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Olympic update: Kim Yu-na shows The Right Stuff under pressure and skates her way into the Gold. Evan Lysacek has drawn praise on our blog and in the wider world for his stellar skating and classy behavior (see Angela Still’s excellent post below).  Will Lysacek come out of these Olympics a ‘celebrity’?

And how about that newly minted gold-medalist Kim Yu-na, already a superstar in her own South Korea and now ‘the queen’ of women’s figure skating?  

Not all Gold medalists become ‘celebrities.’  Who will win the Celeb. Medals (sometimes a dubious prize) in the form of bankable star-power, super-sized endorsement deals and worldwide fame?  Personality and charisma and life stories and that celebrity X-factor all come into play.  Which of the super-athletes we’ve seen this Olympics will ‘break out’ and become household names we will be watching and talking about for years to come?

Let us know your vote for the 2010 Celeb. Medals.  Hunky Bode Miller or Shaun White?  Dynamic Lindsey Vonn or valiant Joann Rochette?  They’re all deserving but who will capture the fickle public fancy?  Let the celebrity games begin…

(photos: nbc.com, nydailynews.com, nytimes.com)

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