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jl634x1024-131107164501-634.Jennifer-Lawrence-Short-Hair-Sunnyvale.ms.110713jennifer-lawrence-hd-wallpaperAre we about to start Hatha-hating Jennifer Lawrence? a canny new article on Huffpost asks.

I hope not.  ‘Hatha-hating’ has prompted many a head-scratching think-piece, including on this blog.  The fierceness of the phenom puzzled me.  As the hate spotlight possibly swings toward J-Law, I wonder: is it a coincidence that she, like Anne Hathaway the year of her own Oscar win, recently cut her famous hair?

Even before J-Law was named in the hate-fray, I wondered if somehow Anne Hathaway’s short haircut had something to do with why the lovely and talented– if occasionally disingenuous and overemotional– Hathaway has inspired such Tweet-fueled hatred that her name has now been blended with the h-word– and not just as a hashtag.

nyc ballet fall 2 210912Hathaway is often knocked for being stagey in her displays of emotion– and her short haircut emphasizes her ultra-expressive face with its generous actressy features.  A striking look, and one that bucks the look-a-like trend of long silky extension-enhanced locks.

So why IS hate-talk starting up about the famously likable and relatable J-Law– who this past year did have her own long locks sheared?  Think about it. Anne Hathaway was popular star for years, and even seemed to survive her Oscar-host mis-fire whilst she sported flowing brown locks. But when she chopped her hair, initially for her Oscar-winning Les Miz. star turn, her star-power began short-circuiting. By her Oscar night, Hatha-haters were in full-throated attack. Hathaway has chosen to keep her dark hair clipped in gamin-style. ahnknown

Now as the first whispers begin that J-Law herself may be stumbling– or fake-stumbling, as some detractors would have it– into Hatha-hate-land, is her new short ‘do’ a factor? J-Law’s pixie hairstyle looks fetching to me. But does it make any difference whether short hair is flattering or not? Or whether the ‘long locks’ favored by Hollywood starlets are so often blatantly fake extensions?

Jennifer Aniston recently dared to bob her blonde hair but the backlash and deliberately unflattering photos were so intense she quickly back-pedaled and appeared more recently with mira-grown lavish hair.  Should Jen-Law follow the older Jennifer’s lead and grow back her mane ASAP?  Are these stars or their ‘haters’ the ones who should have their heads examined?

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