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Matthew Quinn Martin is the director and executive producer of the Celebrities in Disgrace movie. His original screenplay Slingshot was made into a feature film and is available on DVD from The Weinstein Co. His short fiction has appeared in Transition MagazineJMWW, The Oddville Press,Big Pulp (with Libby Cudmore) and numerous other outlets. www.matthewquinnmartin.com

The Old Fan Dance?

“I don’t want nobody like that around my kids” or “I totally agree with her; people trade sex for money/things all the time, and that’s her right to do it.” That seems to be what most people are saying about stripper/”hooker” turned Bronx art teacher, turned nascent celebrity, Melissa Petro. And I haven’t heard much from anyone that rises above either of those positions. From an emotional standpoint I can understand to the first sentiment, from an intellectual one the second.

However, after some reflection, I begin to wonder if there might be more at work here than the liberated pronouncements of a self-identified feminist vs. the rash fears of paranoid parents. The more I think about it all, the more I’m reminded of the famous Nazca Lines of Peru. At ground level, they appear as little more than a set of scratches in the dirt. Only when seen from the air do they turn out to be intricate geoglyphs. In the same way, Petros’s actions, when examined from a certain distance, might just turn out to be a brilliantly executed, near-perfect con job.

Here’s what we know. Petro used to work as a stripper in Mexico. In addition, in her own words, “From October 2006 to January 2007 [Petro] accepted money in exchange for sexual services [she] provided to men [she] met online in what was then called the “erotic services” section of Craigslist.org.” After The Huffington Post published an account by Petro detailing her erotic escapades, Petro was removed from teaching and put on “administrative duties.”.

That, as they say, is the sexy stuff that headlines are made of.

Less well-reported, however, is that Petro also holds an MFA in creative non-fiction from the New School University. In addition, she has been hard at work writing a memoir. Setting aside for a moment the fact that her claims are not prosecutable retroactively––no more so than having admitted to snorting cocaine (as our current president has done in his memoir). Her admission is in no way verifiable. Is it possible, just possible, that just made it up in order to spice up a memoir that might not have sold in a market choked with wannabe tell-alls? Is it possible that she exaggerated or totally fabricated this section of her past?  We could ask an expert liar like James Frey. But unlike Frey, there’s no way to prove that Petro didn’t do what she claims. After all, it’s not the type of crime where the police could dust for fingerprints. Sure, one could check the Craigslist archives, but even if those could be traced back to her––which is doubtful, unless she was using her real name––that’s only proof of the advertisement, not the act. (more…)

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Elizabeth Searle at Woods Hole Film Festival with blog favorite, screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy

Many THANKS to the wonderful Woods Hole Film Festival where Celebrities in Disgrace premiered on August 6th to a sold-out crowd.  Along with coverage last week on WBUR, Boston’s NPR radio, we were happy to receive coverage this week in THE BOSTON HERALD, an Inside Track story headlined ‘Ice-ing on the Cake’.

Star entertainment reporter Laura Raposa of The Herald wrote: “Arlington scribe Elizabeth Searle helped to close out the Woods Hole Film Festival this weekend with rave reviews for her flick, ‘Celebrities in Disgrace'”.

We give our own rave reviews to the Woods Hole Festival.  At our premiere, we were delighted to be shown with a truly cool group of films including David Henry Gerson‘s haunting portrait of an Andy Warhol muse, ULTRAVIOLET FOR 16 MINUTES and Alysia Reiner’s unforgettable and unsparing look at death in modern times, SPEED GRIEVING.

The festival also featured our director Matthew Quinn Martin among several other stellar filmmakers and  writers including Taylor Toole and George Harrar in a panel discussion SHORTS & STORIES, clips & Q/A co-sponsored by PEN/New England .  THANKS to Woods Hole and to our producer Mark McNutt, our talented crew and our whole cast for an exciting premiere!  More photos and info are coming soon; stay tuned for news on future festivals and other venues as our film makes its way into the world, with your help…

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Our ensemble ‘class’ cast 

GREETINGS BLOG READERS: Thanks to one and all for visiting this blog– ‘enabling’ disgraced celebrities everywhere and supporting the forthcoming short film CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE, produced by Bravo Sierra.  We are happy to announce that our film has been chosen as an official selection of the WOODS HOLE FILM FESTIVAL on beautiful Cape Cod.

YOU ARE INVITED to the premiere at the festival.  For those far from the Cape, please watch for our online Preview, coming soon…  Meanwhile, enjoy new photos of the rising stars who played ‘the class’ and supporting roles in our film.

Ryan Castro (left)– who is now studying acting at Hunter College in NYC– plays ‘the policeman.’  Ryan had this to say about the shoot:

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with director Matthew Quinn Martin and all of the crew at Bravo Sierra. Their professionalisim and innovative ideas inspired all of the actors on set and made for a productive atmosphere. Of course it is all owed to the creative mastermind Elizabeth Searle; her unique story will engage audiences to come. Overall, a fantastic day of filming.”

Girls #1 and #2 were played by Michelle Jones (right) and Cassandra Dailey.  Both study theater at East Stoudsburg University.  Michelle said the movie “gives me, as an actor, a better understanding of how the filming process works.  I enjoyed every minute.”  Cassandra said of the shoot: “It was simply pure bliss.”

THANKS to all our young stars.  If our audiences enjoy the film half as much as we enjoyed concocting it, we’ve got it made.  More film photos are available in our StarLit Gallery; and check out our film’s Facebook Page

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It’s a Wrap– and it was a blast.  This weekend– with me looking on in awe, and making my own brief screen debut as the Crazy Mother– Bravo Sierra shot our forthcoming short film, based on my novella, CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE— starring Patrice Bunch and Julian Brand ; directed by Matthew Quinn Martin.

The film centers on aspiring actress ‘Kathryn Byrne’ who finds herself becoming a ‘celebrity in disgrace.’  Celebrities referenced in the film include Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya Harding & Patricia Hearst .

More on all this soon; meanwhile, enjoy the Shoot Photos by Jenny Martin– including director Matthew Quinn Martin & producer Mark McNutt ; me with our stars; and wonderful ESU students playing ‘the class’…THANKS to all; online Preview Coming Soon… For more photos, see our STARLIT Gallery page & Facebook album

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Best Speeches: Mo’nique & Robert Downey Jr.

Best Quote from a Presenter: “Animation is not just for children; it’s for adults taking drugs” (Sir Paul McCartney)

Best Quote from a Winner: “This is for anybody and everybody who ever got a wedgie in high school” (the guy accepting for GLEE)

‘Bust’ Quote: Jay Manuel on E! commenting on Mariah Carey’s very visible ‘globes.’

Best/Bust Invention: The ‘Glam Cam 360,’ a somewhat scary virtual Lazy Susan that rotates hapless stars in their gowns onscreen while a snarky voiceover critiques every angle and ‘shoulder detail’…

Best Kiss: Longtime couple Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgewick; so what if they lost millions to Bernie Madoff; they’ve got happiness & hair that money can’t buy…

Best Dress: Loved Julianna Margulies in scarlet & black (& love the fact  that she starred in SLIGSHOT, a film co-written by the director of the forthcoming CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE film, Matthew Quinn Martin…)  Also loved Anna Paquin in gold & Christina Hendricks of Mad Men in ‘peachy champagne’…

Best Trend: Celeb.s outdoing each other for a good cause, for a change. Madonna, Sandra Bullock led the way with stellar donations for aid to Haiti as George Clooney leads a star-studded  TELETHON on JAN. 22; stay tuned…
PS: A big THANKS to Rachel Robbins for reminding us that no Golden Globe coverage is complete without mention of Amanda Palmer and her antics, including a see-through dress and a ‘drop-dead’ routine on the red carpet.

Check out the essay on Amanda Palmer, GAIMANDA, by Ingrid Mansfield on our StarLit. page…

(photos- Mo’nique: realityTV.about.com; double Meryl:NYDailyNews)

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Tis the Season: a rocking good KICK-OFF PARTY celebrated the forthcoming short film CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE at Iggy’s Rock N Roll Lounge in NYC.  Shooting begins in the New Year; check out our film’s leads Patrice Bunch and Julian Brand partying with me (left) and with blog fave. Libby Cudmore ( below right).

Rising star Kristen Sergeant, who was the original ‘Tonya’ in my TONYA & NANCY: THE OPERA (below, left) along with Celeb.s director Matthew Quinn Martin & Bravo Sierra’s Mark McNutt (below, right) rocked the night away.

We’ll post more pic.s from the ongoing film project on the new Blog Page: the STARLIT GALLERY— where we welcome submissions of your own ‘celebrity-inspired art.’  Drawings, paintings, collages, photos involving or inspired by celeb.s.  The works will be displayed online and some ‘onscreen’ as we search for ‘celeb. art’ to deck our film.  Thanks to Bravo Sierra Motion Pictures for a fab. Kick-off!

Speaking of Kicks, check out CELEBRITY KUNG-FU DUELING.  Pick your own celebrity ‘kick’ and Party On!

PS: Thanks to MARY for sending in Frank Rich on Tiger Woods— Rich argues that Tiger is Person of the Year; here on the Blog we are considering who will be Disgraced Celebrity of the Year. Feel free to submit, via Comments, your own vote!

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