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Tigh Rickman holds a BA and MFA in creative writing from Bradford College and the Stonecoast MFA respectively. In 1998 he worked as a writer’s intern at All My Children where he researched and composed the biographies of Adam and Stuart Chandler, later published on ABC.com and Soapcentral.com. Along with Sarah Kowalski, Tigh is a frequent contributor to Celebrities in Disgrace, opining on ABC’s ‘real life’ soap operas, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.


Adam Chandler

Chandler Mansion

300 River Road

Pine Valley, PA


Dear Mr. Chandler,

I don’t think you’re such a bad guy.  No really, in spite of what most everyone says, I don’t. Look at it this way – if I were to show you a man who grew up in some Virginia backwater, overcame the tragic loss of his sister at a young age, spent his early adulthood scraping by on his wits as a carnie, and somehow managed to pull himself up by the bootstraps, start Chandler Enterprises and in so doing become one of the wealthiest people in the country, you’d say it was the American dream, right? Well, apparently not in Pine Valley. Here you have to kiss the Martin family’s ass all the time and play nice-nice with a populace comprised primarily of recovering murders, adulterers and kidnappers. And what’ve you done? Some white lies and half-truths here, a little gaslighting there, all sprinkled liberally with some shady, but for the most part legal, dealings and there you have it. All you’ve done is employ the tactics that made you a success in your professional life and apply them to your personal life. It’s not like you’ve ever killed anybody (at least not intentionally or directly, that is).

Of course, it doesn’t help having had a twin brother like Stuart. I know you loved him dearly, but you must admit that at times he was a bit hard to take. Oh, saintly Stuart Chandler, the selfless, gentle being whose soft-spoken kindness was an example to us all. Give me a break. While you live in the ornately foreboding Chandler Mansion, Stuart lived rent-free in the modest Gate House at the edge of the property, his days filled with painting and looking at butterflies. In other words, he was a freeloading milquetoast. If Mother Theresa had a twin sibling that bland she’d end up being labeled the ‘evil’ one by comparison, too. And there always has to be the ‘evil’ one, doesn’t there? (more…)

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