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donald-trumpTRUMPed: Can Celebrity Nation Escape the President We Deserve?

Update: and here’s one more reason we need to escape our Trumped fate; Hillary is vindicated; she saw it coming that Trump’s Muslim comments are used to recruit terrorists.

In a nation where celebrity ‘trumps’ all, we deserve The Donald we may wind up electing.  Can we escape that fate?  Half the country now states they’d be ’embarrassed’ by a Trump presidency.  His latest foray into toilet jokes and sexist slurs might please his crowds, but women make up over half the voting populace.  Many of us are sick of arrogant men running down women– and running this country.

Frank Bruni points out in his Dec. 26 NYT column that Donald Trump’s ‘disgust’ over Hillary Clinton’s bathroom break is but the tip of the ‘icky’ iceberg in Trump’s juvenile obsession with female bodily fluids.  He famously mocked Megyn Kelly as ‘bleeding’ from unnamable organs and allegedly screamed at a woman in a meeting who left to pump breastmilk that she was ‘disgusting,’

To state the obvious, Donald is the one who embodies the D-word– not only ‘Disgusting’ but ‘Disgraceful.’  For his capital-D  Dissing of women, Muslims, Mexicans and much more, Trump trumps all other candidates for Disgraced Celebrity of 2015 (his second time claiming this prize!).

dtimagesEarlier this year on this blog, Luis Luque described The Donald as “a myth, a legend, a reality TV star, a corporation, a misogynist, a prognosticator, a Twitter feed, a brand, a bully, a braggart, a boor, a ratings bonanza, a bombastic billionaire buffoon blinded by ego, a bloviating blowhard for the entertainment of the blogosphere, a bumbling big-mouthed businessman blundering back and forth between banks and bankruptcy, and perhaps most surprising of all, a serious presidential candidate—at least in the minds of people fooled by what they think sounds like blunt talk about important issues.”idtmages-1

Penny2 offers this New Years Wish/Curse for the GOP:

“I am just partisan enough to wish Cruz on the Republicans for the supreme pleasure of watching Hillary wipe the floor with him.  I am not partisan enough to wish Trump on them.  Let’s not give one more second of media time to his awful musings.”

Thanks, Penny and Luis.  As Will Ferrell as George W. Bush observed on SNL, the GOP voters do not want someone who knows how to govern.  They want someone who is ‘Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs‘… Our country is irreversibly and certifiably Cukoo for Celebrities.  We made Trump what he is today. Will we make him President as well?

(photos, Washington Post, Daily Beast, via Google Images)

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