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HOT IN HOBOKEN: Our CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE film screens June 7th at the Hoboken International Film Festival, which was just featured on a FOX/UP piece and which prides itself on finding ‘sexy edgy’ films.  We are psyched to be screening with one of the sexiest and edgiest of those films, the bold documentary on the Miami ‘gonzo porn’ scene: GONZO MIAMI.

“Your fantasy is their reality,” Gonzo Miami promises.  Our own film– which has also been accepted at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival in August– features steamy scenes between our dynamic duo, Patrice Bunch and Julian Brand.  Commenters in the Hollywood FirstGlance online shorts screening praised the Bunch/Brand brand of ‘chemistry.’  Take a look at our two stars in Bravo Sierra’s two minute Preview Trailer.

And if you’re a NY or NJ film fan, visit HIFF and take in a double bill fit for a hot summer night…

(photos: Gonzo Miami poster from Gonzo Miami Facebook page; film photos featuring Patrice Bunch, Julian Brand and –in arrest photo– Mark McNutt and Ryan Castro)

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SHE & HIM meets CELEBS in DISGRACE.  Zooey Deschanel— our longstanding It Girl– took questions from our blog among others when she and Matt Ward gave a freewheeling LiveCast interview on October 18th.  Mark McNutt, producer of our film Celebrities in Disgrace, represented our blog in the interview with Zooey and Matt (aka, She & Him), sponsored by Levi’s Jeans ‘Shape What’s to Come.’

Congrats to Mark for getting two of his questions broadcast and answered; be sure to check out the She & Him song, Shape What’s to Come, recorded for this event.

We are unabashed Zooey fans here on the blog.  Hearing her say ‘Congratulations, Mark’ and making her giggle with our last question: these moments are right up there in Celebs’ best blogging achievements.

To sum up our She & Him exchange: Mark McNutt first informed Zooey that our posts on her and She & HIm are top hit-draws.  Zooey congratulated Mark.  Then she and Matt Ward addressed Mark’s question of why they are ‘so popular.’ Zooey ventured that she and M. Ward ‘just make the music that WE like… and there must be other people like us.”

M. Ward added that they go for an ‘element of suspense’ and do records with ‘lots of twists and turns.’  Zooey mentioned that M. Ward does productions that are ‘surprising and interesting and lush.’

At interview’s end, the last question came from ‘Celebrities in Disgrace,’ stating that we love the name ‘She and Him’ and inquiring ‘What is up with that?’  (Here is where Zooey giggles).   ‘Why not Her & Him or She & He?’  “Funny you should ask,” Zooey told us via Livecast.  After explaining that other bands had ‘taken’ the more obvious names like Him and Her, Zooey and M. decided to go for something ‘more complex.’

As Zooey points out, “SHE is active and HIM is not,’ but she hastened to add that both she and M. Ward are active in their collaboration.  In collaborative comradery, the two agreed that “Him and Her’ sounded like (to M. Ward) ‘Bed, Bath & Beyond’ and (to Zooey) ‘like monogrammed pillows.’  As Zooey observed in the Livecast’s memorable final line: “I don’t want to be a monogrammed pillow.”

Big THANKS to Zooey and M. Ward for answering us and to HOPE, working with Levi’s, for inviting us to join in the conversation with She & Him.  Rock on, Zooey and Matt!

(photos: exclaim.com, 1920×1200.net, cleveland.com, SheandHim.com, flicker.com)

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