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The nation’s latest self-created ‘celebrities,’ Michaele and Tareq Salahi, make their TODAY SHOW debut this week after allegedly crashing a White House state dinner.  How did they pull it off?  Simple; they looked the part.

Michaele presented herself like the ‘former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader’ she claimed to be.  Reportedly, after their limo was turned back from the White House gates, Michaele’s husband had his forehead powdered by his accompanying make-up man.  These two clearly had their priorities straight: in politics, as in all things American these days, appearance is all.

How else to explain the scarily high rise of Sarah Palin?  NEWSWEEK was criticized for its cover of trim Palin in jogging shorts.  Luckily for jogger Bill Clinton, no male politician would be subjected to a ‘leg shot.’  But would Palin still be rating any magazine cover if she weren’t so darn photogenic?  And what’s with that American flag seemingly draped over a barstool at her side?

Speaking of ‘leg shots,’ check out wronged political wife Jenny Sanford, posing for Vogue while her faithless husband flounders. Petite, pretty and rabidly conservative, Jenny Sanford is allegedly contemplating her own political run.

Of course, Barack Obama is easy on the eyes too– luckily he, like our first celebrity-President JFK, has brainpower to back up his brilliant smile.  But if we keep picking political stars by party-gate-crasher standards, are we heading for our own crash?  (And BTW, Who is your favorite political pin-up?)

photo credits: Guardian.com, Newsweek & Vogue

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