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Check out this piece in IMAGINE (p. 16) on the feature film project for Elizabeth Searle’s A FOUR-SIDED BED, from the Bravo Sierra team that produced the short film that launched this blog, CELEBRITIES IN DISGRACE…More on A FOUR-SIDED BED Coming Soon.  Meanwhile:

Heading into the Home Stretch of this marathon presidential race, our  political Wise Man, Ol’ Bill, offers a cautionary prediction that he adds he’d be ‘happy to be wrong about’…

Oh No! Not ROMNESIA! by Ol’ Bill
Smart guys often lose: Carter, Dukakis, Gore, Democrats all. Each loss outraged me and broke my political heart. Now I never under-estmate the stupidity/ ignorance/ general cussedness of about one third of the electorate.

George H W Bush, the best Republican Pres. defined it “the big Mo’, then was victimized by the sweeping anti-intellectual mood that infects these folks, especially in closing weeks of a  campaign. The “big momentum,” usually irrational, sweeps through these folks who usually haven’t been paying attention. Luckily the best politician of the century, “Ol Boy” Bill Clinton was able to divert enough of these guys to the Dems.

Unfortunately, deep in my bones, I detect the fever once again. When Romney last minute cooly mimics Obama’s policy positions in contradiction of all his past right wing raving, guess who in their ignorance of his past are impressed as they look for a civilized reason to make “the white house white” once again? And the fiscal zealots of the right swallow his lies and demonstrable philosophical unreliability because they have no place to go. A pending American Tragedy. “Don’t Boo; VOTE”!

(photos: usareport.com, LatinoFoxnews, GoogleImages)

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