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Morgan Callan Rogers lives in the back-of-beyond in the Black Hills of South Dakota with her lovin’ man, a dog, and three cats. Her novel Rubinrotes Herz, Eisblaue See, (Red Ruby Heart in a Cold Blue Sea) will be published in Germany in August 2010. Please tell all of your German-speaking friends!

Followed by a Moon Shadow: My Secret Life with Cat Stevens

I married my high-school boyfriend when we were both nineteen – I know, huh – and we settled into playing house in an apartment on a hill in a tiny Maine town in the back of beyond. He sold clothes in a store downtown. I worked as a grocery clerk in a store a couple of villages over. And I wished, almost right away, that I could erase the whole thing and head in a totally different direction. I knew it wasn’t meant to be before we were married, but I lacked the courage to break up with him. He was prettier than me and he cried well, and I was weak and not really in the world much at that point.

After a year, I did take a header in another direction. I had an affair of the heart (not like A-Rod and Madonna, please – much more spiritual than that) with Cat Stevens, as he was then. Yusuf Islam is the name he goes by, now, but back then, he was Cat Stevens. Steven Georgiou was his birth name. He was British, part Greek and part Scandinavian. Wild, curly black hair, a sensitive, pale, Byronic face with an ebony beard, with dark, soulful eyes. And he had beautiful hands. Such a tragic turn in his life – living the life of a pop star when he was struck down by tuberculosis and spent a year in recovery, whereupon he had an epiphany and started writing songs directed at me, a lonely, chubby, 20-year old woman happier in her head than in her life. Wherever I am, girl, I’m always thinking of you… Cat sang to me. Tell me what’s making you sadly? Open the door, don’t hide in the dark… Cat sang to me. (more…)

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