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BREAKING: Paris Hilton arrested in Las Vegas for possible cocaine possession; Glenn Beck & Tea Partiers stir controversy; Levi Johnston ‘takes back’ his Public Apology to the Palins while Bristol P. takes a gig Dancing With The Stars


As summer hits its homestretch heat, we race to decide who will ‘win’ Disgraced Celebrity of Summer, 2010.  Till the end of August, you can leave your votes as COMMENTS on any Post.  There’s no shortage of suspects.

Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan spent the early part of summer vying for first place in our Race for Disgrace.  But now Mel has acted like a ‘perfect gentleman’ after crashing his Maserati and Lindsay is raking in a million for her first post-jail interview.

Repeat offender Levi Johnston (who tied with Jon Gosselin for Disgraced Celeb. of Fall, 2009) may score an unprecedented Double-Dip Disgrace after his brief re-engagement to Sarah Palin’s dsaughter Bristol went down in flames amidst new Baby Daddy scandal rumors.  This week, tireless fame-chaser Levi has filed papers to run for Sarah Palin’s old job as Mayor of Wasilla, AK.

Meanwhile, Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin angered many by Tweeting a defense for Dr. Laura’s racially charged radio rants.  America’s sometimes-Sweetheart Jennifer Aniston found herself in hot water over her own offensive words.

BP Oil CEO Tony Hayward took our ‘highest honor’ last time as Disgraced Celebrity of Spring, 2010.  Now, Jennifer A’s ex Brad Pitt is calling for an even harsher punishment for BP exec.s: the Death Penalty!  But don’t let Brad Pitt be the only overheated underqualified Judge here.

We can ALL weigh in on who ‘owns’ DISGRACE for the Summer of 2010…

PS: Thanks to CAITLIN for alerting us to SPENCER PRATT, who gets her vote!

(photos: mtv.com, blatherwatch.com, Googleimages)

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