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Supercouple celebrate Superbowl

Olympians Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo are our Supercouple of the week– at least on ice. Brangelina was rumored to be ‘on ice’ too.  But a picture’s worth a thousand tabloid headlines– especially if PDA pic.s are broadcast during the most-watched TV event ever.

Brangelina put on a super show of affection at the Superbowl– and launched a super lawsuit against a British tabloid. Is their latest Public Display of Affection for real?

Meanwhile, Brangelina’s third-party Jennifer Aniston has found  new man labled by STAR as ‘Jen’s Revenge.’

At the Golden Globes, Jen had her own showy PDA-fest with her alleged ‘revenge,’ Gerard Butler.  The AllieisWired blog reports:”They put on an affectionate show… so over the top that event organizers were gossiping about it on their walkie-talkies.”

Jen and Gerard promptly gave the world more to talk about by flying to Mexico to celebrate Jen’s birthday at poolside.  How  much longer will the Brangelina-plus-Jen show dominate walkie-talkie gossip and headlines?  Who will take over as next king and queen of red-carpet, not to mention of PDAs?

Neil Gaimon and Amanda Palmer get a vote on our StarLit. page as ‘Gaimanda.’ Huffington Post lists the latest ‘media supercouples,’  including George Stephanopoulos and his wife, who just performed a very public ‘striptease’ for him on Good Morning America. And how about newlyweds Katy Perry and Russell Brand?  Or Robert Pattinson and his dog? Who’s your bet for the next ‘Brangelina’?

(photos: thisislondon.co.uk, justjared.buzznet, Star.com, latimesblog.com)

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Michelle Soucy has an MFA in the Stonecoast MFA program. Her fiction has appeared in the literary journals The Florida Review and The Bryant Literary Review, and elsewhere.

Thanks, Michelle, and thanks Ingrid for a new StarLit. piece on Gaimanda (Amanda Palmer + Neil Gaiman…)

Michelle sang Daydream Believer with DAVY JONES

Love is the Ultimate Trip by Michelle Soucy

The 1980s were dark times for hair. And for fashion. And for music. I’m not sure what happened to initiate the cultural collapse in judgment, maybe it was a kind of styling product-fueled rebellion against our hippie-parents’ love of all things “natural.” But the whole world looked and sounded like it had been aerosol-hairsprayed into a stiff and angry gloss. Subtlety was dead, or at least in an induced coma. We wore panic-button red sunglasses that zigzagged off the sides of our heads like lightning bolts. And, speaking of lightning bolts, those were also shaved into the buzz-cut hair of the boys in my school.

The clothing we chose to wear was as big as we could possibly get it and still be able to walk, but bunched up and held onto our bodies with fluorescent pink and green belts — many, many belts. Our fingernails, too, were painted in bright neon, and sometimes enhanced with polka dots or, again, lightning bolts, giving the appearance of poisonous insects living on the ends of our fingertips.

And our hair, dear God, our hair. Perms like the summit of K2. Mohawks, spray-painted blue and purple. Rat-tails. Ducktails. Bangs that we burnt into layers with our curling irons and bent upside-down to hairspray into what looked like a wild turkey’s fanned tail feathers. When I look through old photo albums at my parents’ house now, I feverishly flip past the photos of the 80s, pretending that couldn’t really be me… no, no, haha, no. But when no one else is looking I flip back and sneak a peek, because my early-teen face really was quite sweet and doll-like. But you could barely notice it under that maniacally hairsprayed mane. So, yeah, the 80s were a dark time, so dark that I was desperately compelled to dig for some light. And so I dug, and I unearthed for myself love… in the form of The Monkees.

It was The Monkees who saved me from the 80s. (more…)

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Best Speeches: Mo’nique & Robert Downey Jr.

Best Quote from a Presenter: “Animation is not just for children; it’s for adults taking drugs” (Sir Paul McCartney)

Best Quote from a Winner: “This is for anybody and everybody who ever got a wedgie in high school” (the guy accepting for GLEE)

‘Bust’ Quote: Jay Manuel on E! commenting on Mariah Carey’s very visible ‘globes.’

Best/Bust Invention: The ‘Glam Cam 360,’ a somewhat scary virtual Lazy Susan that rotates hapless stars in their gowns onscreen while a snarky voiceover critiques every angle and ‘shoulder detail’…

Best Kiss: Longtime couple Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgewick; so what if they lost millions to Bernie Madoff; they’ve got happiness & hair that money can’t buy…

Best Dress: Loved Julianna Margulies in scarlet & black (& love the fact  that she starred in SLIGSHOT, a film co-written by the director of the forthcoming CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE film, Matthew Quinn Martin…)  Also loved Anna Paquin in gold & Christina Hendricks of Mad Men in ‘peachy champagne’…

Best Trend: Celeb.s outdoing each other for a good cause, for a change. Madonna, Sandra Bullock led the way with stellar donations for aid to Haiti as George Clooney leads a star-studded  TELETHON on JAN. 22; stay tuned…
PS: A big THANKS to Rachel Robbins for reminding us that no Golden Globe coverage is complete without mention of Amanda Palmer and her antics, including a see-through dress and a ‘drop-dead’ routine on the red carpet.

Check out the essay on Amanda Palmer, GAIMANDA, by Ingrid Mansfield on our StarLit. page…

(photos- Mo’nique: realityTV.about.com; double Meryl:NYDailyNews)

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