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Winter officially ends on the 20th and with spring sunlight comes the heavy task of choosing DISGRACED CELEBRITY OF WINTER, 2010.  Who has ‘owned’ celebrity disgrace since the start of the new year?

Is it new contender NY Congressman Eric Massa, skewered by Jerry Seinfeld and Seth Meyer on SNL’s ‘Really’ segment for allegedly claiming mere ‘tickle fights’ with his male staffers and for managing to be ‘the crazy one on Glenn Beck’?

Or fellow New Yorker, embattled Gov. David Paterson?  Or worldclass disgrace John Edwards, finally owning up to the obvious in January and claiming Baby Quinn as his own?  Or John Mayer, whose malt-liquor-driven PLAYBOY remarks had him Tweeting for mercy?

And what of Tiger Woods, winner of our ‘coveted’ Disgraced Celebrity of 2009 trophy and star of the newest South Park, whose sponsor-sponsored apology felt too scripted to many?  Or does the prize more belong to Tiger’s many mistresses, cashing in en masse with a Miss Tiger Woods beauty pageant?

The Olympics was mostly marked by Gold Medals for good behavior, but Russian skater Evgeni Plushenko pouted publically about his Silver Medal.

Who gets the ‘Tarnished Gold’ on our blog?  Who am I forgetting in the 2010 Rogue’s Gallery?  Register your votes in COMMENTS and let the 2010 Disgrace Games begin…

(photos: dailytelegraph.com.au, todayfm.com, totalwarfiles.com)

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Thanks Angela for this uplifting Olymics Post; for the low-down on Tiger & The Bachelor, see below…

Angela Still is an ex-Los Angeleno now living back in her birth state of Georgia. She’s working towards her MFA in Creative Writing and revising her first novel, a story about, love, revenge, and magic.

Evan Lysacek: Celebrity in … Esteem?

I write this on the same day Tiger Woods apparently gave a pretty lame and fake apology for cheating on his wife and making a mockery of the institution of marriage.  I didn’t watch because I stopped giving a crap about that situation the second Elin stopped beating his no good lying ass with the golf club, but I heard about it.  People talk.

I have, however, been watching the Olympics all week, as well as the winners’ interviews with Bob Costas.  Today, I saw something remarkable—a celebrity athlete acting with dignity and grace.  I give you Evan Lysacek.

I didn’t know Evan Lysacek existed before Tuesday night, when I first saw him skate his short program in the men’s figure skating competition.  I do not follow men’s figure skating, but I do manage to get addicted to the Olympics every year, and I enjoy the figure skating, men’s and women’s.  Tuesday night, Evan Lysacek was not the focus.  Evgeni Plushenko was.  There was a funny little segment where NBC followed him around Russia, even rode with him in his Mercedes.  He seemed as if he were a likable enough guy.  A little cocky, sure, a little swaggery, yes, but also playful and a little silly.  Likable.

After watching his program, there was no denying he was extremely talented, as well.  He had the goods to back up the pomp.  He skated around with the confidence of a champion, which he is.  He went first, and I have to say, most of the other skaters paled in comparison.  The only two who even came close were Lysacek and Daisuke Takahashi, the amazing skater from Japan who placed third.  The top three scores were less than a second apart. (more…)

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