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Savage battle cries mix with thunderous cheers. Supporters in the live audience pump their fists. Barbed insults fly.

Is it one of Donald Trump’s over-hyped rallies of a few thousand fired-up faithful in a deep red state? No, it’s the other, funnier ‘Resistance Rallies,’ the ones that happen not every few weeks but every night, on live TV.

Everything else may be going to Hell under Trump, yet satire is thriving.  Nightly comic monologues from Stephen Colbert ‘rally’ millions of anti-Trump troops, plus millions more who just like a good laugh. Bold, bracing anti-Trump humor keeps many of us going.

Political comedy is soaring to new heights of what Colbert instructed doomed target Anthony Scaramucci to call ‘#sarcasm.’ Trump and co. always ‘make much’ of the boisterous response this failing President still draws among live crowds in selected states.

What about the equally boisterous and much more frequent cheers and jeers that arise nightly for Colbert and co.? Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Seth Meyer, Trevor Noah, Bill Maher and more lead the charge before rally-rowdy crowds- plus millions like me, pumping our fists in our pajamas.

Unlike Trump, these leaders get results. Melissa McCarthy’s brilliant comic takedown of Sean Spicer on SNL contributed to his rapid demise as surely as the gleeful group skewing of Scaramucci— that ‘human pinkie ring’ (Colbert) whose brief reign was likened to Jesery Shore’s “The Situation Goes to DC” (Maher)— led to the Mooch moving in and out of the White House “faster than Taco Bell” (Maher again, last Friday).

Of course there are live old-fashioned Resistance Rallies too, and I’ve attended several. They have their impact. But while oblivious narccissic Trump ignores his serious critics, he can’t take a joke.

Those of us who find the sick joke of his Presidency ‘hard to take’ turn our yearning eyes and ears to Late Night TV.  We’ll get the last laugh.

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Who knew that the latest crop of celeb. homewreckers would make Donna Rice look classy?As Jesse James’ alleged ‘fourth mistress’ issues a statement claiming he pursued her and had deep feelings for her, I’m missing No Excuses bluejeans.

Donna Rice, star of the Gary Hart sex scandal and later a model for the blatantly named ‘No Excuses’ jeans, at least didn’t ‘spin’ her seamy situation.

But every Mistress wants her 15 Minutes.  Blog fave and screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy sounded off on the strikingly unrepentent public remarks of such notable ‘other women’ as Rielle Hunter and busy Jesse James’ ‘first mistress,’ Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee:

“What is with all of these women who sleep with these married guys and then tell the press “I didn’t know he was married.” They all claim they thought there was trouble in the marriage, or the guy was separated from his wife. This slutty Greek chorus has been heard from tattoo girl Michelle “Bombshell” McGee (who supposedly got it on with Jesse James), all of Tiger Woods’ ladies, Rielle Hunter, ad nauseam. We know these women are stupid. But do these women think we the general public are stupid?

Michelle McGee’s ex husband claims the aptly nicknamed ‘Bombshell’ (whose porn porfolio includes Nazi-fetish shots) craves fame at any cost.

Meanwhile, as the irrepressible Bill Maher tells us more than we want to know about the Rielle/’Johnny’ sex tape, Rielle herself claims to GQ that she knew she could ‘help’ John Edwards and that (in her mind, having decimated his family, his noble cancer-ridden wife, his reputation and his future) she did.  Thanks, Rielle.

Monica Lewinsky was criticized for launching a line of handbags, a move that seems downright quaint compared to the three-ring-circus of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses competing for Reality TV gigs.  Joclyn James posts Tiger’s low-down graphic text messages but also aspires to the High Road by issuing an official ‘apology’.  You can’t have it both ways, girls.  No excuses, please.

(photos: People.com, dailymotion.com, postchronicle.com)

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