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HOT IN HOBOKEN: Our CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE film screens June 7th at the Hoboken International Film Festival, which was just featured on a FOX/UP piece and which prides itself on finding ‘sexy edgy’ films.  We are psyched to be screening with one of the sexiest and edgiest of those films, the bold documentary on the Miami ‘gonzo porn’ scene: GONZO MIAMI.

“Your fantasy is their reality,” Gonzo Miami promises.  Our own film– which has also been accepted at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival in August– features steamy scenes between our dynamic duo, Patrice Bunch and Julian Brand.  Commenters in the Hollywood FirstGlance online shorts screening praised the Bunch/Brand brand of ‘chemistry.’  Take a look at our two stars in Bravo Sierra’s two minute Preview Trailer.

And if you’re a NY or NJ film fan, visit HIFF and take in a double bill fit for a hot summer night…

(photos: Gonzo Miami poster from Gonzo Miami Facebook page; film photos featuring Patrice Bunch, Julian Brand and –in arrest photo– Mark McNutt and Ryan Castro)

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Our ensemble ‘class’ cast 

GREETINGS BLOG READERS: Thanks to one and all for visiting this blog– ‘enabling’ disgraced celebrities everywhere and supporting the forthcoming short film CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE, produced by Bravo Sierra.  We are happy to announce that our film has been chosen as an official selection of the WOODS HOLE FILM FESTIVAL on beautiful Cape Cod.

YOU ARE INVITED to the premiere at the festival.  For those far from the Cape, please watch for our online Preview, coming soon…  Meanwhile, enjoy new photos of the rising stars who played ‘the class’ and supporting roles in our film.

Ryan Castro (left)– who is now studying acting at Hunter College in NYC– plays ‘the policeman.’  Ryan had this to say about the shoot:

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with director Matthew Quinn Martin and all of the crew at Bravo Sierra. Their professionalisim and innovative ideas inspired all of the actors on set and made for a productive atmosphere. Of course it is all owed to the creative mastermind Elizabeth Searle; her unique story will engage audiences to come. Overall, a fantastic day of filming.”

Girls #1 and #2 were played by Michelle Jones (right) and Cassandra Dailey.  Both study theater at East Stoudsburg University.  Michelle said the movie “gives me, as an actor, a better understanding of how the filming process works.  I enjoyed every minute.”  Cassandra said of the shoot: “It was simply pure bliss.”

THANKS to all our young stars.  If our audiences enjoy the film half as much as we enjoyed concocting it, we’ve got it made.  More film photos are available in our StarLit Gallery; and check out our film’s Facebook Page

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