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Coming in July from McFarland Books!  Check this page for updates & more…

“IDOL TALK: Women Writers on the Teenage Infatuations That Changed Their Lives.”

NOW AVAILABLE from McFarland & Company:

What began as a fun email exchange between writers Elizabeth Searle and Tamra Wilson has become the first-ever collection of essays about teen idols by some of America’s most fabulous female writers including Ann Hood, Marianne Leone, Leslea Newman, Hank Phillippi Ryan, BA Shapiro, Suzanne Strempek Shea, Susan Straight, Dolen Perkins Valdez, Stephanie Powell Watts, Oprah Book choice Breena Clarke and more.  

Foreword by Peter Noone, Herman of Herman’s Hermits.  BREAKING NEWS on PETER NOONE: Peter’s new song with Red Button — OOH, GIRL — has hit the charts in the UK!

IDOL TALK will invite readers to a Ya-Ya Sisterhood-type pajama party as authors share “true confessions” of their own celebrity obsessions. Included are deeply personal musings about such stars as Elvis, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson and Davy Jones as well as some nontraditional idols including Bobby Orr, Baryshnikov, Humphrey Bogart and Raymond Burr and more.

IDOL TALK will bring back memories, stir up new thoughts and trigger frank talk about many a woman’s “first love,” her teen idol.

Watch our IDOL TALK page here on the blog for more.   And See: McFarland Books 

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Avenatti is a Hottie: And Other Reasons to Love the Guy Who Just Might Save America

Er, does anyone else think that ‘Stormy Daniels’ attorney is smoking hot?  Michael Avenatti, Esq. has Trump and co. on the run.




~If Avenatti ever gets the two-hour interrogation he wants with Trump himself, nothing will be left but the orange hair.

Even the New York Times thinks Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels), may be the one to bring down the Donald.  If so, she had an able assist from her telegenic ace Attorney.

Reasons enough to love the guy.  But I can think of a few more:

1. Avenatti is a Hottie.

Ol’ Blue Eyes has nothing on this blue-eyed Italian Stallion, whose law office motto is ‘Basta!’

2. Avenatti trumps Trumpsters  

Avenatti regularly outsmarts– and out-shouts– Team Trump.  Even Fake News purveyors acknowledge the guy is a ‘real lawyer.’


3. Trump can’t fire him

as Avenatti himself has pointed out–  one of M. Avenatti’s many quotable quotes. 

4. Anenatti spices up MSNBC

My diet of MSNBC comfort food is spicier these days thanks to frequent guest Avenatti.  Joy Reid wants him to be her personal attorney and so do I!

5. Avenatti just may save America

This dude races cars and he is heading toward Donald Trump at about 120 mph.

Avenatti likes to point out that Al Capone was not brought down for murder but for tax evasion.  Could it be that Avenatti and Stormy have found the route to bringing an end, at last, to Trump’s reign of corruption, terror and unsigned NDAs?


(photos: GoogleImages, msnbc.com, cnn.com, SI.com)


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