kirk Gibson which years ago my husband woke me up from a sound sleep to see.  My husband, no more a true ball fan than I am, had been idly watching the Series that night and sensed a great moment arising when Gibson on his bad knees hobbled up to the plate.

With Gomes, the Moment came out of nowhere.  Struggling with 0-9 batting, Gomes wasn’t even supposed to be in the Game but was slipped in due to an injured player.  As a sportswriter noted this morning, you could hear a ‘collective groan’ from Boston as Jonny Gomes gamely stepped up to bat in the sixth inning with two players on base and a tie game.

No one looked more stunned than the boyish bearded Gomes himself when he cracked the ball out of the park.  Watching Gomes bound round the bases, a boy-man living his wildest dream, I found myself tearing up and cheering– and wishing I’d woken my sleeping husband upstairs to experience it with me.

The Boston Globe summed it all up today when Christopher L Gasper wrote:

It was the biggest hit of the game, and like an earthquake shifted the landscape of the series….There will be another baseball game played at Fenway Park this year, and we have Jonny Gomes to thank.

As my husband noted, a Moment like this shifts the ‘Mo’ of an individual series.  But it does more than that.  The great baseball moments– like any great public moment of drama that we wake up our spouses to see– live on.

A Gomes Homer Moment.  His ecstatic teammates surrounded him, one pulling hard on Gomes’ beard as if to wake him up and show him this was in fact no dream.  The modest Gomes later told interviewers that he had only hoped to be ‘in the box’ last night.

Asked about the beard-pulling, Gomes replied with a grin that ‘the boys’ had indeed pulled his beard pretty hard.  “But by that point I wasn’t feeling anything!”

Watching the Gomes Homer on TV from my home near Boston, I was.

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In the face of recent tragic teacher murders, we thank a real teacher for speaking out in this Guest Post.

Remember the Teachers

By A. Nonymous timages-1

“Teaching has turned into a dangerous job.”

I heard this from a fellow teacher today while walking towards my inner city classroom.  And she’s right. Teaching *has* turned deadly. This week alone, a male teacher in Sparks, NV was gunned down by a 12-year-old middle school student  and a female teacher in Danvers, MA was beaten and murdered by a 6’2” freshman.

We all know about the other school tragedies over the years.

It’s gotten to the point that we’re not shocked by “breaking news” at a school. We just want to know *where* the violence happened, in case we know one of the victims.

timagesReporters often talk about grief counselors being made available to the students of a school after an “incident.” But they almost *never* mention the teachers getting counseling – and that’s a mistake.

Teachers suffer deeply after violence erupts at their place of work. When a school reopens after an “incident,” they’re expected to hold it together for the children because “that’s their job.”

But teachers are afraid, as they should be. Let’s be honest: Who’s committing the acts of violence? Students.

An honest teacher will tell you that he/she worries that a tragedy will occur at his/her school someday.  We love our students, but at the same time, we all wonder: Is one of *my* kids capable of unpredictable violence?

So teachers not only contend with a hostile environment created by education reform and society’s disrespect for the profession, now they have to worry about dying on the job – at the hands of the very students they educate.

I’m not asking anyone to break out a little violin for the plight of teachers. But I *am* asking people to remember the teachers whenever there’s a tragedy at a school. It’s not just about the children. The adults get traumatized, too.

The next time you hear someone criticizing “greedy teachers” during union contract negotiations…or “bad teachers” during education reform debates….or “lazy teachers” because they get summers off….or “stupid teachers” because they dare to address a student issue and the parent/guardian doesn’t like hearing the truth about their “perfect angel”…

…remember that these “greedy, bad, lazy, and stupid” teachers are suddenly called “heroes” when they take a bullet for a student.

It’s telling that we hear about teacher heroics again, and again, and AGAIN after a tragedy.

But those teachers were always there, in that classroom, before the “incident.” We just didn’t consider them, until it was too late to say thanks.

P.S. My school system doesn’t allow teachers to speak with the press about “incidents,” which is why this post does not feature my name.

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In the face of the truly disgraceful shut-down of our government, we turn to our blog’s resident political commentator Ol’ Bill.  Thanks Ol’ Bill for these words of wisdom…


President Obama was twice elected promising smart reforms and progressive legislation.But he has been largely sabotaged by Congressional partisans who reject  constructive negotiations, compromise and the positive suggestions normally expected of the “Loyal” Opposition.

ibmagesInstead, Republicans repeatably confronted the President with racist tinged character assassination and eight years of blocked legislation, culminating recently in the catastrophic collapse of vital governmental services at a cost of untold billions of public and private dollars.

It’s past time for ordinary voters who twice elected President Obama to ask the obvious question about his congressional opponents: When does the “loyal” opposition become downright “disloyal?”unknown

Perhaps when legislative saboteurs disavow paying for legislation they already passed? Maybe when budgeted vital funding for disabled veterans, poverty stricken kids and elderly is disrupted by tax cuts for rich folk? Or even when a Democratic president adopts conservative competitive market principles to break the 75 year deadlock denying millions of citizens affordable healthcare? And most certainly when Republican zealots finally fashion a legislative bargaining chip to “shut down” the constitutional government they are sworn to preserve and protect!

oimages-1Some day in the future, America’s noble 300 year experiment in representative democracy may be faced with permanent catastrophic failure due to the success of massive irrational political pettiness.The destructive precedent has already been set.

When has crippling congressional disloyalty clearly become treasonous? If not yet, when?


Oct 20, 2013

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frank-and-son_2690670bSay it IS so.  Ronan Farrow was always too good for Daddy Dearest Woody Allen.

Back when Woody Allen was setting a new low for Hollywood style parenting, Frank Sinatra allegedly made an offer to his former wife Mia Farrow that he’d break both Allen’s legs.

Years later, it looks like Ol’Blue Eyes may have managed a more magestic revenge worthy of the Chairman of the Board.

As compassionate as he is handsome and brilliant, Ronan Farrow is a rising star in big-time Humanitarian and political endeavors.   The famously selfish and neurotic Woody Allen– humiliating Mia Farrow and ripping apart their extended family when he ran off with her adopted daughter– apparently served as little more than an anti-role-model.8C9251212-tdy-131002-sinatra-farrow-03.blocks_desktop_tease

Rhodes Scholar Ronan seems to have maintained a total estrangement from Allen, TWEETing recently that Father’s Day in his house was also Brother-in-Law day.

Now it looks like Allen may have to settle for lowly Brother-in-Law, if Mia Farrow’s bombshell revelation is true.  A picture is worth a thousand words– and a pair of piercing blue eyes speaks volumes.  But some see the Woody gene for wit in Ronan Farrow’s hilarious Tweet: “Listen, we’re all ‘possibly’ Frank Sinatra’s son.”

Whoever’s son you are: you go, Ronan!

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