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The Redefinition of Donald Trump

By Luis M. Luque

Luque PhotoLuis M. Luque is still struggling to finish his first novel. He served as a U.S. Navy mass communications specialist for 20 years and now works as a writer-editor. He is also a 2010 graduate of the Stonecoast MFA program. He and his wife, Vera, live in Newnan, Georgia.

Americans and people everywhere have always lied. To lie is to make a claim you know to be false, to intentionally deceive. We’ve done that since the dawn of time. unknown-1Imagine the tales concocted to persuade the pharaohs to try to secure their immortality by burying themselves inside giant pyramids. Consider the rich detail of Greek mythology. Try to develop a magician’s act without lies. Tell me a fairytale that’s 100 percent true. As long as people have thought lying could gain them money, advantage, sex, attention, whatever, they lied. They distorted, deceived, exaggerated, concealed, omitted, ignored, stretched, deflected, prevaricated, misdirected, redirected, deemphasized, reemphasized, reimagined, and invented. Whatever you call it, it’s a lie, and we’ve all told whoppers.

But to people who believe we have just recently emerged into a post-fact world and disgustedly point to the cascade of lies vomited from the mouth of one Donald J. Trump as proof, I would only say it’s not that Trump lies more or that he lies worse or more blatantly, it’s that his lies are so easily proven to be lies that disgusts us most. He’s a terrible liar. He lies like a 4-year-old. unknownTrump lies because he doesn’t know or care about truth. Truth is irrelevant to his existence. He has redefined the entire notion. If Trump says something, it’s true, period. It must be true. And if someone disagrees with Trump, well, obviously that someone is lying. It’s that colossal arrogance that is new to the American political scene, the arrogance to completely disregard truth and facts and objectivity on any level, in fact to redefine those words, the willingness to present with a straight face the world according to Trump, and to ferociously attack those who disagree with his presentation.

Checking the veracity of any significant claim in a Trump speech is pointless. You know he’s lying immediately. During a rally in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, October 10, Trump was going on one of his typical rants about how Americans and the United States don’t win anymore because the rest of the world has surpassed us. “It’s like you have to be a grand chess master,” he said. “And we don’t have any of them.” This was news, of course, to the 90 grandmasters (the correct term) living or playing for the United States, third most in the world behind longtime chess powerhouse Russia (234) and barely behind Germany (91). Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov commented on the timeliness of Trump’s comment in a comical tweet: “Proud to see Trump knows as little about chess as anything else. Team USA just won gold at the Chess Olympiad!” This was quite an achievement, by the way, considering Team USA placed above Russia, China, Ukraine and other perennial chess powers to win gold at the event for the first time in 80 years.

So, he has no idea and doesn’t care about chess or grandmasters. Big deal. That’s not important. That wasn’t a lie. He was exaggerating for effect. Who gives a damn about chess!

First of all, no need to shout. I can hear you from here. I was merely providing you an example of how easily Trump’s claims are proven false. Let’s take another recent example. A couple of days after his second debate with Hillary Clinton, Trump tweeted: “Despite winning the second debate in a landslide (every poll), it is hard to do well when Paul Ryan and others give zero support!”

“Every poll.” Four national scientific polls declared Clinton the winner of the second debate by an average of 13 percentage points, 47.5 to 34.5. In fact, no scientific poll declared Trump the winner. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Not one single scientific poll. Now, if losing by an average of 13 percent in four polls represents a landslide victory to Trump, then he has redefined “winning,” too. He will likely “win” the election under his definition. I’m sure he’ll continue to claim he “won” even as Clinton is taking the oath of office. Continue Reading »

Lisa Borders is the author of two novels, The Fifty-First State (Engine Books, 2013) and Cloud Cuckoo Land, the winner of River City Publishing’s Fred Bonnie Award for Best First Novel. Cloud Cuckoo Land also received fiction honors in the 2003 Massachusetts Book Awards. Lisa lives in the Boston area and teaches at Grub Street, where she leads the Novel Generator program. Find out more about her work at www.lisaborders.com.

On Hope and Hillary
by Lisa Borders

All of my life, I have been told I talked too much, too loudly, had too many opinions and should keep them to myself. The grammar school bullies taunted me for being “smart” and using “big words” – while the boy who was my chief academic rival was popular, admired.hcknown
In almost every job I’ve ever had, I’ve been told at some point that I came on too strong, or was too aggressive, or too emotional. I’ve been accused of not being a team player because I advocated for myself the way a man would. It wears us out, the jockeying and calculating, the attempts to calibrate what percentage of a woman’s thoughts and ideas men (and sometimes, sadly, other women) will tolerate our sharing.


imagesMaybe that’s why I was crying when I saw Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. Because I’ve watched her go through everything I’ve gone through – and then some. Every hateful thing that’s been said of her has registered to me as a personal attack. I’m not saying she’s immune to critique because she’s female; she’s far from perfect, just like every other politician. I’m talking about the level of vitriol, the nastiness towards her. It’s an exaggerated version of what we women all deal with on a smaller scale, every damn day.


The world felt like it shifted a little this week – for the better. What a surprising thing, to feel a sliver of hope in such a bitter time.


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“I don’t want to die,” Prince proclaimed in 1999, “I’d rather dance my life away.”

"My name is Prince, and I am funky. My name is Prince, the one and only."

My name is Prince, and I am funky. My name is Prince, the one and only.”

It will take time to determine the cause of superstar Prince’s untimely death.  But there is no doubt that Prince gave his all to his music and his fans.  Sadly, new reported speculation points to the possible role in his death of powerful pain medications the dynamic 57 year old performer allegedly may have used to keep ‘dancing like it’s 1999.’

Famously, the Prince of Pop resisted the siren lure of recreational drugs.  Drinking and ‘swearing’ were forbidden at the ‘Paisley Park After Dark’ parties in his mansion/recording studio compound.  As performer and producer, Prince controlled every aspect of his music.images

Even a seemingly ageless Prince, however, can’t completely control time, as darkness eventually dims the brightest stages and most brilliant stars.

Prince was always on the move.  His body was found in a Paisley Park elevator.  Whatever the causes, his wild ride of a life stopped much too soon.  But here on earth, in his forever catchy, sexy and passionate music, Prince dances on.  RIP– and in DMSR.

Prince PS: Longtime blog wise man Litotes has this to add:

I vaguely remember ‘way back when’ Prince changed his name to The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, someone asked him what were his plans. He looked heavenwards and said “The Stairway”. So maybe he saw something in the future.

While unsuccessfully trying to verify the above story, I came across this Prince quote, which instantly became my favorite:

“When I found out that there was eight Presidents before George Washington, I wanted to smack somebody.”

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UGLY TRUMP: Women Hear What You Are Saying

images-1“Women hear what Donald Trump is saying.” This was candidate Carly Fiorina’s simple dignified debate response to Donald Trump’s ugly mocking of her face. The GOP debate crowd roared with cheers. It was Fiorina’s best campaign moment. And it made Fiorina perhaps the only political player this season to land a punch on The Donald. Until Heidi Cruz.

I’m no fan of Ted Cruz– but as a middle-aged woman, I am repelled by Trump’s ugly unwarranted attack on Heidi Cruz and her appearance. However offended Trump was by the snide super-PAC ad on his super-model wife, he had no right to mock Heidi Cruz for not looking like a model herself.

imagesThe smart attractive Ms. Cruz responded with grace and restraint in the eye of the Twitter tornado. Up to 75% of US women already have an unfavorable impression of Trump. Let’s see how high that number climbs post-Heidi.  There’s only one ugly person in this picture and that’s The Donald.images-1

Regarding his repulsive words and actions, to paraphrase Fiorina: women hear exactly what Trump is saying.  And female voters in November from both parties will likely be voting for Hillary, maybe thanks in part to Heidi.  For once, I agree with Ted Cruz. “Leave Heidi the Hell alone.”

UPDATE: after what HuffPost aptly called ‘a particularly ignoble week’ in the GOP race, Ted Cruz and Trump seem locked in a race to the bottom: who can limbo lowest?

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gopages-2What a joy it was to watch the three GOP frontrunners ripping each other apart in their Texas debate like Scorpions in a jar.

We loyal Democrats have got months more of this to come.  FINALLY some OPPOSITION RESEARCH unleashed on The Donald.GOP

Each new charge is an Attack Ad in itself, which Rubio with his newfound money will be releasing as we speak– love it that Trump is being SUED FOR FRAUD this summer over the ludicrous Trump University.

That is a great ‘counter’ to any trumped-up ‘Scandal’ they might throw at the Democratic nominee, whoever he/SHE may be.

Love the illegal worker questions, the Trump jobs overseas and the unreleased Tax Returns (GO, MITT!) (Hillary Clinton, BTW, has released ALL her tax returns ever filed…)

Love the insane hypocrisy of TOILET-MOUTH TRUMP demanding an apology from the feisty Mexican leader for using the F-word.images-1

The Donald can dish it out but he sure can’t take it. His loony-tunes 30% will stick with him but the saner 70% of the GOP voters will continue to divide and conquer their own party.

These candidates are doing the Democrat’s job for us.

And Rubio, the most plausible of the bunch, is going to have his own Scandals served up to him by Trump (the credit card issues; the house sold to the lobbyist; the Republican money going to Rubio’s home repairs…) Ted Cruz has a much more serious Goldman Sachs issue than giving a speech.  NONE of these clowns can play the Scandal Card without having it boomerang.

Plus dear Dr. Carson– “the FRUIT SALAD of their lives”– who could make this stuff up?  Go, GOP!

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