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Mel Gibson edged out heavy competition– especially Levi Johnston, Lindsay Lohan and late-breaking Paris Hilton– to ‘win’ Disgraced Celebrity of Summer, 2010.  Commenter Sheila put it best in casting her vote: “Mel because he is too angry to fail.’

Thanks to Sheila and all others who voted, and to AntiStar for suggesting adding DISHONORABLE MENTIONS:

~Hot on Gibson’s heels, Disgraced Celeb. Hall of Famer Levi Johnston has lately been performing (as Jeff/S put it) “on a level all his own.”  Penny2 wondered if there is ‘some automated way to vote for Levi Johnston every quarter…’

~And what of the summer’s Blondes Behind Bars?  Lindsay Lohan got out of jail not only free but a million dollars richer, however her party-girl pal Paris Hilton may be taking her place; though she veered into contention too late to win our summer prize, ‘we’ll always have Paris’ and the year is still young…

~Reality TV ‘stars’ drew votes and voter ire, from Bristol Palin (Litotes felt her ‘sheer hypocrisy’ matched her ex-fiance’s ‘sheer stupidity’)  to Snookie, who prompted commenter Barb to defend the real Jersey Shore

~Finally, Dancing With the Stars itself: blog fave Wendy voted the show as a ‘Collective Celebrity in Disgrace’…WDYT?

(photos: filmifi, kaboom.magazine, freakingnews.com, guardian.com)

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BREAKING: Paris Hilton photos from Las Vegas arrest; thanks RON for his Song about Paris…


Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are doing some fancy footwork lately.  Bristol landed a gig Dancing With the Stars.  Not to be outdone, Levi officially ‘takes back’ the Public Apology he’d issued to the Palin family during his week-long re-engagement to Bristol.

Levi now claims he never did lie about the Palins– except in that Public Apology he fears makes him look like a ‘liar.’  Levi has also filed papers to run for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska– a dubious project he is of course pitching to Reality TV.

Bristol Palin had my sympathy when she was thrust onto the national stage holding her baby brother with a giant white blanket hiding her own pregnant belly.  The teenage girl with the pretty madonna-like face and sad eyes seemed dazed as she was trotted out with Levi onto the GOP Convention stage.

Since then, Bristol‘s become an unlikely spokesperson for Abstinence and now a Reality Show ‘star’ competing with Kate Gosselin as the most underqualified choice ever for DWTS.  (Of the newest DWTS batch, I’m curious to see if Jennifer Grey still has her Dirty Dancing moves)…

I’ve been doing some fancy footwork myself to follow Levi and Bristol’s trajectory.  First FANZINE published a short story of mine imagining a Candidates Daughter trapped on a Campaign bus caring for her famous mother’s baby and plotting escape.  My project has morphed into an ‘unauthorized novel’ about an eternally morphing Candidate’s daughter named ‘Cristal’…

Will this story ever end?  How much further can these two fame-seeking missiles, Levi and Bristol, take their stranger-than-fiction Fifteen Minute flight?

(photos: US.com, alanmedia.com, tmz.com)

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Be sure to catch the PREVIEW to CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE, coverage on WBUR (Boston’s NPR) & updates this week from Woods Hole Film Festival!

Our celebrity Summer of Love began dismally with news of Al & Tipper Gore‘s break-up.  Ironically, considering how Gore has always distanced himself from Bill Clinton’s marital woes, the Clintons presented a picture of family unity this July as their daughter Chelsea wed.  Against all odds (imagine Junior High with Rush Limbaugh as a nationally broadcast bully mocking your looks) Chelsea has turned out beautifully.  Congrats to Chelsea and Marc!

Meanwhile, things aren’t going so well for Sarah Palin’s beautiful beleagured daughter Bristol– who reunited with fame-chasing Levi Johnston only to break up again within a week, amidst Levi’s new Baby Daddy scandal allegations.  Grizzly Mama Sarah has weighed in to PEOPLE with a subtly I-told-you-so ‘statement.’  (Plus, the whole Palin saga and my own fascination with Bristol has led me to work on an ‘unauthorized novel’ inspired by Bristol– but don’t tell her Mom!)

Penelope & Javier on Vacay...

Off in Hollywood, Mad Mel Gibson‘s divorce-gate just keeps getting uglier.  But filmland also gave us perhaps the most stunning real-life couple of the summer, as the fabulously hot and happy Penelope Cruz and Javier Barden wed.  Hopefully those two will stay together long enough to have a gorgeous child.

And don’t forget our own favorite ‘Onscreen’ couple of the summer: Julian Brand and Patrice Bunch, burning a hole in your computer screen if you do check out our Celebrities in Disgrace preview…  Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts on real-life ‘hit and miss’ celeb. romances…

(photos: zimbio.com, PEOPLE.com, moldova.org, comcast.com)

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Are ‘Reality Stars’ really ‘stars’?  Maybe it’s more accurate to say ‘Reality Celebrities’– to cancel the expectation of shining talents that the word ‘star’ implies.  In other words: Why on earth did anyone think Kate Gosselin could dance?

Hollywood is full of actual actresses and performers who’ve trained for years to move onstage and who’d love a shot at Dancing With The Stars.  But of course, part of the appeal of a show like DWTS, as with much of Reality TV, is the cynical All-American fun of watching ‘ordinary people’ fail on camera.

Actually, Kate Gosselin held her own better than might be expected of a truly ordinary harried housewife who rose to TV ‘fame’ by parading her 8 offspring on camera and demonstrating her ‘talent’ for tying 8 pairs of shoes while quarreling all-too-realistically with her soon-to-be-ex husband (whatshisname, who tied with Levi Johnston here on our little blog for Disgraced Celebrity of Fall, 2009).

Just as unsurprising as Kate G. being bounced from DWTS are the reports that Kate and kids are ‘depressed.’  Is it any wonder that the rollercoaster ride of insta-(unearned)-‘fame’ has left this talent-free family reeling?  There is no ‘there’ there.  Here on the Blog, we use the term Balloon Boy Celebrities: those who rise into view fueled only by the hot air of Attention Desiring Disorder, doomed to pop and vanish.

Not that Kate G. with her new show in the works is going away anytime soon.  Maybe this Mom’s biggest talent is the ability to stir up ratings-boosting controversy, with a large share of her audience openly disliking her.  How else to explain the Headline status of her entirely predictable DWTS flame-out?  Is the ability to inspire both admiration and annoyance enough to fuel a career these days?  WDYT?

(photos: justjarard.buzznet.com)

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The Sarah Palin Show rolls on– and not just the one heading for Reality TV.  Reportedly, the Discovery Channel will air Sarah Palin’s Alaska, in which Palin will guide viewers through her rogue home state.

Meanwhile, the same week that Ann Coulter (far right, aiming gun) was barred from a University for her record of ‘hate speech,’ Palin’s PAC posted a chilling US map ‘Hit List’ in which vulnerable Democratic candidate districts were marked with a gun sight circle.

What is it that the omnipresent Palin has her sights on? Would she settle for being the ‘next Ann Coulter’ (with the real Ann wearing thin?)  Why is this failed Vice Presidential candidate still in constant media view?

In a recent routine appearance Palin managed to generate controversy when denounced as a ‘Wild Alaskan Dingbat.’  What is it about Palin that gets under peoples’ skin?  How much of her media success can be traced to her ex-beauty-queen looks, her family’s Soap Opera sagas and her considerable performing skills?

Doing vital research for my blog

What makes this particular Alaskan wildlife such a hardy survivor, dominating headlines by simply cracking jokes on Leno or seeming to wear a wig? Though opposed to her hard-right political views, I confess to finding Sarah P. such a compelling figure I wrote fiction (published in FANZINE) based on an imagined Bristol Palin.

Here on our little Disgraced Celebrity blog, the Palin family rules; Sarah Palin won Disgraced Celebrity of Summer, 2009 while Bristol’s ex, the shameless Levi Johnston, tied with the estimable Jon Gosselin as Disgraced Dudes of Fall, 2009.

Is the Palin train unstoppable? And where, exactly, is it headed?

(photos: moonbattery.com, fathersandfamilies.org, Babble.com, berrystreetbeacon.com)

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Will Zooey Deschanel be our Blog's 'Hit Girl' of 2009?

What a year it has been in the anals of Disgrace.  And now the time has come to pick Disgraced Celebrity of 2009.  On a lighter note, we’ve also been counting blog-hits and it looks as if our Hit Girl of the Year may well be Zooey Deschanel, star of our ‘It Girl’ post.  More on Zooey soon.

First let’s visit the Dark Side and our Race for Disgrace.  Not only did 2009 mark the birth of this Disgraced-Celebrity-Enabling blog, but the birth of a whole new mutant breed of Balloon Boy celebrities, who arrise out of thin air, talentless, bourne aloft by nothing more than high-octane cases of Attention Desiring Disorder.

Levi Johnston bares his armpit in PLAYGIRL

The Heenes, the Salahis, the (now ‘ex’) Gosselins.  From thin air they came and soon will vanish.  Then at the other end of the celebrity spectrum, we have the SuperStars who SuperStumble.  Take Tiger.

Will he join the likes of Disgraced Celebrity of the Summer, Sarah Palin, or Disgraced Dudes of the Fall, Levi Johnston & Jon Gosselin?

Chris Brown took an early lead in the year's Race for Disgrace

(All of these worthies, BTW, still eligible to take the year-end prize).  Don’t count out Chris Brown(right), Roman Polanski, Mark Sanford, Kayne West– & Charlie Sheen.

Cast a vote in COMMENTS, before they all fade into thinnest air. As wise woman Judith Podell wrote to us: “Tiger Woods in terms of magnitude of Fall From Grace, but Levi Johnston is so much more entertaining. On the other hand, there’s the Schadenfreud factor with Tiger…it’s been a good year.”

PS: To jog our memories, look at the year’s Celebrity Arrests…as well as Celebrity Shockers.  
PPS: Check out new FICTION by ANGELA STILL on our StarLit. page!
… (photos: Levi: blogzap2; Chris B.: justjared.buzznet.com; Zooey D: Blogtown & cbc.ca)

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Breaking: The Celebrities in Disgrace blog readers have spoken.  And the ‘winner'(s) of Disgraced Celebrity of the Fall, 2009 are: a well-deserved TIE between Dueling Dudes of Disgrace,


‘Congratulations’ in quote marks to Jon and Levi, who joins his almost-Mother-in-Law Sarah Palin in the anals of disgrace, since Palin ‘won’ Disgraced Celebrity of the Summer, 2009.

“Congratulations’ also to worthy runner-up nominees (all still eligible for Disgraced Celebrity of the Year) David Letterman, Roman Polanski, Carrie Prejean, Glenn Beck and Balloon Boy’s Dad (what WAS his name?  His 15 minutes are fast deflating…)

And what of last-minute surprise entry Tiger Woods (more on him soon!)  Do you agree with Harry Shearer that loss of privacy is ‘part of the deal’?

Act quickly, before our ADD-rattled minds forget the many notable disgraces this year has heaped upon us.  We will be taking votes all through December for Disgraced Celebrity of 2009. Meanwhile, let’s savor the double ‘win’ of Levi and Jon, each an exemplar of the Balloon Boy Breed of Celebrity in Disgrace: those who concoct their fame/disgrace from thin air…And eventually vanish into it.  Is it just me, or are we already at: ‘Jon who?’

(photo credits: TW todaysgolfer.co.UK; J & L ‘together at last’: showhype.com)

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