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THANKS for this Post, inspired by Morgan Callan Rogers on Cat Stevens (see below)

Penny2 is a regular commenter on the Celebrities in Disgrace blog.

My Intimate Hit List: The Power of Celebrities’ Music to Transport Us to Another Time by Penny2

Morgan Callan Roger’s beautiful essay about Cat Stevens reminded me of the power of celebrities’ music to transport us to another time.  Here’s my own personal hit list of my most transporting music memories:

**Madonna: This is really both a musical and a celebrity bonding.  Whenever Elizabeth Taylor passes away, I know I will call my mother to commiserate because Elizabeth Taylor is 3 years younger than my mother and has been a defining celebrity in my mother’s life–following each marriage, each movie.  Madonna has been mine–and like Mom, I don’t generally agree with all my chosen celebrity’s choices (A-Rod, now really!) but I will follow her for the rest of her (or my) life.

She is 6 years older than me but seems much closer in age to me (maybe because I have aged faster than she has!).  Material Girl is the song that defines 1984 and Halloween 1984 when a friend used my face as a canvas to truly, truly create Madonna–the hair, the bracelets, the make up, the whole effect.  Madonna MET Elvis that night–not really Elvis but a cross-dressed Elvis.  We all know that Madonna SHOULD have met Elvis.

**And Ray of Light–an amazing album that my husband and I listened to over and over and over again.  It came out the year we married, but we mostly listened to it when we had a toddler running around–it captures the frantic hyperactivity of a toddler boy in a way no other song ever has.

**The fastest I ever drove a car was along a stretch of Shea Boulevard in Scottsdale, Arizona listening to Born to Run. I was, maybe 23, had never had a ticket and was conservative in car driving behavior to say the least.  I looked down at my speedometer and was going 80!  I did not get a ticket.  If I hear Born to Run and am behind the wheel, I have to think “check yourself,” because I know that even today, at 46, it could easily happen again. (more…)

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