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UGLY TRUMP: Women Hear What You Are Saying

images-1“Women hear what Donald Trump is saying.” This was candidate Carly Fiorina’s simple dignified debate response to Donald Trump’s ugly mocking of her face. The GOP debate crowd roared with cheers. It was Fiorina’s best campaign moment. And it made Fiorina perhaps the only political player this season to land a punch on The Donald. Until Heidi Cruz.

I’m no fan of Ted Cruz– but as a middle-aged woman, I am repelled by Trump’s ugly unwarranted attack on Heidi Cruz and her appearance. However offended Trump was by the snide super-PAC ad on his super-model wife, he had no right to mock Heidi Cruz for not looking like a model herself.

imagesThe smart attractive Ms. Cruz responded with grace and restraint in the eye of the Twitter tornado. Up to 75% of US women already have an unfavorable impression of Trump. Let’s see how high that number climbs post-Heidi.  There’s only one ugly person in this picture and that’s The Donald.images-1

Regarding his repulsive words and actions, to paraphrase Fiorina: women hear exactly what Trump is saying.  And female voters in November from both parties will likely be voting for Hillary, maybe thanks in part to Heidi.  For once, I agree with Ted Cruz. “Leave Heidi the Hell alone.”

UPDATE: after what HuffPost aptly called ‘a particularly ignoble week’ in the GOP race, Ted Cruz and Trump seem locked in a race to the bottom: who can limbo lowest?

(images: mediaite, GoogleImages)

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