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Justin Bieber fever is reaching a pitch this month with his star turn on SNL, his toothsome (he says ‘crazy as heck‘) cover shot on PEOPLE and his record-breaking Tweets.  Not to mention his selection as the lead ‘It Boy’ of 2010 on our little blog.

Bieber rules– for the moment.  Can the New Media phenom– who broke out on YouTube and is the same age as his teenage fans– last longer than it takes to Tweet?  I love how he looks ‘almost exactly’ like the boy next door, but for his wayward hair and how he sings in the soulful boyish style of a young Michael Jackson.  Does Bieber’s music match his hair & hype?

Justin Bieber says in his recent interviews that ‘what I have is the chance of a lifetime’ and that when he feels overwhelmed, he just thinks “I’m Justin.”

If he reaches a point in his skyrocketing career when he needs a bigger boost than just being Justin, he might do well to study the moves of fellow phenom-with-major-hair (and fellow celeb.s-blog-fave) Adam Lambert.

Lambert was able to parlay an American Idol ‘loss’ into a cult-style success.  This week, he managed to land in the spotlight again by channeling Elvis and returning to Idol as a ‘mentor’ offering frank friendly commentary to the young ‘wanna-be’s.  Watch Adam belt out Time for Miracles.  Lambert listed his own favorite male performers (notably heavy on gender-bending) as: Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Lenny Kravitz and David Bowie.

As mentor on Elvis Night, Adam opined:

They all have great voices… I told them to wake up a little, have a little coffee… get their tongues out!

Would Lambert say the same to laid-back Bieber?  Do either of these sweetly singing coolly coiffed It Boys have what it takes for the long haul?

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