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Judith Podell

Judith Podell holds an MFA from USM-Stonecoast and lives in Washington, DC. She has reviewed books for numerous publications, including the Washington Post. An excerpt from her novel in progress, The Last of the Khazars will be in the first issue of The New Guard Review of Literature, which can be pre-ordered on the web at www.newguardreview.com.

NOT YET FAMOUS By Judith Podell

Didn’t it used to be the other way around—literary fame, I mean? Snooki, from Jersey Shore, wrote a novel and now it’s on the best-seller list. Forget unfair, this just seems wrong. Ghostwritten memoirs are one thing but moving into fiction seems downright shameless. If you’re a celebrity you don’t have to even write the book yourself, that’s what ghostwriters do. These days they’re called collaborators, except real collaborators get equal billing on the cover and Snooki’s a brand.

According to my friend Naomi’s agent, you need 2000 Facebook friends to have a “platform”, which is the first step in becoming a brand. So far I have 200. This includes many writers I admire but have never actually met. Facebook suggested them and most accepted my request.

Initially I was going to limit my Facebook friendships to people I knew, but when Facebook suggested I send a friend request to Marge Piercy, my inner literary social climber took over. Roddy Doyle, Cynthia Heimel, and Jennifer Egan (to name a few) do not discriminate. It helps that I’m a Facebook friend with Elizabeth Searle, Richard Hoffman, and other members of the star-studded Stonecoast faculty. But all you really need is one Facebook friend in common. Collect one writer you can collect them all, at least the ones on Facebook. They’re all building platforms, especially the poets. So am I. Anyone Facebook suggests is welcome to be my friend. Including Snooki.

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