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Thanks to Erica for giving us this lighthearted glimpse into an imagined HRC at a tough time in the real world.
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Novelist, screenwriter, and essayist Erica Ferencik is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Cracks in the Foundation. Her work has also appeared in the Boston Globe, on Salon.com, More.com, and National Public Radio. Her new humor column has been appearing monthly in the Metrowest Daily News.

HILLARY HITS THE MINI BAR (originally published in Milford Daily News)

The real HRC kicking back...

NO DATA — With a heavy sigh, Hillary pushed her hotel room door shut and tossed her laptop on the bed. The lights of Tripoli twinkled fifteen stories below as she sank with a polyester – poof! – into an overstuffed chair by the window.

It had been a long day. Too much smiling, the shawarma she ate for dinner wasn’t settling well, and…what was this? A buzzing from her bag….she pulled out her phone. A text from Hosni: “Was I really that bad?” She texts back: “You were that bad.” Sighs. Adds: “Go reinvent yrslf, evrybdy else is.”

Another beep. She glanced at the phone. “Oh come on, Hosni, PLEASE don’t friend me.” These dictators are such saps, she thought, turning off her phone.

She flipped on the fake fireplace, slipped into her oversized T-shirt that said “I Heart New York,” and cozied back in her chair with her laptop. She opened the document, “Memoir – Notes” and sat staring out the window waiting for the muse. The cursor blinked at her, also waiting. She set her reading glasses down on a – wait a minute – was this a MINI-BAR?!

Haven’t seen one of these since Seoul, she thought. And this one was packed to the gills with drinks and tasty snacks. Before you could say Al Jazeera a wee bottle of chardonnay was unscrewed and knocked back followed by a cabernet chaser. (more…)

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Election Week Update: Nov. 4th at Boston Globe‘s Media Matters Conference, Elizabeth Searle discussed & showed clips of our Celebrities in Disgrace film.


What’s a President to do?  Can Obama regain his star-power?  Can he ever overcome the nation’s historically (and hysterically) inflated expectations for him?

We’ve asked some of our blog’s sharpest political minds to weigh in with advice…

From LITOTES, our blog’s resident wit and a former blogger for WONKETTE: “McConnell‘s goal is to make you a one-term president.  Your goal is to show these guys up for having two-digit IQs.  Govern negatively.  They vote, you veto.  You don’t even have to change the letters on the Scrabble board.  And sad as it is for a Philospher President, you will have to get hugged more than you like.”

From blog fave BARB: “IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID..From Carville‘s Playbook.  I think he should have spent more time on jobs and education and retraining instead of all that time on the Health Care plan which is going to make Insurance Companies the real winners. since everyone will have to buy it from them.  Without Single Payer or Medicare for all, it isn’t the great change we need.”

From OL’ BILL, our blog’s resident Wise Man: “Good Dems invariably lose the propaganda wars. The Bill Clinton campaigns effectively coped with that problem with an aggressive “war room” that stayed on top of each propaganda blast within the same 24 hour news cycle (Carville & Begala) with colorful, outspoken but always truthful replies, counter charges, a blend of brevity and sarcasm. The White House painfully lacks a war room and instead overexposes the Prez. It should be a 24 hr a day operation every day he is in office because there is no end to the propaganda wars.”

THANKS to our pundits; I agree that one way or another, Obama has got to connect with his inner Happy Warrior… WDYT?

(photos: newyorktimes.com, daylife.com, telegraph.co.uk, alan.com)

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CAST A VOTE –as a COMMENT, from now till June 21rst–FOR ‘DISGRACED CELEBRITY OF SPRING, 2010’ (see Post below)

WHAT ‘TIPPED’ AL & TIPPER? by Elizabeth Searle

Not Al and Tipper!  “I can’t handle this,” I said to my computer screen when faced with the shocking news.  Even as a hardened celebrity-watcher, I’m having trouble with this one, folks.

I met Al Gore briefly during his Presidential bid when he heeded my sister’s rope-line plea to ‘Kiss this baby!”  Gore obligingly stepped over and greeted (but did not kiss) my baby son.  I stared into his extremely pale blue eyes; intelligent eyes, but not warm.

It was Tipper, of course, who provided the warmth and oomph that Gore as political performer so badly needed.  Tipper with her great smile and great hair; Tipper, so refreshingly down to earth in the glossy world of politics.  Tipper, who took on as her improbable causes not only racy rock lyrics but depression, frankly admitting that behind her sunny persona, she’d struggled with it.

The couple had just purchased a multimillion dollar California mansion– suggesting their split was not long planned.  I hope in six months or whatever passes these days as a discrete interlude, we are not treated to photos of 60ish Al Gore bandying about some comely young Environmentalist.

If Bill Clinton can act his age, Al Gore ought to.  And probably will.  Perhaps we will never know what brought down the house of Gore.  Could it be celebrity-hood itself?  After his searing election loss, Al Gore had unexpectedly become cool.  He’d won the Nobel Prize and, even ‘cooler,’ the Oscar. (Another example of the post-Oscar Divorce Curse??)  These days, Al is said to travel nonstop.

Tipper seems more the homebody type; more of a regular person.  Which is maybe what makes this particular celebrity break-up, for me, a heartbreaker.  How about you?  Does the Gores’ break-up– or other surprise celebrity break-ups– get to you?  (Charles and Di?  Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman?)  A final note from ‘a place called Hope’: Al and Tipper are officially ‘separating’ but not yet officially ‘divorcing.’  Does anyone but me see a chance for a second chance?

PS: Thanks Litotes for Polar Al cartoon & yourpallesley for woodland Al & Tipper photo

(photos: wonkette.com, suprmchaos.com, bookerrising.net, Clinton1nara.gov)

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Former pin-up, future Senator

I voted for Martha Coakley in the MA Democratic Primary, but reluctantly.  Lukewarmly.  I almost went instead for her liveliest opponent Alan Khazei, since he exhibited more ‘spark.’ Then a robo-phonecall from my personal political rock-star Bill Clinton pushed me over the edge. Maybe I should have gone with my gut.

Our blog’s ‘beat’ is personality/media/star power.  How big a role did that play here?  Nixon observed that you can be anything in politics– except ‘boring.’  Will Health Care reform founder because of another worthy charisma-challenged Democratic candidate? Of course, real anger about the economy and health care among many voters fueled Brown’s fire.  But how big a factor were the two perceived ‘personalities’ here?

Like a young George W. Bush, Brown won over working class voters with his jaunty ‘populist’ style.  Like former beauty queen Sarah Palin (below, in red swimsuit), former Cosmo. pin-up Brown capitalized on his telegenic looks and campaigning flair.  Martha Coakley made matters worse on the image front by mixing up her Red Sox facts and calling Curt Schilling a Yankees fan three days before the election.

Many voters in the original Bush/Gore match-up voted for George W. because they wanted to have a beer with W.  But we never got that beer: only war and recession.

Liberal winners like JFK and Obama have capitalized, too, on good looks and showbizzy campaigning skills.  It’s the American way.  But have the same voters who returned Ted Kennedy to the senate for decades taken such a sudden sharp turn to the right that they support Brown’s pro-life right-winger views?  If one of Kennedy’s sons had run, would they have won? What tipped the balance to bring Brown his upset win? Was it his showman-style debates and his showbiz-ready daughters (above)?

And what of our superstar President, sworn in exactly a year ago?  Is Obama’s star power waning?  Or will this wake-up call recharge his own potent charisma?  WDYT?
PS: Thanks to Penny2 for Brian McGrory’s hilarious morning-after article, Seduced by Our New Senator

(photos- Brown nude: jezebel.com & Cosmo mag.; Palin: thetodayexperience.com; Brown & daughters: the-912-project.com)

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