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Ophoto 3OBAMA IS IN THE HOUSE by Elizabeth Searle & her Friend on the Faculty

My son and I were happy to get to watch our Presdent Barack Obama speak at Worcester Technical High School’s graduation June 11th. Even in a crowd of 5000, we felt he was speaking just to us.

Our friend on the faculty (who kindly got us our tickets) files this ‘insider’ report on the big day:

** “The Secret Servicemen were not only nice, but surprisingly handsome. Watching them walk back and forth helped the female teachers pass the time backstage.”

**”Watching my junior student Lois Dwira sing the National Anthem and then get hugged by the President was a major highlight for me. She is such a lovely young woman. I’m thrilled that she was part of such an incredible event.”

Obama bonds with the student who introduced him.

Obama bonds with the student who introduced him.

**”All of the graduates were beyond excited to shake the President’s hand after receiving their diplomas. Many of the students hugged him. Several students cried. From my seat, it was clear that this touched the President. He gave those students an extra big squeeze, which made me think, You truly *get* kids. That’s great to see in a president.”

Cheers to Worcester Technical High! In the ‘disgrace’ that is our underfunded public education system, this school stands out as a success. Obama captured that can-do spirit at the lively graduation. As a voice shouted from the crowd: “OBAMA IS IN THE HOUSE!” We were thrilled to be in the house with him.

(Photos shared by our teacher on the scene to Elizabeth Searle)

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