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Check out Newt Gingrich’s second wife dishing on him in Esquire… & read about MEN UNDRESSED, featuring fiction by Elizabeth Searle, in a rave review in ChicagoReads….
It’s Newt’s turn.  Given America’s gnat-sized attention span– what blog cynic Litotes calls our ‘Gnational Attention Span’– voters seem game for a second look at this self-described ’68 year old grandfather.’  Especially when Mitt Romney is looking like a losing bet.
My favorite response on the Mitt Romney nutty $10,000 debate bet is the Tweet: “Mitt Romney says his butler will personally deliver the $10,000 if he loses…”  Well, he did lose.  How could the former GOP frontrunner and his high-end advisors have such a tin ear politically as to make a $10K bet in the midst of a Depression?
Mitt may be ‘right’ on some debate points, but as the Big Dog Bill Clinton observes, in American Politics it is often better to seem ‘STRONG & WRONG’ (like Newt) than WEAK & RIGHT (like Mitt)–
Blog commentator Penny2 sees parallels from the past:

This election brings to mind for me the 1984 election. That year, Democrats faced a tough primary between a plodding technocrat (Walter Mondale) and a conceited adulterer (Gary Hart).  And the winner faced Mr. Charisma, Ronald Reagan.  As Obama gets his groove back in Kansas, the Democrats can only hope for the same outcome as our Mr. Charisma faces 2012’s plodding technocrat (Romney) or conceited adulterer (Gingrich).

I like Penny’s bright optimism, and can see Mitt as Mondale.  For me, though, Newt is not Hart.  Gingrich has mellowed out with age– he is less of a hothead and can imitate a human being more successfully at 68 than in his earlier years.  And in the Gnational Attention Span Deficit, Newt’s own record of Monkey Business seems far away. (Why didn’t George Stephanopolos ask Newt how he could have led the Clinton Impeachment charge while indulging in the exact same sins himself with his own ‘intern,’ the jewelry-devouring platinum-haired trophy wife?)
Rumor has it Sarah Palin may parachute in after all.  It is a comment on the craziness quotient of this field that she by comparison is starting to look relatively sane…
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