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DARYL HANNAH: One Year Later; A New Face for Autsim Awareness by Scott Lentine, with Elizabeth Searle

One year ago, Daryl Hannah boldly became a public face for Autism.  Author and Autism activist Scott Lentine had this update to add to his comments a year ago:

Singing Star SUSAN BOYLE

Singing Star SUSAN BOYLE

” Within the past year, numerous celebrities have forward with their diagnoses of autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. In September 2013, Daryl Hannah revealed her diagnosis to People Magazine after years of much speculation by the press.

Not long after Daryl Hannah’s interview, Scottish singer Susan Boyle disclosed her diagnosis of Asperger’s to the public. Having these stars come out of their inner shells about their status on the autism spectrum will help bring autism issues to the forefront of the public in the coming years.”

Thanks to SCOTT LENTINE for the update and for his words below, from September of 2013:

Because I taught autistic students for several years as a Special Ed. aide, I was moved by Daryl Hannah’s recent announcement that she has struggled with Autism.

I decided to ask fellow writer and Autism activist Scott Lentine for his reaction.dhUnknown

Scott had this to say:

I posted that link on my wall since Daryl Hannah is perhaps the noteworthy Hollywood celebrity on the spectrum. I know for a few years that she was somewhere on the higher end of the spectrum. As a person with high-functioning autism, this announcement from Daryl H. mean a lot to me since Hollywood hasn’t always accurately pictured autism in the movies, with “Rain Man” and “Temple Grandin” so far being the best movies about autism. In general, Hollywood is still lagging behind on autism compared to the other social issues they have tackled over the century. Personally, from Daryl, I have enjoyed Splash, Wall Street, Roxanne, Blade Runner, and the Kill Bill movies. Perhaps, someday, Daryl Hannah could get invited to autism functions across the U.S., including at AANE in Watertown.”

Hope that Daryl Hannah hears Scott and other voices in the Autism community urging her to keep speaking out and stepping out as a new and beautiful face  in the forefront of Autsim awareness.

Cheers and thanks to Scott Lentine, who blogs at:


(photo: Independent.com via GoogleImages)

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SEPT. 8, 2014: In honor of today’s International Day of Readings for Edward Snowden, I re-post:


by Litotes

~Should we expect our public servants not to lie about what they’re doing in our name?
~Should we expect our public servants to stop doing something if we tell them to?  (As opposed to simply renaming the program and carrying on?)
~If whistleblowers are supposed to tell their bosses, and Snowden did that, what was he supposed to do next?
~Why did the US government feel it necessary to reassure the world it wasn’t going to torture Snowden?
~What would it take to get someone to leave a pole-dancing girlfriend and a cushy six-figure job in Hawaii?
~If the bad guys already know they are being watched, exactly what did Snowden leak that would prevent the NSA from doing its job?
~Is there anything in the “we need a haystack for our needle” argument beyond – duh – “if we knew everything we could catch every bad guy”?  That justifies hoovering how, exactly?
nsaimages~How do we know the NSA doesn’t classify some things, not because they need to be secret, but only because they’re embarrassing?
~If Obama came into office wanting more government transparency, exactly how did the NSA change his mind?
~If the Internet is compromised, what does the NSA use instead when it wants to do secret stuff?
(photos: GoogleImages, AP.com, businessinsider.com)

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