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Check out this ‘micro interview’ with Elizabeth Searle who will give a talk on Reality Fiction at the Muse & the Marketplace wrtiers’ conference in Boston May 6th…

In the wake of Congress rebuffing the Buffet bill, yet being ‘shocked, shocked’ by GSA conference excesses in Vegas, our own “Ol’ Bill” offers some perspective…

PARTISAN OVERSIGHT: Rebuffing Buffett Rule & Scapegoating Vegas by Ol’ Bill

The AP reported that congressional “members of both parties could barely restrain themselves as they sometimes shouted their outrage” over lowly General Services Administration bureaucrats blowing $823,000 on a Los Vegas conference. The conference custom likely started in dim past years as a humble beer bust for some of the bureaucrats who get things done and has since grown under customary congressional oversight into bigger and better family celebrations on the Las Vegas strip. A perfect opportunity for congressional bullies to haul unfortunate miscreants before the TV lights for a little one sided oversight.

Meanwhile in the Senate, fiercely partisan anti-Obama Republicans near unanimously blew a ten year opportunity to save $47 Billion Dollars. They simply needed to enact a measure that would impose a minimum 30 percent tax on folks making over $2 million a year. Perhaps testimony from some of the world’s wealthiest might reassure our failing “leaders” that while some billionaires want tax cuts to help pay for million dollar campaign contributions, most neither need nor want special tax relief in light of profit opportunities afforded by a booming economy that pays its bills.

The best Congress money can buy. And “we” elected them!

(photos: theculturezone.com, netrightdaily.com, businessinsider.com, via Googleimages)

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