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Does anyone really believe that all cabinet members of the email era constantly turned over ‘all’ private emails relating to their job?  I support Elizabeth Warren for President myself.

But I oppose unbalanced outrage directed at Hillary Clinton.  Many former cabinet members including Colin Powell could be found in ‘violation’ of this new email ‘law’– which despite early reports did not exist as law when Hillary was in office.hcimages In October of 2014, when President Obama created a law that ordered officials to turn in any (undeleted) emails related to state business, Hillary Clinton was the only former SOS to actually turn in her emails: some 50 thousand. Do we now want cabinet officials to wear a wire 24/7 to make sure they never have a private conversation about their work life? I don’t know about Hillary, but I already feel weary of the Witch-Hunt tactics that will ensue if she runs again.  Hillary was speaking about international womens’ issues at the UN when she was mobbed by masses of reporters smelling scandal and pressing Hillary with questions on her email server.  One final question of my own: why is there always an extra level of scrutiny and bias and bile directed at her? (photo: time.com; GoogleImages)

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