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SOAP OPERA CONFIDENTIAL: Writers & Soap Insiders on Why We’ll Tune in Tomorrow as the World Turns Restlessly by the Guiding Light of our LivesCo-Edited by Elizabeth Searle & Suzanne Strempek Shea

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In this new Soapy anthology, writers and ‘soap insiders’ discuss their shared love of Soap Operas!  This book features authors like bestsellers Elinor Lipman and Ann Hood and Leigh Montville and Suzanne Strempek Shea, author-actress Marianne Leonne, soap icons Thorsten Kaye and Soap writer/actress Louise Shaffer, editors from Soaps in Depth plus Celebs in Disgrace blogger, me!

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(photos: Helen Peppe; Thorsten Kaye: GoogleImages; CBS.com)

Elizabeth and Suzanne are co-editors and Soap Fan soul sisters

Thorsten Kaye, star of The Bold & The Beautiful and contributor to SOAP OPERA CONFIDENTIAL



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We welcome back star blog commentator Penny2, who highlights an under-reported aspect of a true and rapidly unfolding national disgrace. THANK YOU Penny2, truth-teller.

1000 Targeted Bots in 3 States
by Penny2
The three states invaded by the 1000 bots were Michigan, Pennsylvania and
Wisconsin.  Faced with a new scandal every day–who bribed Hillary and how
she has Parkinson’s disease–she may never have had a chance, even if she
had camped out in those three states.

Then Trump spent the Sunday before the election in Wisconsin and
Monday in Michigan (and the more obvious Pennsylvania).

I am a Facebook friend of a woman named Amy Siskind who has been an
articulate Hillary defender for a long time. She posted several times on Thursday as each new development came in.

And I found one comment posted on her thread particularly compelling.  A Michigan resident explained
how she saw people go from quite persuadable to “never
Hillary” in just a couple of fateful days. Of course Comey changed
everything with his press conference too.  I wonder if there was ever a
consideration to turn that into a “fair and balanced” press conference
maligning BOTH Trump and Hillary?  Or to not hold it at all because he was
never allowed to publicize the Russia investigation?  This was probably one
of the most significant decisions ever made by the FBI with world-altering

I also found an essay from Rachel Maddow particularly compelling a few
days ago too.  She painted a picture of what it was like to post
pro-Hillary, to be responded to with vitriol and pornography. As a woman
who carries her phone around at work all day, the pornography would be
particularly terrifying. Not that you’re such a shrinking violet you can’t
see it yourself, but that a coworker or client might see it over your
shoulder and what they might think of you.

It’s quite obvious why the Pantsuit Nation women went private, removing
Pro-Hillary posts from the general populace who were instead receiving fake
news story after fake news story after fake news story about who was
bribing this ‘bitch.’ She never had a chance.

Some famous early internet person was recently quoted as saying that
there’s a wonderful system of rating the truthfulness of travel sites. He
commented that they should be used for news sites. It’s an interesting
concept, but one that people who subscribe in their hearts to fake news
will never buy into because, you know, who gets to decide what the truth
is? There is no trusted Walter Cronkite anymore.

It’s interesting to imagine being a person on the other side right now.  On
our side we’re seeing the internet as a powerful enemy of the truth in the
last days of the election and we’re seeing it as a useful tool for
mobilizing the resistance right now, without which Obamacare would not have
been protected. But if you’re a person who was taken in by one of the
Thousand Bots, I wondering what you’re going through right now.  Buyer’s
remorse?  Embarrassment that you were taken in by stories planted by a
Russian who wanted to pull us out of NATO?  Or do you double down and say
it was the truth that you believed and now it’s fake news that it was never
true in the first place?


photos: GoogleImages— slate.com; vancouversun.com; pcworld.com


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