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Alysia Renier & David Alan BascheMove over, Brad and Angelina.  New ‘Dynamic Duos’ are on the rise.  The best chemistry I’ve seen onscreen lately is Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, terrifc in tandem in the new ‘Bromance,’ 21 Jump Street.  But as the New York Times notes in rating the odds of celebrity marriage ‘doom’, chemistry is harder to maintain offscreen.  One rising power-couple who may give Brad and Angi a run for their money both on and off the screen are the actor/activist husband/wife team of Alysia Reiner and David  Alan Basche .

I saw Alysia’s brilliant short film Speed Grieving when it screened with our own  Celebrities in Disgrace at Woods Hole Film Festival.

And I was lucky to see Alysia perform in person in NYC in a moving staged reading of Wonder Drug (by blog fave Caitlin McCarthy).  Alysia is now helping to bring Wonder Drug to the screen as both producer and star.

Alysia won a SAG for the film Sideways and has appeared on stage, screen and TV (The Sopranos, Law & Order).  She finds time to advocate for the environment.  Among his credits, David starred in the Oscar winning film UNITED 93 and he will be shooting season 2 of THE EXES this year. Alysia Reiner just wrapped 2 plays Off-Broadway as well as BACKWARDS, a film with James Van Der Beek.  She’s been mentioned lately as a possible future ‘Bond Girl‘ (as in ‘Bond, James Bond.’)

The couple juggle their multiple roles with grace, all while staying married for 14 years and raising a daughter.  Plus, like Jonah & Channing, David & Alysia are lots more fun than Brad & Angi (see David & Alysia’s new WMDean social-networking online contest, with celebritized prizes).

Cheers to all duos who manage to be dynamic both on and off the screen.

(images: LifeStyle.com, vimio.com, Googleimages, linkedin.com, gettyimages, film magic) .

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2010 marked the debut of our short film CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE; thanks to all for their support!

BREAKING: our popular BACHELOR show commentators Tigh & Sarah will be back SOON with thoughts on Episode 1 & The Slap…

Goodbye 2010 and a special goodbye to this year’s ‘winner’ of Disgraced Celebrity of 2010: Mel Gibson— whose epic-sized celeb. meltdown also ‘won’ Disgraced Celebrity of Summer, 2010.

On a brighter note: a big Year’s End THANK YOU for your support of our  film, Celebrities in Disgrace, which made its debut at the Woods Hole Film Festival on Cape Cod in August.  It had adventures this fall at Boston Globe’s Media Matters Conference (where it was discussed and shown in excerpt) and at Vegas CineFest in Las Vegas.  Next up: a screening at Movie Night at Stonecoast MFA program in Maine.  Stay tuned for updates and THANKS too to all who visit the blog.

As blog fave LupinsSuppins noted, the year in disgrace did not belong to any single overwhelming ‘winner.’ (Unlike Tiger Woods last year).  Votes were cast for Lindsay Lohan (‘Barb’ pointed out that Lindsay’s sad saga unfortunately winds up giving rehab. a bad rep.).  Others noted the controversial Assange and the’rabble rouser’ Glenn Beck.

What about 2011 scandals-in-the-making?  Lupins has her eye on witchy wacky Christine O’Donnell; send us your own choices of Scandals to Watch– Happy Celeb-gazing in 2011!

Thanks to Lupins for links to fun year-end reviews at yahoo and The Onion…  PS: plus here are celeb. PREDICTIONS for 2011…(photos: ew.com, csmonitor.com)

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Be sure to catch the PREVIEW to CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE, coverage on WBUR (Boston’s NPR) & updates this week from Woods Hole Film Festival!

Our celebrity Summer of Love began dismally with news of Al & Tipper Gore‘s break-up.  Ironically, considering how Gore has always distanced himself from Bill Clinton’s marital woes, the Clintons presented a picture of family unity this July as their daughter Chelsea wed.  Against all odds (imagine Junior High with Rush Limbaugh as a nationally broadcast bully mocking your looks) Chelsea has turned out beautifully.  Congrats to Chelsea and Marc!

Meanwhile, things aren’t going so well for Sarah Palin’s beautiful beleagured daughter Bristol– who reunited with fame-chasing Levi Johnston only to break up again within a week, amidst Levi’s new Baby Daddy scandal allegations.  Grizzly Mama Sarah has weighed in to PEOPLE with a subtly I-told-you-so ‘statement.’  (Plus, the whole Palin saga and my own fascination with Bristol has led me to work on an ‘unauthorized novel’ inspired by Bristol– but don’t tell her Mom!)

Penelope & Javier on Vacay...

Off in Hollywood, Mad Mel Gibson‘s divorce-gate just keeps getting uglier.  But filmland also gave us perhaps the most stunning real-life couple of the summer, as the fabulously hot and happy Penelope Cruz and Javier Barden wed.  Hopefully those two will stay together long enough to have a gorgeous child.

And don’t forget our own favorite ‘Onscreen’ couple of the summer: Julian Brand and Patrice Bunch, burning a hole in your computer screen if you do check out our Celebrities in Disgrace preview…  Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts on real-life ‘hit and miss’ celeb. romances…

(photos: zimbio.com, PEOPLE.com, moldova.org, comcast.com)

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