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RIP, Mike Wallace.  I grew up with 60 Minutes; Wallace was the beating heart behind that ticking clock– and by his death this week at 93, maybe a last bastion of the kind of journalistic integrity celebrated in Humphrey Bogart’s Deadline USA.

This same week on TODAY, Sarah Palin tries to ‘out-perky’ her nemesis Katie Couric.  In more clearly labeled ‘entertainment journalism,’ Perez Hilton (often more entertaining than the stars he covers) steals the show on the red carpet at ‘NewNowNext’.

On the business side of show biz, there is one bold voice in Entertainment News carrying on in Deadline USA style some of the old-fashioned values of reporting.

Deadline.com offers the scoop on entertainment business, with smart savvy Nikki Finke leading the charge.  Unlike many of the bot.-bod. models who populate Entertainment channels, Finke has real reporter’s chops.  She used to cover the Kremiln.  Plus, in the Grande Dame tradition of Hollywood news legends like Louella Parsons and Rona Barrett, Finke delivers her news with sharp-edged wit.

Screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy penned DEADLINE KNOWS, a stylish and heartfelt film  tribute inspired by Finke which Finke featured on her site.

In a Reality TV world, where the lines between entertainment and journalism continue to blur, Nikki Finke offers discerning Hollywood-news readers the real deal.

(photos:newyorkdailynews.com, thehollywoodgossip.com, the daily beast, Googleimages).

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