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Judith Podell is now reviewing non-fiction for Publisher’s Weekly. In her spare time she channels blues legend Memphis Earlene Gray on www.memphisearlene.com.  Judith holds an MFA from USM-Stonecoast and lives in Washington, DC. She has reviewed books for numerous publications, including the Washington Post. An excerpt from her novel in progress, The Last of the Khazars was in the first issue of The New Guard Review of Literature: www.newguardreview.com.

JANE & NANCY: Couldn’t She Just Say No?  by Judith Podell

Jane Fonda has been tapped to play Nancy Reagan in upcoming biopic about the White House butler. (Yes, Jane Fonda, and no I didn’t read this in the Onion but on page 2 of the Wash. Post Style section. March 28 ). This feels wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to begin.

Is this just the latest example of Jane Fonda re-inventing herself to be cheerleader for the times? She was Barbarella in the 60’s, Hanoi Jane of the 70’s, Feminist turned Exercise guru of the 80’s, and Mrs. Ted Turner in the 90’s. Is this some form of public penance?

Meryl Streep sidestepped questions about Margaret Thatcher’s policies. She was only interested in Margaret Thatcher, the woman. I can’t wait to hear Jane Fonda’s tribute to Nancy Reagan, the woman.

There aren’t enough good parts for women in the movies, let alone older women so I suppose I should be grateful that my favorite movie stars can get work as right wing icons.

Future coming attractions: Susan Sarandon as Ayn Rand ?

(images: telegraph.co.UK; abcnews.com, awardsdaild.com)

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RIP, Davy Jones.  ‘Daydream Believer’ lives on…

See Michelle Soucy’s moving Guest Post on singing with Davy Jones…


Oscar had a comforting if somewhat numbing retro feel last night.  17-time nominee Meryl Streep (deservedly) took home the gold along with 82-year-old winner Christopher Plummer.  9-time Host Billy Crystal (joking that  “We’re gonna slam the 78 to 84 demographic”) led the audience gently into this long night, culminating in an Oscar for a film inspired by 1920’s Silent flicks.

My own ‘Best’ grades, the bright lights in an Old School show:

BEST CRYING: Octavia Spencer ‘freaking out’ with memorably genuine tears

BEST PERFORMANCE BY PRESENTER (tie): Robert Downey Jr. & Emma Stone bringing manic inventiveness to their schticks–

BEST ‘FLYING COLORS’: Michelle Williams and Jessica Chastain rocking the house with their brilliantly colored gowns (Michelle scoring duel Flying Colors in Oscar history since this year’s coral gown rivaled her classic daffodil gown)–

 BEST QUIP: Crystal introducing Bayle: “A dark knight, a charismatic coke addict, a psychotic killer.  You’ll get to pick one on Super Tuesday…”

BEST LEG-UP: Angelina Jolie flashing her gam with movie-star panache– and inspiring an insta-parody by screenplay winners plus a Tweet-tag for AngiesRightLeg

BEST SPORTSMANSHIP: Meryl Streep laying a motherly hand on Viola Davis’s cheek before claiming her prize–

BEST-DRESSED DOG: scene-stealing Uggie in bow tie…

And finally, for a comment on the evening’s sole scandal, we consult own Oscar connection: screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy.  Her film in development, WONDER DRUG, has just signed on Academy Award® nominated director Joan Stein Schimke.  Joan was nominated for an Academy Award® for her short film ONE DAY CROSSING.  Caitlin offers this view of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Red Carpet ‘Performance‘:

The Dictator dumping Bisquick (or whatever that was) all over Ryan Seacrest wasn’t funny. Ryan didn’t seem to be in on the joke.  I thought Ryan handled himself VERY well. Sacha can kiss E! coverage goodbye

(photos: buzzbox.com, abc.com, hitfix.com; Googleimages)

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It’s a race without much disgrace this year.  While Sandra Bullock has struggled through her husband’s messy custody battle, and while best-actor nominee Morgan Freeman stars in a scandal of his own involving his alleged affair with his step-grandaughter, the main human drama gripping Hollywood this Oscar weekend is whether Kathryn Bigelow will beat out her womanizing ex-husband (James Cameron, of the Titanic-sized talent and ego) to become the first female ‘Best Director.’ Cameron himself says she deserves it.

But what of the acting races?  Do you put your money on Meryl Streep or Sandra Bullock?  (And will they share another awards-night kiss, whoever wins?) Jeff Bridges or George Clooney?

The New York Times attempts to take a scientific method by using ‘hunch and history‘ in its Oscar picks– but admits that the supporting catagories are always up for grabs.  My bets are on Bullock, Bridges, Bigelow.  Also Avatar and in those tricky supporting races: Anna Kendrick and Christoph Waltz.

What do your own hunches tell you? Who will win– and/or, who ‘should’ win…?

(photos: thewrap.com, justjared.buzznet.com, panasianbiz.com)

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Sharon Stone recently commented that Meryl Streep looks like “an unmade bed.'”

That’s some unmade bed. Not only did Streep look ravishing and natural at this month’s Golden Globes, she is acting circles around her over-Botoxed frozen-faced peers in her golden years. ‘Gold’ as in lotsa shiny statues: Streep garnered double-whammy Globe nominations and is a favorite for the ultimate Golden Boy, Oscar.  And how about a true Golden Girl, 88 year old Betty White, who stole the show at the SAG awards?

Helen Mirran hits the beach

Note to Stone and Heidi Montag: film acting can be enhanced by movable facial muscles.

I asked blog fave Caitlin McCarthy— who alerted me to Stone’s comment– which other actresses besides la Streep seem to be aging gracefully. Caitlin’s list:

Helen Mirren, Julie Christie, Jacqueline Bisset, Sophia Loren, Susan Sarandon, Candice Bergen, and Patricia Clarkson all look natural and beautiful — not like plastic people.”

True, these ladies have had a ‘little help from their friends’ but they have eschewed the drastic knife-work of less gutsy stars.  Cheers to these ‘It Women’.

Who is your fave. from the big or small screen?  Oprah?  Diane Sawyers?  Blog fave Julianna Margulies?  Send in your own nominees as we celebrate celebrity women of a certain age, who aren’t afraid to ‘own it’…
PS: Great additional List suggestions on Comments: Anjelica Huston, Diane Ladd, Judi Dench, Jessica Lange…PPS: plus Cloris Leachman, Glenn Close & Angela Lansbury…& Lauren Bacall!

(photos: Meryl Streep:kidk.com; Helen M: audi-sport.net; Oprah: Googleimages; Julie C: cinematical.com; Betty W: mjtimes.sk.cn)

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Best Speeches: Mo’nique & Robert Downey Jr.

Best Quote from a Presenter: “Animation is not just for children; it’s for adults taking drugs” (Sir Paul McCartney)

Best Quote from a Winner: “This is for anybody and everybody who ever got a wedgie in high school” (the guy accepting for GLEE)

‘Bust’ Quote: Jay Manuel on E! commenting on Mariah Carey’s very visible ‘globes.’

Best/Bust Invention: The ‘Glam Cam 360,’ a somewhat scary virtual Lazy Susan that rotates hapless stars in their gowns onscreen while a snarky voiceover critiques every angle and ‘shoulder detail’…

Best Kiss: Longtime couple Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgewick; so what if they lost millions to Bernie Madoff; they’ve got happiness & hair that money can’t buy…

Best Dress: Loved Julianna Margulies in scarlet & black (& love the fact  that she starred in SLIGSHOT, a film co-written by the director of the forthcoming CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE film, Matthew Quinn Martin…)  Also loved Anna Paquin in gold & Christina Hendricks of Mad Men in ‘peachy champagne’…

Best Trend: Celeb.s outdoing each other for a good cause, for a change. Madonna, Sandra Bullock led the way with stellar donations for aid to Haiti as George Clooney leads a star-studded  TELETHON on JAN. 22; stay tuned…
PS: A big THANKS to Rachel Robbins for reminding us that no Golden Globe coverage is complete without mention of Amanda Palmer and her antics, including a see-through dress and a ‘drop-dead’ routine on the red carpet.

Check out the essay on Amanda Palmer, GAIMANDA, by Ingrid Mansfield on our StarLit. page…

(photos- Mo’nique: realityTV.about.com; double Meryl:NYDailyNews)

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Will Meryl as Julia Childs gobble down another Oscar?

With the fun and junk-foody People’s Choice awards kicking off the buffet of Award Shows, Oscar Predictions are rising.  For scandal-handicappers, guessing who will not be picked is also fair game. Morgan Freeman has Oscar buzz– but a possible scandal brewing about Freeman and his step-grandaughter may nix a win.

Maybe only Jen-Lo. herself believes Jen-Lo. has been robbed of an Oscar nod.  (For El Cantante, no less).  Who will be claiming foul play this year?

QUEEN OF ROCK by Linda K. Sienkiewicz; visit Linda's works in our StarLit Gallery

Sandra Bullock (below) won People’s Choices and appears to be swimming toward an Oscar nod too, unhindered by her reality TV star husband’s custody-battle scandal. But can anyone beat scandal-free Meryl Streep for Best Actress?

And what about Brad Pitt’s drinking buddy, the shoo-in Best Actor nominee George Clooney? Clooney and Streep both radiate old-style movie-star charisma. Will that carry these two old pro.s over the top?

Zooey Deschanel won Hit Girl of 2009 on our blog-- can an Oscar be far behind?

For the inevitable Young Upstart nominee: blog fave. Zooey Deschanel gave a star-making performance in (500) Days of Summer– as did Carrey Mulligan in the slightly weightier AN EDUCATION and Mo’Nique in the high-intensity PRECIOUS. Who will/should grab the gold this year?  And those less-weighty but maybe ‘cooler’ Golden Globes, rolling toward us this weekend?  WDYT?

(photos- SandraB: softpicks; Meryl: blog.jaman.com; Zooey D: Googleimages)  Thanks to Mark for Balloon Boy’s Dad…And thanks to Litotes for our Word of the Day, in nominating femme fatale Zoe Saldana of AVATAR: ‘Ava-tart.’

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