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It’s time again to consider THE YEAR IN ‘DISGRACE.’  As always, I welcome readers’ thoughts about Disgraced Celebrity of 2014.  Post any nominees in COMMENTS here or on other posts on the blog.


I was proud to stand with Warren at her Election victory party and I have never been more proud of her than I am now!

But first a few words about a TRUE DISGRACE of our times and about my favorite brave Senator– Elizabeth Warren laid it all out in her speech on the Senate floor, cutting Citigroup into pieces.

To me, the way Wall Street and the One Percent own Washington is THE key issue of our times and the root of so many other problems. No politician knows this issue better than Warren, who’s spent her whole brilliant career studying it. Though the bill will go through and this particular battle may be lost, Warren’s voice is being heard:


This whole speech is worth a watch: Warren reels off damning specifics and talks about slicing up Citicorp like she means business.  In the end, she quotes Republican Teddy Roosevelt about how it’s not just that there is too much financial power with these bloated banks, it’s too much political power and it threatens our Democracy. Stirring words.  This battle may be lost but the war goes on, with our own Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA leading the charge.

My teenage son said it best.  After he and I attended a debate between Warren and Scott Brown, I mentioned to my son that Warren never raised her voice.  He replied: “Yes, but she’s fierce.”

(photo courtesy of the author; taken on Warren’s election night shortly after her Victory speech)

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#Bqhatevwr : An incoherent word w/ ‘HATE’ in the middle; sums up many right-wing ‘thoughts’!  Good riddance & hate-whatever 2 u ScottBrown!

(my own late-nite Tweet re: Scott Brown)ScottBrown124-thumb-315x275-66046 sb5417693910_large_xlarge


In wine there is truth.  And possibly in late-nite ‘drunk Tweets’ as well.

Those of us in Massachusetts who endured Scott Brown’s mean-spirited and ultimately failed Senate race are not surprised to see the word ‘HATE’ pop up in Brown’s much-mocked Dark Night of the Soul tweet.

Yes, we all tap wrong keys at times– but for me, there was no mistaking the vicious level of real ‘hate’ in an anti-Warren website put up by the official Brown campaign last year that looked more like the work of a Cyber-Bully than a sitting Senator.

Complete with juvenile name-calling and distorted photos of Warren, the site attacked Warren’s character in strikingly personal terms.  Yes, Warren’s own campaign fought back hard, but it focussed on the issues and especially on Brown’s own voting record.

Note to the GOP: It’s the ‘HATE’ in the middle of many a muddled right-wing ‘thought’ that is turning off mainstream voters.

Along with many MA voters, I breathed a sigh of relief when Brown declared he would not run for the newly vacated Senate seat– an abrupt move that has angered many in his own party.  I hope the GOP candidates who do run will learn from Brown’s defeat that playing the ‘hate’ card of personal attacks tends to backfire.

Good riddance to hateful campaiging– and ‘bqhatevwr’ to Scott Brown.

(photos: sodahead.com, boston.com, GoogleImages)

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One Sept. 13, I was proud to co-organize along with author/activist Steve Almond WRITERS FOR WARREN, a literary and musical fundraiser for Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, which was written up in the Boston Globe.  Singer Amy Correia rocked the house and all-star MA authors read and each gave one-sentence reasons why they support Warren.  Plus, check out this new Warren Ad.  THANKS to all the authors and to the Warren campaign!  Elizabeth Searle

Elizabeth Searle and Suzanne Strempek Shea at Writers for Warren

I’m voting for Elizabeth Warren because she’s for people not corporations and because she’s way hotter than Scott Brown.

Stephen McCauley

Stephen McCauley is the author of six novels, three of which have been made into feature films.

My reason for supporting Elizabeth Warren: I want a senator who will represent the people of Massachusetts, not the big money on Wall Street.

Tom Perrotta

Tom Perrotta’s most recent novels are The Leftovers and The Abstinence Teacher, both of which were New York Times bestsellers. His novels Election and Little Children were both made into acclaimed movies.

“I like Elizabeth Warren because she’s smart, has the right values, lives at the bottom of my street and faithfully walks a dog she would never strap to the top of her car.”

Mameve Medwed

Mameve Medwed  is the author of five novels, including MAIL.

“My reason for supporting Elizabeth Warren? She is not Scott Brown.”

Suzanne Strempek Shea

Suzanne Strempek Shea is the author of five novels, most recently Becoming Finola, and three memoirs, most recenly Sundays in America: A Yearlong Road Trip in Search of Christian Faith.  Winner of the 2000 New England Book Award, Suzanne grew up in a pro-union blue-collar household in Western Massachusetts.

“As a single divorced mother who works mighty hard for her family, it’s clear to me that Elizabeth Warren cares deeply about equal opportunities, equal pay and bright futures for women in this country.”

Lise Haines

Lise Haines is the author of three novels: Girl in the Arena; Small Acts of Sex and Electricity, named a Book Sense Pick in 2006; and In My Sister’s Country, which Rocky Mountain News chose as a “Stellar Debut for 2002.”

Elizabeth Warren belongs in the senate; she’s passionate and compassionate, smart and self-effacing; I fell in love with her first on The Daily Show, where she was so winning that John Stewart sort of held her hand through the whole interview. 

Anita Diamant

Anita Diamant has written 12 books, including the bestselling novel, The Red Tent. Her other novels include Good Harbor and The Last Days of Dogtown

“Elizabeth Warren must be elected Senator from Massachusetts because, quite frankly, Scott Brown is frightening.”

Anita Shreve

Anita Shreve is the bestselling author of sixteen novels, many of them about strong independent women like Elizabeth Warren.

Bestselling author and Oprah Book Club pick ANDRE DUBUS III was unable to attend Writers for Warren but sent in this sentence expressing his support:

Here’s my one sentence about why I’m voting for Elizabeth Warren: “Because unlike Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren is kicking asses on Wall Street, not giving them a big kiss.”

Andre Dubus III

(photo: Stacy Thompson)

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Check out ELIZABETH WARREN online…She is one politician decidedly not ‘in disgrace’!

Judith Podell holds an MFA from USM-Stonecoast and lives in Washington, DC. She has reviewed books for numerous publications, including the Washington Post. An excerpt from her novel in progress, The Last of the Khazars was in the first issue of The New Guard Review of Literature: www.newguardreview.com.

Why I Worship Elizabeth Warren Like she’s Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War

I hate to argue with someone who’s good at it.
Larry’s good at it. He’s great at spur of the moment rational arguments.
I get that backed into a corner by a border collie feeling.
I get tongue-tied.
If I’m truly angry I sputter like Donald Duck.
I change the subject, shift it to something I can discuss.
Larry says it’s cheating.
I call it strategy.
It’s what you do when you have to testify before a Congressional Committee . It’s what you try to do when Elizabeth Warren asks you what you did with all that the TARP money.
Timothy Geithner looked cornered.

   whatamimissing.com & bookwormroom.com (photos)

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Are Divas ‘out’?  Is ‘Down-to-Earth ‘in’?  Mighty Tiger Woods lost the Master’s to ‘everyday guy’ Phil Mickelson.  Jon Stewart swoons over Obama’s economic advisor and possible Supreme Court nominee, the refreshingly down-to-earth Elizabeth Warren.

Meanwhile, the top two online videos last week showed the overexposed Tiger Woods faltering in his Master’s comeback and down-to-earth Tina Fey acing her own return, skewering over-the-top Sarah Palin on SNL.

BTW, Fey and hilarious ‘Everyman’ Steve Carell topped the box office last week playing an actually believable (if zany) everyday couple in DATE NIGHT.  Has recession-era America had it with glitzy glamorous demanding Divas?

Blog BFF and screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy spots a trend, writing:

Are divas getting downsized in this new era? Take a look at who (and what) has taken a hit recently and you decide:

  • Diva politicians like John Edwards
  • Diva religious figures like the Pope
  • Diva companies like the ones who helped create the Great Depression Part Deux
  • Diva countries like the USA (sorry, in the past, we’ve had that “Do you know who I am?” attitude with the world)
  • Diva terrorists like Osama Bin Laden
  • Diva athletes like Tiger Woods
  • Diva entertainers like Kanye West and Jennifer Lopez ….                                                                                                                         I think trendspotter Caitlin is onto something here…   (photos: atypicalamerican.com, nbc.com, nydailynews)

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